What is Tanktop?

What is a tank top?

Tank top is a name originating from the US and Canada, used to refer to sleeveless t-shirts or in our country also known as tank tops. This style of shirt can be worn by both men and women and is indispensable every summer.

Men often wear tank tops as an undershirt or can wear them when playing sports. As for women, tank tops are considered a fashion item because women's tank top designs are quite diverse, they can be worn as an inner bra or outside to enhance their physique. body.

History and development of the tank top

Historians say that, in ancient times, the Romans used shirts similar to tank tops worn undercoats. And during the Middle Ages, many warriors used Tank tops under armor. Because they are only one piece, it is very easy to wear and wash and dry quickly. During wartime, this convenience helped the tank top win the hearts of many users.

The 1800s 

Around 1800, tank tops were widely used by people when playing sports. Since then, many male athletes have chosen and worn this outfit when training and competing. The tank top is designed without sleeves, close to the armpits, stretch/stretch, for sports people, and not tight at all. Therefore, it is very comfortable to wear, so it is favored by many athletes. Even, tank top becomes a very necessary and frequently used item.

Early 20th century

Entering the early 20th century, the military knew the advantages of the tank top and put it into use in the army. And then, thanks to their ability to provide comfort and keep the body warm, these shirts became an indispensable part of the US Navy uniform.

Since then, tank tops have become more widely known, created by manufacturers and designers in many different designs. Besides, this shirt is also commonly used in daily life.

Today's tank top

Nowadays, almost everyone has a tank top in their wardrobe. The shirt is quite convenient and can be used in many different situations such as going out, going to work, playing sports, etc. The creativity of the designers has also contributed to making this item a fashion trend. new page. This is the main outfit for both men and women in the summer. Moreover, with a variety of designs, tank tops have allowed girls to wear them anywhere.

Material and advantages of the tank top

So we have come to the question of what is a tank top. Talking about the material, the tank top is made from 100% USA cotton. There are advantages:

Absorbs very well, feels comfortable, cool when used. Especially the shirt does not wrinkle even when we wash and dry the shirt.

The form of the shirt fits the body but does not cause the feeling of being cramped and constrained.

Diverse in usage situations and in how to mix outfits to make you more personal and outstanding.

Extremely suitable for sports activities.

Difference between Tank Top and Singlet

Tank top and singlet are two sleeveless outfits that are often confused by many. This confusion is mainly caused by the usage of these terms, i.e. the term tank top is mainly used in the US and Canada while the term singlet (vest) is mainly used in the UK. and Australia. Singlet can also refer to a one-piece bodysuit worn by wrestlers. The main difference between tank tops and singlets is their suitability; Tank tops can be loose or snug, while singles always fit.

Tank Top

A tank top is a sleeveless, collarless shirt worn by both men and women. They come in many different designs and styles. There are different styles of necklines such as a simple waist or V-neck, and different strap styles such as a criss-cross racerback in the back, spaghetti straps, and a tie-back top. They can be uniform in color or pattern; Some tank tops also have decorations or letters on them. Tank tops can also be loose or snug.

The tank top can be worn like a shirt, paired with shorts, trousers, skirts, and leggings. They are also worn as bras under transparent or light shirts. Some people wear them underneath shirts and jackets. Therefore, the vest has many uses. When worn as outerwear (like a shirt), they are mostly suitable for warm climates. But they can also be worn underneath clothes in colder weather to keep warm.


A bra is a tight, sleeveless garment that is worn in place of a shirt or as a bra. The same goes for vests. The term singlet is mainly used in British English. These sleeveless tops are worn by athletes in sports such as track and field and triathlon, and by the general public, especially in warm weather.

Singlet can also refer to tight, one-piece clothing consisting of shorts and a sleeveless top, sometimes falling to the chest. This type of clothing is worn by wrestlers. There are three main cuts in wrestling known as high cut, FILA cut, and low cut. The single high slit covers most of the torso and reaches the armpits. The FILA cut is similar to the high cut, but it doesn't reach as high under the arms. The low slit is very visible and extends to the abdomen. These singles are usually made of nylon or spandex/lycra.

The secret behind the tank top

The tank top has many uses: it is the thinnest, lightest, smallest, and simplest shirt you own or any shirt you already own or will own. The purpose of the tank top is the inner bra to create a base for your outfits, the sweatshirt uses sweat-wicking cotton to make you feel cooler and more comfortable than other clothes. and especially on winter days when you often sweat cold, at this time the tank top will do a great job to help you stay away from uncomfortable feelings.

Soft, stretchy fabric

Both men's and women's tank tops are usually made of soft, stretchy materials that are designed to hug the body for a snug, snug fit. Both men's and women's tank tops are usually made of soft, stretchy materials that are designed to hug the body for a snug, snug fit. In sports activities, the elasticity of the tank top helps the practitioner to comfortably perform many stretching movements. In women, when doing crunches, the body of the shirt will be flat with the waist without revealing the abdominal lines

Perfectly designed for sports

Not only helps you to keep your body temperature stable, control the amount of sweat, but also helps you feel comfortable in movement, the practitioner can freely stretch their arms.

In sports, when the body heat is too hot, it can easily lead to unpleasant symptoms such as dizziness, cramps and fainting, which can reduce your exercise performance. That's why the tank top is one of the great choices for sports people. They are manufactured mainly with highly absorbent materials, which help sweat evaporate quickly and keep your body cool and dry, avoiding itching and redness.

The short-sleeve design of the tank top not only keeps your body heat stable and controls sweat, but also helps you feel comfortable in movement, the practitioner can freely stretch/stretching his arms, helping to observe. movements of the body, very useful for back exercises. Especially men often like to do exercises to strengthen shoulders and biceps, so men's tank tops are always very popular.

Boost your inner motivation

Men are especially fond of men's tank tops because it helps to show off a strong, muscular look through broad shoulders and strong biceps. The tank top is designed to expose your shoulders and entire arms, so when you exercise, especially during intense exercise, try looking in the mirror and you will see your arm and shoulder muscles emerge and tighten. . Tight muscles make you look healthy, attractive and attractive. Looking in the mirror, you will feel more confident about yourself, motivated, and inspired to keep trying. That's why men especially like men's tank tops, whether it's sports or summer wear because it helps to show a strong and strong appearance through broad shoulders and strong biceps.

A shirt for a variety of styles

Today, clothing is not only a physical function to protect the body, but also a way for you to express your personality. As you know, tank tops have been around for a very long time. At first, it was only designed for men, but after the fashion and art industry boomed, the definition of gender changed, tank tops can be worn regardless of age, gender, or even gender. Can be matched with many different outfits.

With soft and comfortable material, you can mix tank tops with T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, jeans, skinny or girls can also mix with bibs, skirts...

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