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Why is face mask important?

A few years ago, it could not have been imagined that face masks would be one of the best-selling items in the world in early 2020. Since the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak in Wuhan- China and spread worldwide causing many severe consequences for people's lives and economy, face masks have become a daily necessity for all people in all countries in the world. But have you ever wondered what the definition of facemask is and why it becomes vital like that.

Mask( face mask) is a covering piece of clothing for the mouth and nose to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, dust, and bacteria. Mask can also be understood as a barrier between the mouth and nose used to protect these parts from the effects of the surrounding environment. The face mask is tiny, convenient but safe and portable, and is an inevitable item today.

How has the evolution of face mask been?

In Ancient time

The earliest face mask appeared in the 6th century BC, the evidence was found on the doors of Persian tombs which shows some images of people wearing cloth over their mouths.

In China, people believe that the earliest face mask comes from the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) which looks like a kind of scarf woven with silk and gold threads worn by servants serving the emperor during meals.

In the 14th century, the Black Death, a pandemic that ravaged Europe between 1347 and 1351 facilitated the emergence of functional face mask-like objects.

Modern exploration

The 19th century witnessed a dramatic change of the mask’s evolution when Robert Brown, a Scottish scientist, discovered "Brownian motion," which theoretically proved the protective effect of masks on dust. 

An important milestone in the history of facemasks took place in 1848 when American Lewis Hassley made masks for miners.

However, it was not until 1861 that people paid attention to the design of modern masks due to the presence of bacteria in the air proved by French biologist, microbiologist, and chemist Louis Pasteur.

New design

Due to several outbreaks of infectious diseases and flu as well as the rise of smog from modern industry, the importance of facemask has been improved. Typically, the SARS epidemic in 2003 and the last large-scale use of masks in China due to smog in 2012 are examples.

In fact, masks are highly complimented by experts in different countries because they are simple to manufacture, have a low production cost and the materials are easy to obtain. 

Why should you purchase face mask on Printerval?

Exclusive and Unique designs

We provide you with both available and printed-on-demand masks. With regard to designs, we attempt to give customers exclusive-designed masks which are created by many reputable clothing designer teams such as Yellow Moon. We highly appreciate your personal expression and message on your mask that can make it outstanding and ubiquitous. Besides, you can totally trust our printing technology and creative ability.

Diverse Styles and Colors

We offer you a huge range of styles and colors of masks so that you can have a sense of diversity when you come to us. There are full sizes for men and women, for kids, and adults. Nevertheless, Printerval provides you with a huge range of interesting and meaningful mask styles including Cicada, Every Child Matter, Rick and Morty, etc. 

With regard to color, the colors of masks on are optional. For example, we have a collection of 10 colorful cicadas. As a result, you have various choices for your favorite ones.

Perfect quality materials and textures

We highly prioritize the skillfulness in every small detail on the mask during the printing and designing process. Because we believe that beautiful textures are an essential element for a perfect fashion accessory. Indeed, perfection derives from every small detail. 

In terms of materials, masks on are made of various fabrics in accordance with various occasions. We pay the highest attention to safety and comfort when customers wear our masks, therefore, we focus on producing masks with good quality materials in our manufacturing process.

Cheap price

“ Low cost and high quality” is what makes Printerval become one of the most attractive shopping destinations. In fact, you can only spend approximately £5 for a nice and trendy mask from our online shopping website. Normally, masks on cost from £5 to £15. These ranges of prices are cheaper than in the markets for an equivalent product.

Flexible payment method

We offer a synchronized method of paying with GBP ) as a standard currency. Provided that you have a visa card, you can conveniently buy and pay for your shopping fruits on

Fast delivery 

We have a wide and flexible shipping network in many different countries spreading in many continents and regions. Therefore, we always make all the effort to deliver the product to the receiver as fast as possible. You can access Printerval Shipping & Delivery for more detail. 

How to choose the right face mask?

Choose a basic cloth or cotton face mask

There are various types of materials to make facemasks, yet a facemask made from cloth or cotton may be the most ideal one you should opt for in this context. It is cheap and safe as well as soft and comfortable. In addition, you can use it not just once but many times as long as you wash it regularly and properly.

Pick a mask with a high ply number

It is recommended that you should opt for a mask with a multi-ply structure.  The more layers, the more protection you get. However, you also consider its breathability and convenience. 

Make sure your mask is comfortable

Obviously, if you are miserable all day with your face mask, it is not an ideal one for you. There are some elements to form a comfortable face mask including itchy fabric, tight elastic loops, non-breathability, constant slippage, smelliness. 

Add some personality

Except for protectiveness and effectiveness, one thing you should prioritize is the uniqueness of the face mask. For that, is an ideal destination for you. Here you can choose a variety of face mask styles and colors as well as fantastic designs. In fact, personal expression is a creative idea to make the fashion items work the way wearers want. 

How to buy a good mask?

Material considerations

Face masks can be made from various materials such as cotton, polyester, or polyester blend. The most common fabric to make a face mask is cotton because it is affordable, breathable, absorbent. However, since the Covid-19, people have been encouraged to use multi-layer masks formed and produced from many different materials. Typically, cotton for the inner layer, polypropylene which is non-woven and non-absorbent for the middle layer, and polyester or polyester blend for the outer layer. 

Reputable facemask brands

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the face mask has become unprecedentedly prominent in our life. That inspires many companies to use this essential item as an advertising strategy. Some of them are Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Universal Studios, Victoria’s Secret, etc. And you can totally access to choose your own face mask.

How to wear a mask properly?

Face masks are popular and globally worn, we can not admit that. However, do you know how to properly put them on and take them off? Here are some tips you can pick when using a mask, especially in this complicated context of coronavirus pandemic. 

First of all, you should only touch the ear loops when putting on a mask and avoid touching the front of the mask or your face. 

Secondly, remember to wear your mask above your nose. Simultaneously, you can wear glasses to protect your eyes if possible. 

Last but not least, when taking off your mask, it is safe to use the ear loops to remove and then place your mask on a clean tissue or paper towel face down.

In addition, try to wash and dry your homemade mask regularly, once a day is perfect. You know that the heat of your dryer helps to disinfect your mask. It is not proper for a medical mask which is used once a day.

Nowadays, perhaps no one can deny the importance of face masks. Even in some countries, wearing a face mask when going out becomes obligatory. If you are looking for an exclusive, trendy, and stylish face mask, Printerval is an ideal destination for you to choose from. Let's try it now on!