What are the benefits of Playing Outside for kids?

Dec, 08 2021
Posted by Frank Merino
Playing outside brings a huge range of benefits for both the physical and mental health of children. Yet, what are those benefits in detail? Let’s get the hang of this article.
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    What are the benefits of Playing Outside for kids?

    In the context of technology development, children often tend to stay at home and glue their eyes to the TV, computer, and smartphone screens. This inadvertently creates a passive lifestyle, which is really not good for children's health.

    Playing outside brings a huge range of benefits for both the physical and mental health of children. Yet, what are those benefits in detail? Let’s get the hang of this article.

    What are the benefits of Playing Outside for kids?

    Outdoor activities not only help children gain more knowledge about the world around them but also stimulate children to improve many skills for comprehensive development.

    Outdoor play is an opportunity for children to learn new things

    Outdoor play is a great way to enhance children's learning. Because when participating in games, children will develop the ability to observe and learn, thereby creating a premise for them to equip themselves with important life skills such as problem-solving skills, receiving information, etc. new information, and improve understanding of science… For children, outdoor activities are a way to play and learn, children will always have fun, not feel boring, heavy like regular classes.

    What are the benefits of Playing Outside for kids?

    Comprehensive physical development

    Outdoor activities can give children dynamism and good health. Research shows that outdoor play can help strengthen muscles and bones, strengthen immunity, and reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

    Not only that, when playing outdoors, children also have the opportunity to breathe fresh air and absorb vitamin D through sunlight. Exposure to electronic devices for long periods of time can cause vision loss in children, but playing outdoors can bring about the opposite.

    Promote creativity

    Participating in outdoor games can stimulate creativity and boost imagination in young children. Because when surrounded by trees and other objects, children's imagination and creativity will be strongly promoted.

    What are the benefits of Playing Outside for kids?

    Get more social skills

    Children who spend more time outdoors are more likely to make friends and interact better with other children. Meanwhile, children who prefer to stay at home are often more shy and timid.

    Therefore, if you see your baby falling into the second case, encourage your child to go out and play with friends more. Once children have socialized, made friends, or simply talked to each other, they are also gradually improving their social skills.

    Develop a positive attitude to life

    Children who spend a lot of time playing outdoors often have a very positive attitude and are always filled with happiness. In addition, playing outdoors is also a great opportunity for children to spread their positive energy to everyone around.

    Personality development

    One of the interesting benefits of outdoor activities is that it can help shape personality. When participating in games, children will learn how to be independent, how to deal with emergency situations, how to get up on their own after failure... without adult supervision. This builds confidence and equips children with hands-on experiences to deal with future situations.

    In addition, playing outdoors with friends helps children develop other qualities such as discipline, teamwork, and leadership. These are all useful things for the child's life later on.

    What are the benefits of Playing Outside for kids?

    Improve concentration

    Playing outside can help children improve their concentration, attention, observation, and reasoning skills. Because when playing, children will have to make full use of concentration and observation skills.

    For children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHA), experts also recommend that parents should let children participate in more outdoor activities, especially where there are many trees and fresh air to improve concentration.

    Enhance motor skills

    Outdoor activities with games such as swings, slides, chase, jump rope, shuttlecock... not only bring joy to children but also help children learn reflexes, flexible hand control. , legs and whole body. Thereby, improving mobility, agility, coordination, and balance, and helping children improve bone density and develop a better muscle system.

    What are the benefits of Playing Outside for kids?

    Build a healthy lifestyle

    Encouraging children to participate in more outdoor activities is a way to help them lead a balanced, healthy, and active lifestyle as an adult. Not only that, but children also have the ability to make decisions, know how to challenge themselves, and overcome limitations to become a better version.

    What is Play Outside Day and its objective?

    In fact, playing outside is not only useful for kids but for seniors and mature people. Therefore, there is a National Play Outside Day every single month which is observed on the first Saturday of the month. 

    The day takes place in order to encourage people to let go of their fears and, in a safe/monitored environment as well as let their kids play freely.

    The celebration of National Play Outside Day began in 2011 by Aaron Wiggans and Rhonda D. Abeyta who discussed with friends how children had become so preoccupied with their digital devices that going outside to play wasn’t seen as fun anymore.

    What are the benefits of Playing Outside for kids?

    How to celebrate Play Outside Day?

    There are a lot of ideas to observe on National Play Outside Day such as going camping, going fishing, going to the beach, hiking, visiting the local swimming pool, visiting a national park, exploring the jungles, …

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