What is the importance of Copyright Law?

Dec, 08 2021
Posted by Frank Merino
Copyright Law allows authors to have not only the profit of their hard work, but it also allows them to have the safety and reassurance of their work. But in detail, what is the importance of Copyright Law with authors in specific and with society in general?
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    What is the importance of Copyright Law?

    Copyright Law allows authors to have not only the profit of their hard work, but it also allows them to have the safety and reassurance of their work. But in detail, what is the importance of Copyright Law with authors in specific and with society in general? With Printerval, let’s get into some information about this topic. 

    What is Copyright?

    Copyright is the exclusive right of an author to his or her work which is used to protect spiritual creations of a cultural nature (also known as works) such as scientific or literary writings, musical compositions, sound recordings, paintings, photographs, movies, and radio programs. 

    This right protects the personal interests and economic interests of the author in connection with this work. 

    Copyright is generally recognized only when the creation is new, partially attributed to the author, and can be shown to be unique.

    In addition, Copyright is regulated differently in different countries around the world.

    What is the importance of Copyright Law?

    Development History of Copyright

    During the Ancient and Middle Ages, the right to intellectual work was not known. The legal provisions were only for objects carrying intellectual works, especially in terms of property. For example, it was not allowed to steal a book but allowed to copy from it.

    With the invention of printing (in 1440), reproductions of work began to be more easily produced in large quantities. But the author still does not have the "authority" on the side and must be happy that not only the work is printed, but the printer or publisher also pays some money for the manuscript. However, there was a problem that when the first print was reprinted by other printers it would make it difficult for the first printer to do business because he invested more labor and probably also paid the author. Authors may also be dissatisfied with reprints because these are often less well-produced such as errors or even intentionally edited articles.

    What is the importance of Copyright Law?

    Therefore, to combat reprints, printers have requested special rights from the government, prohibiting the reprinting of work at least for a certain period of time. The interests of the printing press coincided with the interests of the authorities because these people wanted to influence the works published in their domain. France in particular, due to its early autocracy, has done this, with less success than in Germany. In Germany, some marquis even deliberately disregarded publishers' violation of imperial prerogatives in order to help these publishers economically and to bring into the realm of popular literature in a cheap way. The ideas of the Enlightenment Movement were largely propagated by pirated prints.

    As the Renaissance began, the individual became more important, and authorship was also granted to reward creators of their work. But this protection is only for the creator as an individual (individual rights) and has not brought the author any income. 

    In the mid-16th century, territorial privileges were introduced, prohibiting reprinting in a certain area for a certain period of time.

    It was not until the 18th century that there were first theories of property-like rights for mental labor (and the phenomenon of immaterial property).

    How important is Copyright Law?

    Copyright protection has contributed to the promotion of the creativity

    Copyright protection is an activity to honor and protect the achievements of organizations and individuals who have worked creatively, devotedly, and contributed to the public interest and social progress, thereby promoting creative activities in the field of literature and art in general, and the field of music in particular. 

    Copyright protection is aimed at a community that respects “intellectual property” and only makes sense if creators are truly respected for their moral rights, economic rights, and benefits. benefits from his work.

    What is the importance of Copyright Law?

    Contributing to the economic growth and development of the country

    Copyright protection is the most effective tool for promoting, enriching, and disseminating the national cultural heritage and the cultural heritage of mankind. The development of a country depends mainly on the creative activities of its people and encouraging individual creativity, the dissemination of such creativity is an essential condition for the development process.

    Creating a safe legal corridor in the enforcement of copyright protection

    Copyright is the right of an organization or individual to a work created or owned by them, including moral rights and property rights. Copyright law grants the author the exclusive right to exercise these rights.

    What is the importance of Copyright Law?

    Why is Copyright Law Day observed?

    For such urgent significant roles of Copyright Law, there is an international day celebrated to honor the contribution of authors and protection of their rights to their works. The day is called Copyright Law Day which is observed on January 1 annually. 

    The day takes place with the aim of showing respect and appreciation for the Copyright Law as well as the authors’ dedication. 

    What is the importance of Copyright Law?

    How to celebrate Copyright Law Day?

    There are a lot of ideas to observe on Copyright Law Day such as thinking of ways to show your gratitude to the creators of some computer program or work of literature, music, or art that you particularly enjoy. showing respect to the creators of all of the things you enjoy, encouraging your friends and family to do the same, …

    What is the importance of Copyright Law?

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