What Handbags Are In Style For 2022?

Oct, 14 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
Timeless fashion items have always loved the taste of beautiful women over the years. In addition to expensive jewelry, classic high heels that cherish their footsteps, or a black dress that exalts the inherent elegance of women, a handbag can be considered an indispensable item. in any girl's closet.
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    Chunky chain bag

    The chunky chain bag model with a large chain strap design has been promoted by illustrious designers since the Fall-Winter 2019 season, so far this style of bag is still loved by fans. In the face of the current strong trend of metal, the chunky chain bag is a perfect choice. The idea is that the large metal details on the bag are easy to leave a rough feeling when worn, but the designers have cleverly used high-quality leather material on the unstructured shape to make them softer and more feminine. 

    Hobo bag

    This fashion season, the classic and sophisticated hobo bag continues to be one of the "It bags" worth owning in your wardrobe. In addition to the small bag size, the designers also launched larger versions of bags to meet many of the daily needs of the fashionista. From the design, the color schemes are extremely diverse, the hobo bag is also carefully cared for by fashion houses in the material part. Besides the leather material, this bag is also introduced with a nylon version, the fabric creates a woven straw-like effect... extremely eye-catching.

    Tote bag

    The spacious, rectangular tote bag is a top priority for girls who often carry a lot of items when going out. In addition to the classic logomania bags, women can also choose for themselves an elegant monogram pattern bag or bold street graphic print to freely change the sets according to their personality.

    Frame bag

    Another bag model to the throne in this fashion season promises to bring women many unique outfit suggestions, including the frame bag. With a design that is not fixed, made of soft leather materials but with a sturdy frame, the frame bag becomes an "effective assistant" to help elevate the elegance of your black-tie party sets her.

    Croissant bag

    2019 saw the rise of the croissant bag, a bag with a design that mimics the shape of a French cake, and to this day, the appeal of this bag has not shown any signs of cooling down. Each bag under the creative hands of fashion houses has its own beauty with unique material handling and shape. Therefore, the bag becomes an indispensable "companion" for girls who love trendy urban-chic fashion.

    Micro-size bag

    Surely many people will ask themselves a big question why a handbag is so small that it can only hold lipstick, or even just enough space to hold a few coins, why to buy them. However, fashion handbags have long ceased to be an item just for storing things, but it has become an accessory that adorns the set more prominently. Therefore, 2021 promises to be the year of these "tiny" bags.

    Phone bag

    With the great development of technology, applications such as Apple Pay, Uber, etc. certainly make it easy to leave the house with just your phone. This season, designers are creating cross-shaped phone cases and stands that are very convenient for those who want to travel light. Attached to a natural jute phone case by Chanel, complete with their signature chain strap, or Balenciaga's top handle version.

    How to coordinate with different types of bags?

    Outfits with white bags

    Wearing a black 

    Black and white are two colors that always go well. It creates contrast but still blends together, helping each other stand out. Pairing a white handbag with a black outfit will make you more luxurious and elegant

    Coordinating ton sur ton

    The trend of ton sur ton outfits is always loved by women. When mixing coated handbags with outfits of the same color, you should use some small accessories to stand out more. A colorful scarf tied to the bag strap, or a large bracelet is also very beautiful. This set will make you lively and elegant.

    How is the black bag to match?

    Black handbags can be combined with many types of outfits, no matter how you mix them, you will still stand out. Even if you close your eyes to mix clothes, you will still eat well with a black bag.

    In addition, black also represents sophistication and mystery with many different ways of mixing costumes and variations.

    You can mix a loose white shirt with blue jeans. And of course, the accessory that comes with it is always a nice little black handbag. For this mix, you don't need to use any other accessories. Because just like that, the set is already extremely eye-catching.

    Or more simply, just a pair of black pants and a black bag is enough to tone the tone to a beautiful standard. After that, she can coordinate with any outfit and it will be excellent.

    Grey handbag

    Grey handbags are ideal for fashionistas. Grey handbags always have something new, more impressive than other colors. Their prominence is enough to give the user an attractive appearance. It is important that Grey is a neutral color, so it can balance any outfit. From youthful, moving to a sense of lightness, elegance, and luxury. Therefore, if you do not know which color handbag to coordinate, you should consider using a Grey handbag.

    Yellow handbag

    If she owns a yellow handbag, congratulations, this is the extremely hot color of 2020. The yellow color brings a bright and youthful look that exudes warmth and lightness when combined with other colors

    In order for the outfit not to fade, lack of accents. Bring a golden handbag when wearing a white dress. The yellow color of the bag will bring vitality and youthfulness to the wearer.

    A Grey plaid blazer with a yellow handbag is very popular with girls. The short blazer style of the office, worn with skirts/jeans all help her show off her elegant beauty.

    If you are confident enough, try to wear the whole gold tree including the outfit and bag. However, it is recommended to choose alternating dark and light yellow. Avoid choosing bright gold that will make you both cheesy and out of fashion. Dark yellow will make you more youthful.

    How to coordinate with a red bag

    Red and black is a combination that never goes out of style. The red color of the bag will highlight the outfit you are wearing.

    Or choose the all red option? Why not! This style would be perfect for a Christmas party. Team it up with a mini skirt, beret, strappy heels, and a glossy red leather handbag. The red outfit from head to toe will make you stand out from the crowd.

    Pastel pink handbag

    Pastel pink handbags are always very popular with fashionistas. Sweet, gentle, and personable at the same time. Combine with pastel pink or white, Grey

    An immutable rule in coordinating with pastel pink handbags is to choose clothes with the same pastel pink or white, light grey colors. This is one of those simple and easy rules of dressing. The harmony from costumes to accessories will bring a unique fashion style.

    Outfits with orange handbags

    If you are looking for a new style change, an orange handbag is an accessory you need to experience. Because the attraction of this color will bring a new and youthful look to the girls. You can mix a yellow dress + orange handbag + white sneaker. It will help you become a lot more personal. According to the principle of color scheme, the white-blue-orange trio has never let women down. The striking colors will really make a big impression on the white background of the shirt. White shirt - blue pants - the orange bag will create a beautiful and eye-catching mix of clothes with the opposite person.

    If you have a black dress, an orange handbag will be the highlight to help you stand out more

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