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What Are Wall Clocks?

A Wall clock, as the name suggests, is a clock model that acts as a tool, a specialized device to measure time, giving the extremely accurate time in a day to help homeowners manage. your time in a steady way. At the same time, the wall clock is also a decorative item to make your home space more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. In each family, we always see the presence of high-end, beautiful and luxurious wall clocks. Wall clocks are always loved and chosen by everyone, but from normal to high-end models, limited wall clocks on the market are suitable for each economic condition. family. It is extremely convenient and brings great value to consumers.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Wall Clock?

The benefits of a wall clock are not only that but acts as a timekeeper, but they also have other surprising uses.

Convenient and easy time observation

Observing the time is, of course, the primary function and the original purpose for which many people buy wall clocks. They often appear in the office, private room, or living room, conspicuous places so everyone can conveniently monitor the time and daily time.

The main function of the indoor clock is to see the time to conveniently arrange daily work.

If at work, it reminds time in long meetings, and employees know the time to go in and out of the office. And if it appears in the living room, the clock is what you need to watch until the football match or the evening TV series...

Although there are many current time viewing modes such as mobile phones, displays on laptop screens, and wristwatches, it is undeniable that the convenience and unrestricted view of the wall clock. Placed in an easy-to-see place, users can often observe without having to open the screen or swipe up their sleeves to see.

Indispensable interior decoration

Currently, the clock models are no longer just to see the usual time, but they are designed in many different designs, serving the home decoration needs of many customers. If the wall of your living room is empty, there is nothing more suitable than a hanging clock with a luxurious design that brightens up the room's beauty.

If you use a clock to decorate your home, that's a great idea

It can effectively fill empty spaces while providing fresh, decorative colors that match various styles. Whether the room is classic or modern, there are wall clocks to suit.

Express the style and aesthetics of the owner

And the necessity of a decorative product is to show the aesthetics, a part of the personality of the person who chooses to buy; the watch is the same. The person who selects a wall clock as a decoration in the house is usually someone who values ​​time and appreciates every moment with family and friends.

Moreover, choosing a clock that matches the room's overall design and enhances the elegance shows that the house owner has high aesthetics and knows how to beautify the surroundings to create a perfect living space.

Entering a beautifully decorated place, the owner will certainly be appreciated for the aesthetic taste because it is unlikely that expensive items can create accents if they do not know how to coordinate.

How To Classify Wall Clocks?

There are many different types of wall clocks on the market today for you to choose from. Their classification can depend on factors such as time, hanging position, timer, etc.

If we classify watches according to the way they display time, there are clocks such as mechanical watches and clocks. In addition, there are other types such as electronic clocks, audio clocks, etc.

If counting by the timer, there will be electricity meters, radio clocks. And some others like sundial, mechanical wall clock.

In terms of installation position, users can classify them by hanging position. Like the wall clock in the living room, in the bedroom…

What Are The Characteristics Of The Wall Clock?

A wall clock usually has basic parts. Such as the case body, the alloy assembly, the transmission system. And the dials, the alarms and the power source.

Wall clock box body

This function helps to protect the inner workings of the watch. The upper body is made up of details such as the main body, lid, and rear bottom. And there is also round gold, glass face.

What type of watch has a shape depends on this structural element. Watch boxes can be made of materials such as wood or metal. They are meticulously carved to every detail to enhance the aesthetics of your space.

Dial of the wall clock

The dial is a sheet of metal or another material such as glass, plastic, carbon fiber... Above the dial there will be hour, minute, and seconds markers. Depending on the design and size, the dial of the watch will be different. If it is an electronic wall clock, there will be no needle bar, only displayed by intelligent numbers.

Combination of clock hands on the wall

For the structure of a wall clock, the hour, minute, and second hands are indispensable. Some modern watches will be equipped with an alarm. The largest and shortest hand is used to show the hours; the minute hand will be longer and slimmer. The wire needle will be the longest and smallest.


The actuator is also an equally important part. The transmission consists of the dynamo, the movement, the regulator, and the hands that transmit the hours, minutes, and seconds.

The drivetrain part will have gears or rotating shafts that help transmit power. From there, the combination of hands showing the time works smoothly. The gear system part will transfer the needed energy stored to the returned gear. In addition, the mainspring can be used to maintain the operation of the machine. This is considered the power source of the watch.


