What Day Is National Horse Day?

What Day Is National Horse Day?

National Horse Day, alternately referred to as National Day Of The Horse, is observed on December 13. This day is not just for equestrians and horse aficionados; it strives to highlight the several ways in which horses have traditionally benefited society in the United States, economically and culturally. Horses have been inextricably tied to American history from the country's founding and have played a critical part in society's growth, from providing transportation, assisting in combat and hunting, clearing fields and woods to grow crops, and assisting with ranch animal shepherding.

What Is The History Of National Horse Day?

National Day of the Horse was created in 2004 by Senate Resolution 452, which designated December 13 as a government holiday.

Spanish explorers introduced horses to North America, and they gradually expanded throughout the Great Plains. According to some, the Equus caballus, a domesticated species of horse, is an indigenous animal to North America.

Horses have been instrumental in the economic prosperity of the United States since their arrival. Horses are predicted to contribute around $9.2 billion to the national economy. The horse is also deeply ingrained in American culture and history; it is synonymous with the concept of the American cowboy, and rodeos remain a popular event in various regions of the country.

While some people only think of horses as leisure animals, they are not only necessary for agricultural labor and transportation in rural regions; they also make excellent therapy animals for persons suffering from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. They have accompanied humanity for millennia, assisting everyone from farmers to riders to soldiers.

How To Celebrate National Horse Day?

The United States of America observes National Horse Day on December 13th each year. According to tradition, the National Day of the Horse invites people to reflect on the economic, historical, and cultural contributions of horses to the United States. While horses have always played a significant role in the development of our country, it wasn't until November 18, 2004, that they received a day of recognition and celebration when United States Senate Resolution 452 designated December 13 as National Day of the Horse.

Horses have affected America's history from the continent's discovery. They enabled the initial settlers to explore the region and discover the immensity of what would become the United States. When settlers staked claims and established towns, horses participated in everything from farming to logging, performing back-breaking labor that a human being could not accomplish successfully. It wasn't long before the settlers began venturing west, and the horse was there to transport them and their possessions.

In the middle of development and population growth, the settlers proclaimed their independence from Great Britain, creating the United States of America. This increased travel into the country, necessitating the establishment of major towns and improved modes of transportation, thereby initiating the Industrial Revolution. Again, the horse was crucial in sustaining expansion, transporting huge beams to construct new infrastructure, and traveling across the nation to install new railways.

The North and South fell into major differences in the years that followed, culminating in the Civil War, in which horses once again played a significant part. Soldiers battled on horseback, covering vast swaths of land in defense of their side's ideals. With the conclusion of the Civil War, horses gained a whole new career path with the establishment of the American Stud Book, and horse racing blossomed as a sport for the affluent and a source of entertainment for all.

With the popularity of horse racing increasing, the desire to participate in equestrian activities grew, and horse shows began cropping up across the United States. While it remained a wealthy man's pastime, horse shows allowed expert horsemen to showcase their abilities and be acknowledged and rewarded for their efforts.

The romanticized image of horses quickly spread to radio broadcasts, where listeners tuned in to hear stories of gallant cowboys on horseback swooping in to rescue the day. When television was introduced, these dramas became popular as family entertainment. These tales also found their way to the big screen, where millions viewed visual adaptations of these tales.

Nowadays, horses are not as glamorized as they were in classic Hollywood westerns. However, those of us in the industry recognize the enormous economic effect horses continue to have. The American Horse Council estimates that the horse business has a $122 billion economic effect and supports 1.7 million employment. America has 32 million acres dedicated to equestrian industries, with another 49 million acres leased to equine businesses.

Along with the economic influence the horse has on society, we as passionate horse enthusiasts, owners, and riders understand that the horse's emotional impact far outweighs any economic impact. We all believe that our horses are worth their weight in gold, and to put that into economic context (considering that there are 7.2 million horses in the United States, gold is currently priced at $1,246 per ounce, and a horse weighs an average of 1,000 pounds), we could estimate that all of our horses are worth approximately $143.5 trillion, or approximately $19.9 million per horse. To place such a high value on an animal demonstrates its emotional significance to us. Not only are they our teammates, but they are also our best friends. We trust them to look after us in the same way that we look after them, and they do so out of the goodness of their hearts.

Today, reflect on everything that horses have done for society and all that they continue to accomplish on a daily basis. From assisting in the formation of a nation to assisting in the formation of our emotions, horses have had a profound effect on America and are undoubtedly deserving of their own National holiday. Allow yourself to sneak another mint or two into your horse's mouth today as a "thank you" for everything they accomplish; they have surely earned it.

National Day of the Horse is a day for everyone, whether you are an equestrian who enjoys riding, an equine specialist and enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys horses.

  • If you own a horse, set aside some time today to bond with it. Take a long trail ride or perhaps a hack. If your horse enjoys it, reward him with a lengthy grooming session. Alternatively, you might treat it to a new halter or bridle browband.
  • If you own horse stables, invite visitors who do not often have the opportunity to engage with horses. Despite their importance to American society, they are becoming increasingly unavailable. Give someone a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
  • Are you a horse enthusiast but do not own one? Purchase horseback riding classes for yourself; you'll get to spend time with horses while also learning a new skill! Consider volunteering with horse-related groups such as rescue organizations or therapeutic riding schools. Alternatively, you may make a financial contribution to horse-related charities. Allow yourself a really horse-themed day by watching a horse film such as "Seabiscuit" or "Secretariat."

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