What Day Is National Thank God It's Monday Day?

Dec, 18 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
The National God Bless You It's Monday Day is a holiday observed on the first Monday of January. The day is dedicated to encouraging people to have a positive attitude toward Monday, the most dreaded day of the week.
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    What Is The National Thank God It's Monday Day?

    God be praised Monday has arrived. The goal of the day is to view Monday as a positive rather than a negative day. After all, while Mondays can be difficult for many people, it can be beneficial to view this day through a different lens. After all, Monday is traditionally a day of fresh starts. Couples marry on weekends, and thus a Monday marks the beginning of their new lives together. Mondays are frequently the start of new jobs. Additionally, there are numerous public holidays on Mondays, which means that special events typically occur on Mondays throughout the year.

    When you consider that one-seventh of our lives will be spent on Mondays, you can see why it is critical to begin seeing the positive aspects of Mondays rather than the negative. You will have at least 52 Mondays throughout the year (occasionally 53!). These are 52 opportunities to reconnect with loved ones and meet new ones. This equates to 52 opportunities to acquire a new skill or witness a breathtaking sunrise. These are all things for which we can express gratitude.

    Mondays have witnessed incredible events

    To demonstrate how amazing Mondays can be, let's look at some of the incredible things that have occurred on Mondays.

    Cyber Monday – What better way to start than with a deal? Cyber Monday became popular in the United States on the Monday following Thanksgiving. This is a day that has gained worldwide popularity. On this date, you'll find some of the year's best online discounts. Online retailers will offer incredible deals, providing you with the ideal opportunity to score a great deal. And who doesn't enjoy a good deal?

    Nutella was invented – That's right, the very first jar of Nutella rolled out of a factory in Alva, a small town in Piedmont, Italy, and the world was instantly blessed with the chocolate and hazelnut goodness that is Nutella. Now, tell me that you dislike Mondays!

    Finally, but certainly not least, Monday was the day when it became possible to search online for cute cat videos! This is because YouTube was founded on February 14th, 2005!

    What Is The History Of National Thank God It's Monday Day?

    According to the international standard ISO 8601, Monday is considered the first day of the week by the majority of us. It is the second day of the week in countries that adhere to the "Sunday-first" convention. Monday is derived from the Old English "Mnandg" and Middle English "Monenday," which were originally translations of the Latin "dies lunae" or "moon day."

    It has become more common in modern times to regard Monday as the first day of the week. Although, historically, the Greco-Roman week began on Sunday and ended on Monday. Monday is a holy day in Abrahamic religions. On Monday, for example, the Eastern Orthodox Church commemorates the angels.

    Mondays are one of two days during the week in Islam when Muslims are encouraged to fast voluntarily, the other being Thursdays. Numerous Hadith relate the Prophet Muhammad fasting on these days. Similarly, Mondays are considered auspicious fasting days in Judaism.

    Leaving religion aside, research demonstrates Thank God It's Mondays celebrations date all the way back to only a few years ago. To truly appreciate the first day of the work or school week and to view it as a dynamically positive event requires a unique mindset. It's as if we're forcing ourselves to improve our "naming skills" simply because it's the right thing to do.

    Additionally, we can consider our employment situation in concrete terms. Which employee is more likely to be promoted: the one who arrives on Monday looking like something the cat dragged in, or the one who arrives a half-hour early, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Perhaps it is truly beneficial for us to begin viewing Mondays as the best day of the week. Mondays can be viewed as a clean slate. The key is self-actualization, which can begin with a positive attitude toward the otherwise dreaded Monday morning.

    How To Celebrate National Thank God It's Monday Day?

    Thank God It's Monday Day is a day that can be observed in a variety of ways. It's all about being optimistic and getting your week off to a good start. On this date, look for something positive to do. Why not venture outside and take in the beauty of nature? Why don't you call a friend and arrange to meet for coffee? Alternatively, how about beginning that project you've been meaning to start for quite some time now? Make an effort to do something that will make you happy. That is the purpose of Thank God It's Monday Day!

    Additionally, you can use Thank God It's Monday Day to do something nice for a friend. Raise another person's spirits by baking them a cake or sending them a cheerful greeting card. Numerous people suffer from anxiety and depression, and Mondays can be particularly challenging for them. This is why it is prudent to assist them in navigating this potentially trying day. A small act of kindness and some kind words can go a long way toward accomplishing this.

    Naturally, Thank God It's Monday Day is the ideal excuse to throw a party with your friends and family. Why not invite your friends and family over for a celebration on this date? You can prepare some tasty food and ask everyone to bring a bottle! Spend the day dancing to music and catching up with your closest friends. After all, regardless of how much you despise Mondays, the chances are you'll end up enjoying them if you're surrounded by your loved ones.

    Another excellent way to commemorate this date is to simply allow yourself to have something you normally would not on a Monday. For instance, rather than ordering takeout on the weekend, why not make Monday a takeout night? You'll enjoy your day at work much more if you know that when you get home, you won't have to cook and can instead indulge in your favorite fast food.

    We would also recommend that you observe Thank God It's Monday Day at work. This is the ideal time to demonstrate your appreciation for your employees and to demonstrate that you understand how difficult it can be for them to return to work after the weekend! You can start small by providing baked goods to your employees. Why not surprise them with a tray of brownies and cakes at lunchtime?

    Alternatively, why not use Thank God It's Monday Day to host a team-bonding event? You can organize an activity for the day to ensure that everyone has a good time. There are numerous ways to do this, ranging from escape rooms to movie days. Why not speak with your employees and ascertain their preferences?

    Whatever way you choose to spend this date, it is critical to remember that it is all about being positive and focusing on the positive aspects and opportunities that Monday can bring, rather than on the negative!

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