What Is National Free Shipping Day?

What Is National Free Shipping Day?

Free Shipping Day is a one-day promotional event held in mid-December each year. This "holiday" will celebrate its 13th anniversary in 2021.

Thousands of online businesses, large and small, offer free delivery and promise that your products will arrive by Christmas Eve on this day. Free Shipping Day will be held on Tuesday, December 14, 2021.

Since 2008, this shopping day has grown in popularity, producing more sales than even Black Friday in 2010. Participating stores remove their minimum order limits, making this an excellent opportunity to do last-minute holiday shopping, save money, and avoid the crowds.

Why Free Shipping Day? 

If you enjoy online shopping, you may occasionally be on the hunt for free delivery. However, not everyone has the good fortune to receive free delivery from businesses.

It's essentially a commercial holiday during which consumers may purchase online and at small brick-and-mortar retailers that offer free shipping and guaranteed arrival by Christmas Eve. According to several studies, this day generates more income for shops than any other day.

There are several reasons why people are ecstatic about this day.

Use coupons

Numerous shops provide additional discounts through coupons. Coupons are only a click away. As a result, you may utilize promo codes and benefit from substantial savings.

Convenient online shopping

It includes over 1000 well-known and unique internet merchants. All you have to do is sit in the comfort of your own home and order whatever you need for your family and friends without spending a dime in shipping costs. On the eve of #freeshippingday, maximize the ease of online purchasing.

Winning idea

The day is the creation of Luke Knowles, a Colorado-based entrepreneur. In mid-December, he realized that internet buying had slowed to a crawl. According to him, buyers were concerned that their goods would not be delivered in time for Christmas. As a result, he attempted to resolve the issue by establishing Free Shipping Day. As a result, this single online event also honors Luke Knowles' unique ideas. The day honors the win-win scenario for retailers and customers alike.

How Can We Celebrate Free Shipping Day?

Make a shopping list

One of the finest ways to celebrate might be to indulge in as much shopping as possible. When everything is sent for free, there is no reason to stick to a budget. This day may be spent buying everything and everything that has crossed your mind over the year. Therefore, begin mailing your credit card and enjoy the lovely trip.

Friendship and hilarity

We live in a technologically advanced era. If you're having difficulty deciding between things, make Skype calls to your buddies and begin shopping together. Your buddies can provide feedback on a new outfit or pair of shoes. Therefore, prepare to shop to your heart's content on the eve of this day.

Promote on social media

Another fantastic way to commemorate the occasion is to share photos of your attire, shoes, cosmetics, and whatever else you acquire on this day. Therefore, prepare to be the fashion queen among your friends by sharing stunning images on social media platforms with the hashtag #freeshippingday.

How to Get Free Shipping This Year?

Anytime after 12:00 AM EST on December 14, 2021, visit the Free Shipping Day 2021 website to examine the specifics of each store's free shipping offer. Each deal operates somewhat differently, so be sure to read the fine print.

Stores may offer a coupon code to use during checkout, or free shipping may be applied automatically. As usual, shop at the online store and follow the checkout instructions to receive your free shipment.

Each retailer assures that your item made on Free Shipping Day will arrive by Christmas Eve. And, according to the guidelines established by FreeShippingDay.com, free shipping must be available without minimum purchase and must apply to all products, so you can shop with confidence from the firms included on our list.

If you're unsure whether a business is participating and don't feel like checking the list, use promo codes such as 10% Off or FreeShippingDay10. While merchants are not required to use those codes, it is encouraged that they do, so you may strike gold if you attempt them during checkout.

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