What is Canvas? Origin of canvas paintings

Jul, 24 2021
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Canvas painting is a line of paintings printed on material made from canvas, also known as a canvas by many people. This fabric line when used to make paintings is very popular in many places around the world.
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    The origin of Canvas

    Around 3,000 B.C. to 1500 B.C

    Since 3,000 BC, people in China have known how to spin hemp fibers into the cloth and then plainly weave hemp fibers into cloth. Fabric from hemp has great strength and is widely used in making ropes, bags for materials, etc. In 1500 BC, the natives of India succeeded in spinning cotton fibers into cotton fabrics.

    Importing into Europe

    In the 8th century, the Saracens and the Moors traded with Europe through southern Italy and Spain. Among the North African traders' goods were both cotton and canvas woven from hemp fibers.

    14th-15th century

    In the 14th-15th centuries, in Barcelona and Venice, cotton yarn was woven into clothes in the Canvas weave. The sturdy cotton canvas was used to make sails for merchant ships, and to cover the wings of windmills. Because of its high strength, durability, and good wind ability, Cotton Canvas fabric has been trusted by boat builders all over Europe. Modern sails made of Cotton Canvas (also known as Sailcloth) helped Europeans conquer the world.

    Commercial Sails & Wind-Building Sedges use Canvas as a wind vane


    Origin of the name

    Canvas is the name of the canvas fabric, which comes from the 13th-century Anglo-French canvas and the Old French word canvas. Both words can be derivatives of hemp (cannabis), so the fabric made with this plant is called Canvas. In the past, hemp was commonly used to make Canvas fabrics, so they were called Canvas (or hemp fabric). Today Canvas can be plain-woven with a variety of yarns.

    Types of canvas paintings

    Office canvas 

    For office space, it is advisable to choose delicate and elegant paintings with colors that are not too dazzling. At the same time, you should also refer to the meaning of pictures to choose positive pictures to help provide working energy for employees.

    Office paintings help your workplace become more creative, more energetic. With the sayings and core values ​​in the lines of inspirational office canvas paintings for hanging pictures in the office, there are 2 outstanding benefits that are both decoration, motivation, and cohesion among employees.

    Coffee shop canvas

    Decorative canvas paintings are quite popular to decorate cafes, milk tea shops ... by elegant and delicate colors.

    Living room canvas 

    The living room is very important because this area is considered the main face of the house. Therefore, families are very attentive in decorating the living room so that it is luxurious.

    Printed material on canvas for the living room uses the best material to make beautiful paintings. Should produce high-quality pictures, the most realistic colors.

    The designs of canvas paintings for the living room are both beautiful and eye-catching, meeting the suitability of each of your family spaces. So you can freely create modern living room decoration paintings according to your liking.

    Hanging canvas paintings in the living room with landscape motifs, decorative canvas paintings not only bring high aesthetic value but also make your living room space more cozy and lively than ever, making guests come to visit. Playing at home will compliment your living space. If your living room has a unique canvas painting with a color that matches the wall background, it will become graceful, harmonious and create a separate highlight for the common space. It also makes the room strangely attractive and impresses visitors.

    Bedroom canvas 

    For the bedroom space, you should choose decorative canvas paintings with gentle, gentle colors; Warm colors to create a feeling of peace and relaxation for the room.

    Lines of canvas paintings of roses, sunflowers, etc. are very popular for the bedroom. According to the concept, flowers are inherently a symbol of gentle beauty with sweet fragrance, fragile and pristine appearance. Floral canvas paintings with delicate lines, true colors will make the whole room exude a brilliant and bright look.

    Outstanding features of Canvas 

    The first advantage that I want to introduce to you is the color fastness of the product.

    Canvas paintings have high colorfastness, difficult to fade over time.

    Due to being printed with modern printing technology, the images printed on canvas are very sharp, the colors are realistic and eye-catching.

    Another advantage of this line of paintings is that the paintings are quite compact, anyone can easily move and install the paintings easily.

    Another outstanding advantage of this line of paintings is the cost. Because it is a mass-produced line of industrial prints, the cost of a canvas print is quite cheap

    Canvas fabric

    Canvas is an extremely durable plain weave fabric used to make sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, and other items that require sturdiness, as well as in fashion items such as handbags, electrical appliance cases, and shoes. It is also commonly used by artists as a painting surface, often stretched over a wooden frame.

    Material of canvas frame

    To evaluate a beautiful picture, a beautiful picture frame also plays a very important role to highlight and show the full value of the picture. Frames come in different shapes and styles. The beauty of the picture is also different. It also depends on the preferences of each person.

    The pictures are framed in 2 layers. The first layer is responsible for stressing the surface of the fabric, keeping the picture from being wrinkled. This frame is usually made from pine wood, aesthetically it will not be as beautiful as natural pine. However, its advantage is that it is treated with termites, so it is very durable, and light in weight, convenient to move.

    After that, the picture is wrapped with an outer frame layer, bringing higher aesthetics, making the picture square, looking very eye-catching. The material of this type is Composite, a very durable material. Besides, the outer frame often has many colors, suitable for many choices of customers.

    Characteristics of canvas fabric

    Superior Durability: Canvas fabrics are most famous in the world of fabrics for their absolute durability, from time immemorial canvas has always been the top priority for making sails for boats.

    Water resistance: natural canvas fabrics are not very water-resistant, they are often further enhanced with a waterproofing method at the end of the manufacturing process. For this reason, UV printing on canvas is easy to clean without fear of surface damage, keeping the colors durable UV printing on canvas always holds up even in the harshest environmental conditions.

    Light fabric & easy to clean

    One of the biggest advantages of the canvas is that it is easy to incorporate additional chemical properties to enhance its natural properties.. including methods to increase water resistance, fire resistance & resistance. mold. Well-treated canvas can last for decades compared to many other fabrics.. but this ability cannot overcome the advantage of linen.

    Application of canvas in picture products: as we all know, the characteristics of the canvas fabric are durability, water resistance, mildew resistance ... so they are used .. in addition to paintings. UV printing on canvas is very popular.

    Why should you use canvas paintings in interior decoration?

    Bright colors

    Using digital inkjet technology. That is why each canvas painting always carries in it the brightest, most elegant, and harmonious colors. Therefore, you can use it for all different architectural styles and spaces. Meet a variety of needs and express your ego.

    Various sizes

    Canvas paintings are not limited in size nor limited to creative ideas, choosing canvas paintings you can completely get the products you want. All you need to do is find a reputable unit and tell them the size you want, the theme you like.

    Better protect the environment and user health

    Canvas paintings are made from 100% natural cotton taken from hemp. Therefore, the product is absolutely safe for users' health and can better protect the environment.


    Canvas paintings often use specialized ink lines: Pigment Dye or Ecosolvent on modern technology lines. At the same time, the printed material is horizontally woven burlap in the form of a durable mesh. Therefore, the product is very difficult to fade or damage after a period of use.

    Besides, canvas painting color is also resistant to water, mildew, and good environmental impact. Therefore, always maintaining the beauty that lasts with time.

    Where to buy canvas paintings?

    If you want to buy canvas paintings, you can visit Printerval.com. Printerval is one of the leading reputable units specializing in providing canvas paintings that are trusted by many people.

    Canvas painting products at Printerval ensure aesthetics, as well as high durability. Realistic painting colors, clear printing details, high color fastness up to 10 years. Canvas painting products are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs covering a variety of painting topics such as office motivational paintings, celebrity quotes, landscape paintings, and baby paintings, food paintings, shop paintings, living room paintings, bedroom hangings.


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