What is the so-called “ T-shirt in a can”?

What is the so-called “ T-shirt in a can”?


The dynamic and constantly fluctuating economy has resulted in high competitiveness in every market. The unpredictable context of the market requires adaptability and innovation and there are more and more creative ideas to become up with and implemented in terms of marketing, sales, and customers’ appeal. Some of them are really amazing and unbelievable. One of them, “ T-shirt in a can” is a completely strange and unthinkable idea applied in fashion. The term “ T-shirt in a can” seems to be philosophical and has implications but the truth is there is no matter here as long as you know it, even just one time. If you have not seen it, let Printerval tell you everything. 

T-shirts in cans

This article is divided into various specific parts with the aim of providing you with clear and scientifically arranged information. 

What is a “ T-shirt in a can”?

What do you think is usually contained in a can? Well, I can guess your answer because everything I see in a can resembles what you see. Normally, can is used for putting and maintaining many sorts of processed food and fruit as well as containing some sorts of soft drink such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Milo, etc. The moment you open the lid and enjoy the appetite inside becomes familiar. Now, instead of fish, jam, fruit, soft drink, the can is used to put a t-shirt. Is that amazing? Not really. That is “ t-shirt in a can”, the phrase that makes people curious recently. 

You may question that with such a large size t-shirt, how can it be put fitted in a can? The answer belongs to technique, here the most common method to put a fitted t-shirt into a can is compression as they do with gas or air. 

T-shirts in cans

No one knows exactly when the trend “ t-shirt in a can” started, there is no document and headline mentioning its emergence. But persuasive evidence is that perhaps “ t-shirt in a can” has been on-trend when soft drink firms, processed food ventures, or manufacturers started enhancing the marketing strategy via tin can with their labels and brands. “ T-shirt in a can” was born at the same time as the increased demand for advertisements in the market. 

However, in comparison with the initial purpose, the “T-shirt in a can '' trend is widely hailed and makes it a ubiquitous phenomenon in fashion. Nowadays, you can see T-shirt cans everywhere, in particular, online shopping has facilitated the popularity of sales and buying T-shirts in cans. 

Apart from effects in marketing, putting t-shirts in cans also brings environmental benefits and resolves material scarcity problems. 

How special is “ T-shirt in a can”?

Smart packing 

Compressing a t-shirt in a can is really a smart idea of packing that is not only unique but convenient. This method should be seen as the revolution of packing which brings both aesthetic and economic value. 

With regard to uniqueness, packing t-shirts in cans is amazing and innovative, in comparison with the traditional packing method. Owning a can with a t-shirt inside can make you excited and stimulated. Previously, cans were not for packing t-shirts but for edible things, as a result, t-shirts in a can became special. 

Nevertheless, this t-shirt packing method can make the maximizing use of space that is really useful in shipping. Cans are great measures to alter oversize carton boxes or nylon bags in packing which are always bulky and take too much space. Apart from flexible and convenient benefits, cans are also better for the environment than other packing measures because cans can be recycled and reused.

T-shirts in cans

Excellent quality of the t-shirt

Because a t-shirt put into a can has to be under enormous pressure, it is required to be made from high-quality materials which are anti-wrinkle and breathable. Two common types of fabric to produce t-shirts for can packing are 100% cotton or cotton-polyester blends which are stretchy, durable, and affordable. 

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that t-shirts will not change the shape after being taken out of the can, therefore, the quality of materials plays an important role in this method of packing. 

Compressing instead of folding

Normally, clothing in general and t-shirts in specific will be folded and put into nylon bags or paper boxes or even carton boxes before delivery. However, with cans, manufacturers can not put the folding item fitted, they compress instead. This compressing measure brings various benefits. One of them is to reduce labor manual as the compression process can not be done by hand. Another advantage is to maximize the use of space which is really convenient in shipping as well as makes the t-shirt portable on many occasions.

t-shirt in a can

Good protection

It is proven that products packed in cans are well protected and maintained. Commonly, cans are made from tin, aluminum, steel, and even plastic which resist water absorbance and other bad conditions of the environment. Packing in can ensures that the t-shirts are stored for a long and retains their goodness

Environmental benefits

It is obvious that cans can resolve many problems relating to environmental degradation and material scarcity for their recycling and reusing capability. Moreover, cans containing t-shirts are eye-catching, trendy, and special, there is nothing to hinder you from using them again after taking the t-shirts out. That also helps to improve people’s awareness of green ecology and making efficient use of natural resources. 

