What kind of Tote bag is good? How to choose the right and beautiful Tote bag?

What is Tote Bag?

A Tote bag is known as a large bag with parallel straps connecting from two sides of the bag. The prototype product is made of hard fabric with a handle, a leather bottom, and a rough leather surface. Initially, Tote bags are usually canvas dyed or treated to resist moisture. In recent years Tote bags have been made of hard nylon and other synthetics, although they can become lumpy and worn out when exposed to the sun's rays for long periods of time.

Tote bag products usually have a simple square or rectangular shape. The bag has only one large compartment to hold many items such as books, clothes, computers, makeup,... The bags are diverse in material, color, design, easy to combine with many different outfits and styles.

Compared to other handbag models on the market, the price of Tote bags is quite soft, with long-term preservation and use. Many people think that Tote bags are simple, not as fashionable as other bags. However, those are wrong thoughts because now-famous fashion brands in the world also launch high-end Tote bags. The proof is that celebrities still use and promote Tote bags making them a trend in the fashion industry.

How to Classification of Tote bags?

Tote bags are diverse in color and design, so there are many ways to classify them. Tote bags can be classified by color, material, etc. Specifically:

Sort by color

Solid color Tote bag

Smooth leather Tote bags have a minimalist design in their original shape. Although the product is monochromatic, it is still very attractive.

Slogan printed Tote bag

The bag model is adorned with slogans or messages of love, life maxims, etc. The bag can be used for very effective advertising campaigns.

Plaid Tote bag

Simple bag design should be suitable for all ages and personalities. The product is not too simple like the plain Tote bag design or too youthful like the slogan printed Tote bag, etc. The checkered Tote bag has a design that is easy to coordinate and never goes out of fashion.

Printed Tote bag

Funny sticker design creates a highlight for the bag to be more dynamic and youthful such as cute Chibi images or colorful motifs for those of you who like to be dynamic.

Sort Tote bags by fabric type

In addition to the classification by color, the classification of Tote bags by fabric is also a criterion that many people are interested in

Leather Tote bag

Leather fabric is the best material in the garment industry, so leather Tote bags are often more expensive. Along with the high price, the quality of the bag will not disappoint you, helping you to become more classy, ​​luxurious, and elegant when owning it.

Tote bag made of canvas fabric

Canvas Tote bags are the favorite material of many young people. Cloth bags have diverse and eye-catching colors with all the features that bring style and dynamism to the user. Characteristics of canvas material are very safe and environmentally friendly. The product is easy to carry, convenient, and fashionable.

The Tote bag is made of non-woven parachute fabric

With its waterproof, colorful, and durable properties, designers can unleash their creativity with colorful bags and eye-catching designs.

Top 5 best Tote bag models popular with young people

The following is a collection of unique Tote bag models that are popular and hunted by young people in recent times

The Great Eastern Brood Tote Cicada Bag 2021

The bag model is attracting young people thanks to its youthful and dynamic style. The product has 3D decorative motifs and three different colors to help you easily choose the right one for your own needs. The bag's size is quite spacious so you can use it on many different occasions such as going out, going to school, going to work, ... combined with the right clothes will help you stand out and be more attractive than ever. Possessing an impressive design combined with polyurethane synthesis leather and unique details to help the product prove its appeal.


  • Unique and impressive design
  • Material is durable with time
  • Wide range of colors suitable for both men and women


  • High price

Merica Tote bag

Canvas Tote bag combined with rotation is a bag model that attracts a lot of attention from stylish teen girls. Owning this bag model combined with a youthful and modern style will make you extremely attractive and attractive.


  • Simple and elegant design suitable for any occasion.
  • The fabric is super durable, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly.
  • Reasonable price is worthy of choice for girls who love simplicity, femininity, intelligence, and personality.


  • Fabric quality is not really durable

American Mama canvas Tote bag

Possessing a beautiful and impressive design, the American Mama canvas Tote bag will be an indispensable item in the girls' wardrobe.


  • Eye-catching and impressive design
  • Canvas material provides durability
  • The price of the product is cheap, suitable for the pocket of students.


