What is National One-cent Day (April 1st)? Here’s to find out

Mar, 28 2022
Posted by Benjamin Nguyen
What do you know about the National One-cent Day? You probably have the image of a penny pop up in your head right now. The word “penny” actually relates to Old English's word “pening.” The Printerval surely cannot miss out on the day so let’s go down memory lane to commemorate this day.

What do you know about the National One-cent Day? You probably have the image of a penny pop up in your head right now. The word “penny” actually relates to Old English's word “pening.” The Printerval surely cannot miss out on the day so let’s go down memory lane to commemorate this day.

What is National One-cent Day?

National One-cent day is a day to celebrate the thing that’s always there in our pocket or the piggy bank: the penny. On this day, we learn about the factors that have shaped the history of the American currency and celebrate a significant moment in forming the United States currency. 

History of National 1 cent Day

  • The one-cent designed by Benjamin Franklin was first issued to the public in 1787. On the one side, he wrote, “Mind your own business.” On the other side was “The one.” The coin was 100% copper, unlike today’s coins, mostly made out of zinc. 
  • On April 1st, 1793, they introduced the new one-cent coin to the public after the United States Minting was established. After this year, the design underwent a variety of modifications.
  • First, people named it the Flowing Hair chain consisting of 13 interlocking links representing 13 original colonies. This design soon faced severe criticism and had to change to the Wreath. The “Flowing Hair Wreath” was named after it.
  • Due to public displeasure with the previous designs, it was renamed "The Liberty Cap Large Cent." This was a bit more successful and lasted for more than three years. 
  • As years went by, the American government redesigned many times ( Draped Bust, Classic Head, Coronet, and Braided Hair ) before reducing its size for economical intent in 1850. 
  • The Americans again witnessed several design changes from the Flying Eagle cent, Indian Head cent that lasted for decades before settling at the Lincoln cent from 1909 to the present. 

How to observe National One-cent Day 

  • Find out more about the One-cent:

The penny has a long and illustrious history; thus, it’s worth exploring. Whether it's about how the coin was named “penny” or how people replaced copper with zinc, would it not be great to take some time to contemplate with friends or family and enjoy the precious moment while broadening your knowledge about history?

  • Save money the penny way

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” The coin itself doesn’t have much value, but if you can set some aside, make small purchases like stickers or keyrings that’ll boost your spirits up, or the value accumulated can treat you to a manicure or pedicure treatment.

  • Take one penny - Game on 

Penny slots haven’t lost their popularity; why not hit the local casino and gamble on the most memorable National one-cent Day ever? Finding a penny accidentally is considered a good sign. Let’s pair teams up to hide coins and seek them like treasure hunters, making it a day to remember. 

  • Visit the United States Mint in Philadelphia

The mint was created in Philadelphia in 1792, and soon with other centers, coins produced there were recognized by their label. There are currently four active coin factories: Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and West Point. The United States Mint is an exciting venue with audio aids, lighting controls, video projections, models, and impressive scene designs within the workshop itself, providing visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience. 

National One-cent Day

The famous quote by Benjamin Franklin - the father of one-cent coin


Facts that intrigue you

  • The Lincoln face penny that’s familiar with us nowadays was created in 1909, which would have been Lincoln’s 100th birthday. Again in 2009, four new designs were introduced to mark Lincoln's bicentennial. The coin sparked much interest and curiosity when it was first announced of its appearance to the public. Citizens around the country lined up in front of the Treasury facilities to have their hands closer to the newly-minted coin.  
  • While copper is environmentally friendly, zinc contains toxic ions when consumed in large quantities. Copper is also beneficial to our health, and we may find it in a variety of foods that we consume today, like grains, potatoes, and leafy greens, to name a few. On the other hand, zinc can be lethal to pets such as dogs or parrots. 
  • Much debate and controversy arose about whether or not to maintain the little coin in use. According to a survey conducted in 2015, 56% of coin experts assume that one-cent coins will be taken out of circulation by 2016. But Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, a writer from the U.S. Coin Guide's Fun Times Guide blog, told Moneyish that the penny “lives to see another day” despite its economical irrelevance in a world of no cash-involved transactions increasing recently. 

The difference between zinc and copper coin

Preserve the National One-cent Day 

The history of the penny is a testament to history, persistence, and revolution. The penny, manually and meticulously crafted by our forefathers, underwent numerous changes and paved the way for other coins to be published. For these reasons, we should take time to commemorate this occasion and to learn more about the rich history and interesting facts associated with this day. 

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