The alarm helps to alarm the time regularly under the user's settings. Depending on the preferences of the user, you can choose to buy an alarm clock with a piece of music.

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Today's wall clocks come in many styles and can be used as a decorative element in the house. The designers created a variety of tapestry themes with wonderful textures rather than sticking to the traditional colors of blue, red, purple, and yellow.

Choose a Wall Clock that goes with the design to give the impression that your home is sleek, stylish, and modern.

Diverse from size to type

Additionally, modern wall clocks come in a variety of sizes to match any decor. There are three standard Wall Clock sizes on Printerval, according to the area: 10",...

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Today's wall clocks come in various sizes and designs; nevertheless, pick one that fits the space and matches the house's decor when choosing a wall clock. A wall clock with a distinctive design is always available at Printerva for as little as $35.95.

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Custom by request

Depending on your image type, Sellers on our website offer Wall Clocks and design services. They've made the extremely opulent, exquisitely designed, and long-lasting Wall Clock, ensuring that clients are happy with their purchase.

How To Choose A Good Wall Clock?

Here are a few tips for you:

Wall clock hanging space

Wall clocks are present in almost any space in your home. From the living room to the bedroom to the kitchen. You can comfortably hang the watch anywhere as long as that space meets the aesthetics and convenience requirements. In particular, the clock needs to be placed in open spaces. Especially convenient for people in the house to observe the time. For example, the bedroom clock must be on the opposite wall. So that every time you wake up, you will see the date and time displayed on the clock. For the living room, too, the clock needs to be placed in the right direction so that people in the house can go back and forth and see the time easily.

Dimensions of the watch

The size of the wall clock depends on the area of ​​​​the space. Clocks that are too large or too small will also make your home space disproportionate. If you are staying in an apartment house, you should choose a medium to small watch. The space in these apartments is also relatively limited, so all need to ensure ventilation.

With townhouse spaces, it's different. The larger area of ​​townhouses gives you more options. And you can absolutely choose from large watches. These clocks are usually placed right in the living room space. Contributing to the impressive interior space here. And if you live in garden spaces, it's really great. Do not hesitate to buy yourself a super large wall clock. It will contribute to making your home living space more impressive. Of course, you should also consider your budget in advance to buy a watch!

Material of watch

Watches often come in a number of common materials such as wood and metal. Wood is considered a popular material for making watches. With high-priced wooden watches, almost all natural wood is used. Natural wood gives the watch a very realistic color and is highly durable. Therefore watches are considered one of the extremely durable devices. Some families prefer metal models because it feels luxurious. But after using it for a while, it is oxidized. And, of course, metal wall clocks do not have as many designs as wooden clocks.

The color of the watch

The color element is also an integral part of the watch's appearance. One of my favorite color trends is muted tones and neutrals. Depending on the owner's liking, deep colors are usually wood-brown, black, or gray-brown. The reason why wall clocks, in general, have such a dark cover to highlight the watch face. The dials are usually light colors, specifically as white or pale yellow. The purpose is to help you see the time even in the least light conditions. In fact, for feng shui reasons, homeowners also choose colors very carefully.

Clock shape

Almost every shape that exists, in reality, is found in watches. Depending on the space, you can choose the clock's shape to suit. When placing the clock in the office, it must create a sense of smoothness. This has a very stimulating effect on labor. You should choose round clocks when placed in the office or living room. In the bedroom, it is advisable to place square clocks of a smaller size.

Currently, people are living in the direction of minimalism. Therefore, the design requirements of the watch are not too high. The simpler the watch, the clearer the number displayed, and the more attractive it is to buyers. You can find and buy a variety of beautiful wall clocks at the reputable classifieds, buying and selling site muaban.net.

Watch brand

Finally, the watch brand is equally important. A good brand with a good reputation will be a "guarantee" for the quality of watch products. Some brands specialize in providing modern wall clocks. Some brands specialize in vintage watches. Some famous watch brands can be mentioned as Seiko, and Casio with simple and contemporary watch models. Or if you like sleek, classic clocks, you can choose Relife.

Where to buy Wall Clocks?

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