What Is National Give Something Away Day?

Dec, 06 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
The majority of us have more than we require to survive. On July 15, National Give Something Away Day, we have the opportunity to share some of our bounties.
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    What Is National Give Something Away Day?

    National Give Something Away Day is a celebration that encourages individuals to give something away—not only to purge their homes of clutter, but also to assist charity, strangers, and anyone else who could benefit from your donation. This may be as easy as donating clothing to a local thrift store, paying for the person in line behind you at the grocery store or coffee shop, or just giving out cash to someone in need.

    What Is the History Of National Give Something Away Day?

    Giving is preferable to receiving, and this is the philosophy underlying National Give Something Away Day. "One man's trash is another man's treasure" does not refer to garbage or trash, but to goods that may be put to greater use by someone else. The day urges individuals to give freely and expect nothing in return. This is also an effective method of decluttering and donating items that no longer fit or are helpful to us.

    The majority of us, without a doubt, have far more goods than we require. Linda Eaton Hall-Fulcher, a self-described giver, founded National Give Something Away Day on July 15, 2015. Linda argues for giving back to the world on the day's Facebook page. This day, she believes, is for everyone who cares. It promotes charitable giving to friends, family, and those in need; mindful shopping; and a greater awareness of our carbon footprint.

    Giving is the simplest gesture that may improve another person's day and, at times, truly effect good change. Whether it's something as simple as a remark, gifting a friend a jacket you've made that she adores, or donating clothing to the less fortunate, these modest gestures may have a significant impact.

    While giving is a selfless act, the benefit is reciprocal. We benefit from the satisfaction of giving and brightening someone's day, while also letting go of stuff we no longer use and are simply sitting around. Additionally, we learn to be grateful for all of our blessings, which helps us feel like responsible members of the community.

    How to Celebrate National Give Something Away Day?

    Donate Your Outfits

    Do you have an overflowing closet? Remove everything!

    Examine each item to determine if it is still something you wear. Assemble all objects that are no longer in use but yet have some life remaining in them. Make a donation to a nearby charity store. Additionally, larger organizations offer to collect services that may be reserved online.

    Contribute Your Books

    Donate books to a local school or library that you no longer use. Your books will continue to inspire generations to come.

    Provide A Gracious Tip

    If you feel you had exceptional service today, consider leaving a big tip!

    This delightful surprise performance will bring a grin to your waiter's face.

    Contribute To A Friend

    Has a friend lately complimented you on something? Is it an article of clothing? Is it a book? Is it a recipe?

    Why not gift it to a friend? They will appreciate the consideration. And you could even receive a reciprocal embrace!

    Donate Your Towels Or Mattresses

    Animal shelters are frequently in severe need of towels to make dry, comfortable bedding for their residents.

    Bring any old but clean towels and bedding to your local cat, dog, or wildlife center. It will be beneficial. A beautiful method to maximize the utility of your possessions.

    Donate Your Time As A Volunteer! It is not necessary to provide tangible belongings; offering your time is as meaningful.

    Consider local organizations that might need some assistance - your neighborhood library or community center can put you on the correct path.

    Alternatively, you may do a search of the database at reachvolunteering.org.uk.

    Distribute Your Kindness

    Surprise acts of kindness will truly bring a smile to someone's face.

    If you have an older neighbor, pay them a visit and offer them a cup of tea. Pay for the coffee of a stranger. Compliment a coworker or friend. Simple acts of kindness may raise someone's spirits.

    Provide A Favorable Review

    Make time to submit a nice review for a local company.

    Additionally, you may recommend a friend's abilities on LinkedIn. Alternatively, provide useful comments to a blog. Positive feedback is a tremendous source of encouragement and profit.

    Benefits You Didn’t Know About Giving

    Simply contemplating contributing makes one feel wonderful.

    The research found that even contemplating giving stimulates the same brain regions as exercising and eating — an MRI also revealed that donating activates the area of the brain associated with euphoria.

    Givers experience greater happiness than non-givers.

    According to research done by the Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey, donors were happier than non-givers in a sample of 30,000 American homes.

    Observing someone donate is beneficial to one's health.

    In 1988, researchers observed that students who viewed a film on Mother Teresa's life and work had a boost in their immune system in the months that followed.

    Giving strengthens bonds.

    When you offer something to someone, you establish a social link with them that they are unlikely to forget.

    Generosity is contagious

    According to a 2010 study, when a participant donated money out, the beneficiaries were also willing to give.

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