What is the importance of sleep?

What is the importance of sleep?

Good sleep plays an extremely important role in human health, as eating healthy and exercising regularly. However, sleep schedules are negatively affected by many factors in modern life such as globalization, technology development, …

Despite that, sleep is never less important. Why? With Printerval, let’s get the hang of this problem. 

What is the definition of sleep?

Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind and body that is characterized by consciousness.

Sleep inhibited sensory activity, reduced muscle activity, and nearly all voluntary muscle during rapid eye movement( REM) sleep as well as reduced interactions with surroundings.

Sleep occurs in repeating periods between two distinct modes of the body’s alternation including REM sleep and non-REM sleep. 

Regarding REM, there are various aspects including virtual paralysis of the body, the dream, etc.

In particular, most of the body’s systems are in an anabolic state which helps to restore the immune, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems. Sleep daily at night is promoted by the internal circadian clock.

What is the importance of sleep?

Sleep is seen as a highly conserved behavior across animal evolution whose purposes and mechanisms are diverse and are the subject of substantial ongoing research. 

There are many different sleep disorders including dyssomnias( such as insomnia, hypersomnia, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea), parasomnias ( such as sleepwalking, rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder), bruxism, and circadian rhythm sleep disorders. 

Also, there are many causes impacting sleep patterns, one of them is artificial light which is emitted from electronic devices( smartphones or televisions).

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What is the importance of sleep?

Poor sleep can result in weight gain

Poor sleep is strongly linked to weight gain. It is believed that people who don't get enough sleep tend to gain significantly more weight than those who get enough sleep. According to a reliable study, children and adults who didn't get enough sleep were associated with a higher risk of obesity, 89%, and 55% respectively. The effect of sleep on weight gain is thought to be due to changes in appetite-regulating hormones and sleep patterns.

Therefore it is necessary that if you're trying to lose weight, getting a good night's sleep is extremely important. 

What is the importance of sleep?

People who sleep well tend to consume fewer calories

Many studies show that sleep-deprived people have more cravings and tend to consume more calories because sleep deprivation alters the regulation of appetite hormones. That phenomenon is believed to be responsible for the limited ability to regulate appetite. 

Not getting enough sleep can also cause higher levels of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates appetite, and lead to lower levels of leptin, the hormone that suppresses appetite.

As a result, when you do not get enough sleep, eating more is a physiological adaptation to provide the necessary energy to maintain alertness. In particular, nowadays, you have easy access to all kinds of food for its availability and variety, so it is easy for you to consume more calories than you need.

What is the importance of sleep?

Good sleep improves concentration and productivity

Sleep is important for various aspects of brain function, including cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance. 

However, all of these functions may be negatively affected by sleep deprivation. A study conducted with interns showed that interns on a traditional schedule with working hours lasting more than 24 hours caused more serious health effects than interns who were scheduled to work for more than 24 hours. get enough sleep.

It is also proved that sleep deprivation can negatively impact several aspects of brain function to the same extent as alcohol intoxication.

Nevertheless, the problem-solving skills and memory performance of children and adults have been shown to improve when you get enough sleep.

What is the importance of sleep?

What is the so-called Festival of Sleep Day and its purposes?

We all love to sleep because nothing is more excellent than climbing into bed, snuggling up under the covers, and slowly slipping into the land of dreams, dreaming of our favorite things, or even dreaming about a loved one. 

As a result, there is a day for sleep called the Festival of Sleep Day which is observed on January 3 every year. The day has various purposes. 

Firstly, the Festival of Sleep Day encourages people to enjoy some relaxation and much-needed “shut-eye” after the holiday period. During the Christmas period, we tend to do a lot of partying and not a lot of resting. 

Secondly, the Festival of Sleep Day ensures that you have all of the time that you need to recoup and recover. 

What is the importance of sleep?

How to celebrate the Festival of Sleep Day?

There are a lot of ideas to observe Festival of Sleep Day such as getting some shut-eye, helping others sleep, getting some exercises, and so on.

Apart from those, wearing or using items with Festival of Sleep Day is also an interesting way to celebrate the day of sleep. With these custom items, you will have a sense of belonging when enjoying the atmosphere of the day, along with others. Also, you will feel special and excited by utilizing these items. 

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