What Are Mugs Made Of?

Oct, 20 2021
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Porcelain mugs are a common product that we often use in our daily lives. Porcelain mugs are so familiar, but the process to produce a beautiful porcelain mug is still unknown to many of you.
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    What is Mug?

    Mugs are usually made of ceramic and have a handle for drinking. The ceramic material allows the user to drink the mug when it's hot, provides insulation from the liquid inside, and quickly evaporates and cools without fear of the mug breaking when compared to other types of glassware.

    A coffee mug can also be a disposable container that holds hot beverages, including coffee. This type of mug is usually made of paper, foam, or plastic. At coffee shops, paper mugs are common to sell to customers who want to take them home.

    Porcelain mugs make coffee taste better when drinking?

    In fact, the presentation of drinks plays an important role in the user's perception of enjoyment. Studies have proven that presentation determines the taste of food and drinks. In restaurants, the dishes are decorated by chefs and decorated very eye-catching to help diners feel the best taste.

    The presentation and the materials used for the presentation affect people's perceptions. Compared with paper mugs or other materials, porcelain mugs offer a better coffee experience. Because there is a combination of places like home, office, local coffee shop. Or there are differences like its weight, texture, and insulation properties. Paper mugs are usually disposable, used in take-out cafes that require convenience.

    Talking about taste, ceramic is the best choice because ceramic is a solid and neutral material, it does not absorb or transmit flavors, helping to preserve the full flavor of the coffee. While human taste perception is complex and is not limited to the four basic tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter), the aroma is the main component of coffee flavor. So with neutral properties ceramic is the best choice.

    History mug production process you know?

    The production process of porcelain mugs includes 5 Steps:

    Step 1: Select the land and treat it

    In order to create a perfect porcelain mug product, it is necessary to carefully select the soil. The soil for making porcelain mugs must be clay, with good plasticity and high heat resistance. The soil will be prepared according to specific recipes depending on the type of porcelain that people want to produce. Then the soil will be treated to remove impurities, making the product smoother and whiter.

    Step 2: Shaping ceramics

    This is an extremely important Step, ceramic artists need a pair of skillful hands to shape the treated soil. Currently, because of increasing customer demand, artisans have almost completely replaced manual shaping to casting. Casting will make the product more uniform in size and save much time.

    Step 3: Create textures, patterns for products

    The mug after shaping will be left to dry. After drying, ceramic artists will use their talented hands to draw patterns for mugs, or print images on porcelain mugs depending on the product and the requirements of many customers.

    Step 4: Enamel

    Before being put into the kiln, the mug will be pre-baked by the ceramicist, then dipped in glaze, creating gloss and keeping the color of the previously painted or printed motifs.

    Step 5: Burning

    This is the final step to creating a porcelain mug. Porcelain mugs will be fired with a temperature of about 1300 degrees Celsius, higher than ceramic. This temperature will create a porcelain mug with good strength and heat resistance, resistant to impact to a certain extent.

    Do other materials make the coffee taste better?

    There are many different types of coffee canister materials, but most of them don't offer the same experience as ceramic. In addition, porcelain mugs are also a sustainable material for the environment when enjoying drinks.

    Plastic Mug

    Plastic is often considered a good choice because of its lightweight and convenience, however, this material will absorb odors and flavors, affecting the sensory value of the coffee. The problem would not be serious if the plastic mug was used for only one drink, however, even different types of coffee can be absorbed by the tiny hollow structure of the plastic and over time the aftertaste of the coffee. the former will affect the latter.

    Paper Mug

    Paper is the worst mug of choice when it comes to drinking coffee. Paper does not withstand high temperatures. Especially processed paper mugs will have an unpleasant plastic smell, affecting the drinking experience.

    Stainless steel Mug

    When we hear about stainless steel, we know the mug will be extremely durable and good for outdoor picnics. But this material can affect the coffee taste. Although stainless steel does not absorb flavor, many companies will sometimes choose cheap stainless steel, harmful substances from this material will gradually dissolve into the drink. In particular, there are more than 1,000 compounds in coffee that can react with metals to give the coffee a strange taste.

    Glass mug

    Glass has quasi-ceramic properties but does not provide the ultimate coffee experience. Because ceramic is able to retain heat longer than glass, coffee will stay warm longer. In particular, coffee must be drunk hot to taste better and retain a more specific flavor.

    How to choose porcelain cups for each type of coffee?

    As a typical beverage, the selection of ceramic coffee cups is of particular interest. Currently, coffee is prepared according to many different recipes, meeting the enjoyment needs of customers. Accordingly, the ceramic cups used for each type are also designed with different designs to suit each type.

    Hot coffee often uses small porcelain cups with handles. Small white porcelain cups are commonly used in most coffee shops. This type of cup helps customers quickly feel the passionate charm of the rising coffee vapor, and the convenient handle helps to raise the cup and enjoy it easily.

    For machine-made coffees like Espresso, ceramic and porcelain cups with high thickness are often used. Thick porcelain cups help keep drinks hot. You can design thick porcelain cups, with extra handles and small spoons.

    Latte coffee often uses thick, wide-mouthed cups to show off the beauty of decorative motifs as well as retain heat well.

    Print pictures on porcelain mugs - a new trend

    Normally when we buy mugs in stores, porcelain mugs already have patterns, but with printing on porcelain mugs, you will have your own porcelain mug product, different from the products sold on porcelain mugs. available. Let's explain some advantages of printing pictures on porcelain mugs.

    Printing images on porcelain mugs give you a unique product because the mug will be printed according to the content you want.

    Printed on porcelain mugs makes a great gift to easily give to those you love. The printed porcelain mug will keep your memories, bond the relationship, make the other person think of you every time they use it.

    Printing images on porcelain mugs ensure the same strict process as regular porcelain mugs. In terms of product quality, the printed color does not fade, fade or fade over time.

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