What is oversize? 3 mistakes mixing Oversize Hoodie

What Is Oversize?

Oversize is an English compound word by the word above and size. Above means too, too wide, too much, often used to show more nuanced than usual. And size is a common noun to measure clothing sizes such as size S, size M, size L or size 2, size 4, size 6, etc. Depending on each row, clothing sizes will be marked differently.

When the two words are combined, it can be roughly understood that oversize is items, clothing, or accessories that are larger than normal, larger than normal standards, and are not fixed to a specific size, usually tailor-made, based on the designer's desired size. The word oversize is often used mainly in the fashion sector.

What is the concept of an oversize shirt?

An oversize shirt is a shirt that is wider than what is seen in other shirts. An oversized shirt is usually made loose at the sleeves, shoulders, or bottom half of the shirt. For example, a regular shirt will come in sizes S, M, L, and when worn it will fit, neither too loose nor too tight. You can clearly see the shape of this shirt when the traditional profile is in the profile. For oversize shirts, the sleeves, width, and length will be made larger than the regular shirt design.


Young people today often love oversize shirts because of their comfort and ease of coordination, bringing youthfulness, suitable for dynamic and personality styles. It's not hard for you to see an oversized shirt from high school and college students on the street. People often wear it in school and on special outings.

Hoodie Oversize are oversized, oversized, easy-to-wear hoodies that suit everyone, especially those with a chubby body. Wearing an Oversize Hoodie helps both girls and boys cheat on body defects.

The difference between Oversize and Free-size

If you've heard of oversize, you probably know Free-size. So what is Free-size, is it different from oversize or just another name? In fact, oversize and Free-size often confuse many people with each other. Because freestyle clothing tends to be a little wider than the standard size so people who wear size S or size M, L can wear it. Therefore, if you look at the clothes Free-size can look quite similar to oversize. But really Free-size shirt only for a certain weight, can be from 45-60kg to fit and not divided by size, only one size. But the oversize shirt is sewn with a baggy shape but still has the right size for each person with a different weight.

Popular Ways to Outfit With Oversize Shirts

Oversize clothes always have a very unique style, giving each oversize garment a certain charm. If you know how to coordinate clothes skillfully, you can completely wear many different styles such as sexy, feminine, dynamic, ... Below I will suggest to you 20 ways mix clothes with clothes. Oversize is very good.

Combine khaki oversize jacket with a plain t-shirt and straight-leg jeans

A youthful oversized khaki jacket will make you cheat a few years old if you know how to mix things properly. Just mix with a plain t-shirt of an opposing color and a pair of straight-leg jeans to ensure this outfit will be extremely comfortable and beautiful. You can wear them to school, play or even work for companies comfortably.

Combine women's oversize t-shirt with wide-leg jeans

For many students and students, oversize t-shirts for women and men are very familiar with school clothes. This shirt has a lovely look and is very comfortable to wear. Also, a pair of wide-leg jeans seems to "fit" this shape very well, so you can refer to it. For the "dwarf mushrooms", you can wear a t-shirt under your pants for better body proportions

Combine an oversize sweatshirt with a tennis skirt

Continue to be a familiar outfit with felt fabric. This shirt has a formidable warmth, so it is often used when cold winds come. You can mix with cute tennis skirts if you feel the weather is just a little bit cold. For this oversize style, simple, no-print patterns are most often preferred, so you can consider that when buying.

Combine an oversized jacket with a strapless bra/bralette

In addition to oversize women's shirts and men's innerwear, it is impossible not to mention lovely oversize coats such as vests, jackets, etc. These designs often have very wide shoulders, long sleeves, and a slim look. quite natural. Because the oversize jacket is quite wide, mixing it with a tight strapless shirt and bralette will make the set look balanced.

Combine oversize hoodie with wide-leg khaki pants

An outfit with an oversize hoodie that can be applied to both men and women is a way to mix it with wide-leg khaki pants. This outfit does not take too long to coordinate and is very comfortable, moreover still enough to keep warm in winter. However, the combination with this oversize shirt will suit you with a taller body.

Combine oversize sweater with solid color pants

Besides the hoodie shape, oversized sweaters can also be mixed with wide-leg pants. If you like simplicity, you can mix it with jeans, khaki smooth but still outstanding enough. Or want personality, rather sophisticated velvet pants will definitely make you stand out in the middle of that street.

Combine an oversized jacket with a round neck top and a mini skirt

With oversize t-shirt designs for men and women, you can also mix and match oversize jackets. Wear a neat mini skirt and t-shirt underneath, and an oversized jacket with a unique pattern on the outside to make the outfit look more appealing. Also, don't forget to press the cute bucket hat.

Combine men's oversize shirt with a white t-shirt

For oversize fashion, there are many good combinations that you can refer to such as wearing layers, ie mixing many layers of clothes together to make the clothes look deeper. The simplest is to choose a basic white t-shirt, wear shorts or khaki pants, and finally wear an oversized men's shirt over it. Click on a little more beautiful accessory and you have a youthful streetwear set. Take note of this great way to mix and match oversize tops

Wear an oversized hoodie with a hidden style

One way to coordinate with an oversize shirt that is quite sexy is to wear pants to hide pants. That is, you will wear a long oversized hoodie, and underneath you will wear a pair of short shorts so that the length of the shirt is shorter or equal to the inner pants. From the outside, it will look like you are wearing a giant long skirt like a miniskirt and “no pants”. You can also add sexy mesh socks to make the set even more unique.


Combine an oversize T-shirt with a turtleneck long-sleeve shirt

A rather novel way created recently is to mix oversize t-shirts and turtlenecks. This way of mixing clothes is applied in winter to keep the body warm and also to make the clothes look more unique.

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