What are the benefits of Oats?

Dec, 15 2021
Posted by Frank Merino
Oats are one of the most popular foods in the world which contain a large number of nutrients that are good for health. With Printerval, let’s explore the huge benefits that we get when eating oats and oatmeal.
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    What are the benefits of Oats?

    Oats are one of the most popular foods in the world which contain a large number of nutrients that are good for health. With Printerval, let’s explore the huge benefits that we get when eating oats and oatmeal. 

    What are Oats?

    Oats were discovered more than 4000 years ago, and are a fairly common food in the world. Oats are mainly grown in temperate climates such as Poland, Russia, Canada, the USA, Australia, Germany, etc. 

    What are the benefits of Oats?

    Because whole-grain oats take a long time to cook, people often use processed oats. Depending on the level of processing, there are different types of oats, including:

    • Chopped Oats: Whole grain oats that are cut into 2 - 3 portions.
    • Rolled Whole Oats: Whole grain oats are steamed, then flattened.
    • Oat bran: A product obtained when grinding oats, often used to sprinkle on foods. Oat bran is high in nutrients.
    • Instant oats: Has a very quick cooking time, but because of the high processing, this type of oats often contains few nutrients.
    • Oatmeal: Mainly used for baking and skincare.

    What are the benefits of Oats?

    What are the benefits of Oats?

    Oats are cereal with a high nutritional value which are rich in protein, minerals, fat and soluble fiber. In addition, they also contain many antioxidants and lipid-lowering substances such as flavonoids, sterols, saponins,... The use of oats brings many health benefits. Printerval lists them below:

    Be good for the heart

    Oats are high in soluble fiber, which helps reduce the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. As a result, this cereal helps prevent heart attacks, strokes, and cardiovascular diseases. Besides, beta-glucan in oats can also help to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

    Prevent diabetes

    Oats have the ability to improve the body's sensitivity to insulin - the hormone produced by the pancreas that helps stabilize blood sugar. In addition, the high fiber content in oats also reduces the risk of diabetes.

    What are the benefits of Oats?

    Support digestion

    The fiber in oats can help soften stools, making it easier for users to have bowel movements, avoiding constipation. Therefore, oats are a very useful food for those who are having problems with intestinal health.

    Prevent cancer

    Oats contain many antioxidants, as a result, they can help protect body cells against free radicals, effectively preventing cancer.

    Supports weight loss

    Because the fiber in oats needs a long time to digest, plus many healthy carbohydrates contained in oats, users will feel full for a long time when eating this food. In addition, oats also stimulate the body's metabolism, support better weight loss.

    What are the benefits of Oats?

    Prevention of anemia

    When the body lacks red blood cells, whose main component is Hemoglobin, it will cause anemia with manifestations such as fatigue, pale skin, tingling in the legs, shortness of breath, swollen tongue, dizziness, headache,... Oats with high iron content are very good for hemoglobin formation, effectively preventing anemia.

    Improve muscle

    Oats are a good source of healthy carbohydrates because of their low glycemic index, which promotes fat loss and preserves muscle mass during exercise. In addition, the iron in oats also helps transport oxygen in the blood to the muscles, helping to nourish the muscles better.

    Prevent Migraines

    People with chronic migraines often have lower magnesium levels than people without. Therefore, adding magnesium to the diet can prevent this disease. Fortunately, oats are rich in magnesium, so eating oats regularly will reduce the risk of migraines.

    Other effects

    Apart from the above benefits, oats also have other effects on our health such as mood improvement, dandruff prevention, premenstrual syndromes treatment, skincare factors, etc. 

    What is National Oatmeal Month?

    For such enormous benefits of Oatmeal, society decided to have a chance to observe this common food. It does not only last a day but a month that is the so-called National Oatmeal Month.

    National Oatmeal Month is the time taking place in January every year. 

    How to celebrate National Oatmeal Month?

    If you are an oatmeal lover, surely you won’t miss the celebration of this common food. There are a large number of ideas for you to celebrate the month of Oatmeal such as making special dishes with oats, starting a habit of eating oatmeal every morning, using oatmeal for various purposes including skin care, losing weight, …

    What are the benefits of Oats?

    Wearing or using items with National Oatmeal Month printing artworks have many meanings. Firstly, these items are an interesting way to show your appreciation and love for this healthy food. Secondly, wearing or using these items indicates that you are an Oatmeal lover and you have a healthy eating habits. Finally, items with National Oatmeal Month can inspire you and people around you to get the hang of the enormous benefits of this food. 

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