Effective marketing strategy 

For firms and manufacturers, the method “ t-shirt in a can” is not only a creative idea of packing but an effective way of advertising their products. The products they focus on are not just T-shirt brands but the brands appearing on the cans. Soft drink brands, painting brands, or snack brands, etc are examples. Marketing strategy in a t-shirt can is believed to be multifaceted, comprehensive, and effective as well as economical as that is the combination of many brands simultaneously. 

How to take the t-shirt out of the can?

Differing from a normal t-shirt which we just take out of the bag or box and then put it on. T-shirts in cans are special even in the taking out process. Here Printerval gives you essential steps while you take your t-shirt out of the can. 

t-shirt in can

Step 1: Read instructions carefully

The first and foremost thing you should do before opening the lid of a t-shirt can is to search for and read instructions carefully. The instruction is necessary for use, maintenance, even taking it out of the can correctly. 

Step 2: Open and explore the surprise inside

Well in this step, you just remember to be careful while open in order to avoid damaging things inside. Open and take a t-shirt out. The t-shirt is compressed so you can not see the perfect shape at the beginning. 

Step 3: Need water to stretch the t-shirt out

After taking the t-shirt out, you need to dump it into the water to stretch out. You do not need too much water for that. This step is vital if you buy a t-shirt in a can. However, with a t-shirt you put into a can by yourself and carry it somewhere, you can skip this step. 

Step 4: Dry or wash and then try it on

After dumping, the t-shirt can get wet, depending on the instructions that you may dry it immediately or give it laundry.

After all the steps above, you can try on your t-shirt and enjoy a comfortable and valuable time when wearing it. 

t-shirts in cans

Which occasions is “ T-shirt in a can” suitable for?

t-shirt in a can

The specific delivery method required

Although the diversity of transportations makes the delivery of goods easier, faster, and more flexible, goods with tiny packing can still be prioritized. In particular, with light goods such as clothing, the maximization in the use of space is always highly appreciated. Packing t-shirts in can contribute to the efficiency of delivery. 

Presents for lovers, mates, etc

Surely, t-shirts in cans are amazing and stimulating gifts because they can make your lover, mates, or colleagues surprised and unbelievable at the first sight. Each giving present will have a specific meaning and message from the giver, and so will a t-shirt in a can. 

Going wet environments or commuting

T-shirts in cans are ideal when you are on a trip to some places such as tropical forests, waterfalls, etc. Bringing t-shirts in cans is convenient and helps you enjoy the whole trip time and have many excellent experiences. In addition, t-shirts in cans are light, tiny, and portable so it is economical and flexible when you put them in your backpack, package, etc. 

Can we make a “ T-shirt in a can” by ourselves?

The answer is “yes”, as long as you know how to compress your t-shirt to fit your favorite cans. Sometimes, you may use a machine to help you compress the t-shirt. If your folding skill is professional, you do not need the machine. Regarding t-shirts, you can buy them from reliable shops such as Printerval. 

Printerval is a trusted brand for clothing such as t-shirts, tank tops, etc which are designed by many reputable designers. Besides, the materials Printerval uses to produce T-shirts are 100% cotton or cotton-polyester blend that is really suitable to be packed in cans because the T-shirts from Printerval.com are stretchy, anti-wrinkle, and durable. You can buy t-shirts from this store at amazing prices as well. 

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In conclusion

Through this article, surely you have an extensive understanding of the so-called “a t-shirt in a can”. Access Printerval.com to read many useful and interesting articles about fashion and lifestyle. 

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