What Is Nelson Mandela International Day?

Mar, 03 2022
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Here is all you need to know about the history, meaning, theme, celebration, quotations, and photos of International Nelson Mandela Day
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    What Day Is Nelson Mandela Day?

    Nelson Mandela International Day is commemorated every year on July 18 and is also known as Mandela Day. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was the former president of South Africa. He was the president from 1994 until 1999. Mr. Mandela is largely recognized as a champion of social justice and a fierce supporter of democracy. He fought the racial regime of apartheid in South Africa and dedicated his life to promoting social equality for everyone. For his vast efforts on social transformation, Mr. Mandela won over 250 medals and was awarded the coveted Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

    What Is The History Of Nelson Mandela Day?

    Nelson Mandela International Day, colloquially referred to as Mandela Day, is an annual international commemoration in honor of the revolutionary Nelson Mandela on his birthday, July 18. The United Nations established Mandela Day officially in November 2009, with the inaugural commemoration taking place on July 18, 2010.

    Nelson Mandela International Day focuses a spotlight on the legacy of a man whose colossal accomplishments altered the course of the twentieth century and influenced the twenty-first. His principles and devotion – a strong commitment to human rights, freedom, and justice — are mirrored in and inspire others. Mandela fought for every person's inherent dignity and equality, and he promoted involvement and unity across all frontiers. His unwavering pursuit of equality was matched by his role as South Africa's founding father of peace.

    Nelson Mandela continues to be a symbol of power via his resistance against injustice. Mandela's legacy encourages everyone to choose dignity over humiliation, to stand up against injustice, and to forgive rather than hate in times of strife. "To be free," he once stated, "is not only to throw off one's chains

    The Importance Of International Nelson Mandela Day

    The day is intended to commemorate Mr. Mandela's contributions and to honor them via volunteer work, public awareness, and community service. Mr. Mandela believed in inequality and the need for people to unite and assist one another in rising beyond socioeconomic class and color. This day is considered as a chance to re-establish the values established by Mr. Mandela. This day features a variety of music, art displays, and volunteer fundraising initiatives.

    The United Nations General Assembly established the Nelson Mandela prize in 2014 to honor people who have committed their lives to serve mankind, much like he did throughout his lifetime.

    Nelson Mandela International Day 2021 Theme

    Since 2010, Nelson Mandela International Day has been commemorated with a year-specific theme. This year's theme is "One Hand Can Feed Another." The day is observed by organizations dedicated to ending violence against women, genocide, and other atrocities. Additionally, these organizations collaborate to raise awareness about these pervasive challenges. The theme for last year was "Take Action, Inspire Change." The subject emphasized the critical role of governments and individuals in fostering an environment that is peaceful, sustainable, and equitable for everyone.

     but also to live in a way that respects and improves the freedom of others." The United Nations General Assembly created the Nelson Mandela Prize in 2014 – an award honoring people who have gone above and beyond to serve mankind.

    How To Observe Nelson Mandela International Day?

    Utilize distinct hashtags

    Currently, Nelson Mandela International Day is related to two significant hashtags. Use the hashtags #MandelaDay and #ActionAgainstPoverty to show your support for the noble issues that garner attention on this day.

    Nelson Mandela, a volunteer, was an outspoken champion for assisting others. Volunteer in your neighborhood and provide help. You may volunteer for as little or as long as you choose, and you will undoubtedly feel good about the positive difference you made.

    Contribute to a charity

    Numerous charities donate to the causes near and dear to Nelson Mandela's heart. Consider selecting a charity that supports a cause that is meaningful to you and contributing to the cause.

    What Do People Do On Nelson Mandela International Day?

    Nelson Mandela Day commemorates not just Nelson Mandela's life but also serves as a worldwide call to action for everyone to understand their capacity to have a good impact on those around them. The day's goal is to inspire people to adopt Mandela's principles. Democracy, liberty, equality, diversity, reconciliation, and respect are just a few of these principles.

    Numerous individuals and organizations worldwide participate in a variety of events to commemorate Nelson Mandela Day. Volunteering, sport, art, education, music, and culture are all examples of these activities. Numerous activities are also organized on or around July 18 to recognize Nelson Mandela's contributions and to raise awareness of the various projects inspired by Mandela's accomplishments.

    Mandela Day also commemorates the "46664" campaign, named after Nelson Mandela's Robben Island prison number. Initially, the campaign was established to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS. However, its focus shifted to encompass a larger range of humanitarian endeavors. Mandela Day initiatives benefit the ongoing work of the campaign and other Nelson Mandela philanthropic organizations.

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