  • After a period of use, the print is discolored.

Cicada Unisex Tote Bag

Bag design for girls who love femininity, youth, and dynamism. The simple design bag is suitable for her to store personal items and move conveniently.


  • Simple and dynamic design
  • Durable fabric over the years
  • Cheap price suitable for the pocket of students


  • The product is easily discolored and gets old quickly after a short time of use

What are the famous Tote bag brands today?

Tote bags have a simple design but have proven to be attractive when most famous brands produce this item.


Adidas Tote bags with wide shoulder designs keep you comfortable every day. A spacious bag with a front drawer for essentials and open compartments for water bottles and small items. Large compartments for laptops and small compartments for neatly stacking items such as wallets, phones, laptops, etc. The bottom is covered with tempered glass to enhance the durability of the product. The design of the handle certainly creates a dynamic and youthful beauty.

The design of the Tote bag from the Vascara house is very eye-catching and impressive. Possessing a variety of colors from light to dark with unique materials and different sizes and measurements. Owning a Vascara Tote bag will make you extremely dynamic, fashionable, and impressive.

One brand of Tote bag that cannot be ignored is Printerval. The bag model has unique and fancy patterns that become the highlight of each fashion set. A bag will be an impressive and unique story that makes customers excited at first sight.

How to choose to buy the best women's Tote bag today?

To decide to own a unique and impressive Tote bag that makes many women wonder because there are many different types of bags on the market. Here we will show you how to choose the perfect women's Tote bag.

Choose the right design for the situation and use space

If you want to own a Tote bag during vacations or going out, you can use a plain Tote bag, printed with slogans or funny animals. However, when using a Tote to go to work, you should choose a bag with a simple pattern suitable for office situations. When you go to work, you can wear your own personal clothes, you can also wear a canvas bag made of nylon or cloth. Should choose simple and polite colors to be suitable for both work and play.

Choose the right size bag

When choosing a Tote bag, you only need to store simple small items such as mobile phones, tuition fees, you should choose small bags. When used at work, choose a bag that can hold A4 documents without folding them conveniently. If you are wondering what size to choose, choose a bag size that can be used for the job. Even if the size of the bag is larger than the usual size, you can still store items purchased outside quite conveniently.

Select bags by material

Besides the basic materials that bring a fashionable Tote bag such as nylon leather, canvas, high-quality fabrics made from hemp are very popular. Each material has different features, you need to understand them well to choose your favorite bag.


The Tote bag is made of leather material to bring high durability, hard to fade color, and unique delicate beauty. The bag will last for years if you store it away from moisture. Especially, even though the time has changed, you can see the water coming out of the bag is more beautiful, softer. Especially owning a fashion Tote bag will bring outstanding ability to easily combine with clothes from office fashion to casual clothes. However, the disadvantage of this bag is that it is quite heavy, so when moving with many items, you will feel tired if you use the bag all day.

Nylon material

Types of plastic bags with the advantage of being light, easy to carry, do not lose folds. In addition, the bag also has a waterproof feature if you often move, work outside in the shower, a nylon Tote bag will be a perfect choice. The special feature of this bag design is that it has a variety of colors, the design focuses on flexibility for users, so you can easily choose for yourself a suitable bag. The bag is less dusty, but for liquid stains, it will stay. When using plastic bags, you need to pay attention not to iron and expose them to strong sunlight to affect the material and durability of the bag.

Fabric material

Owning a canvas Tote bag will be suitable for all kinds of casual wear whether going to work or walking on the street. There are many different fabrics such as cotton, canvas, linen, canvas, etc. You can easily choose. In particular, canvas fabric is the most popular because of its durability, washability, and lightweight.

Linen and hemp fabrics are thinner and lighter than canvas. Thanks to that, you can easily fold or wrap it without worrying about leaving creases. In addition, owning a cloth Tote with everyday fashion style helps you to carry many items if you are on a business trip or in important events to become an ideal accessory.

Check strap length and buckle function

For peace of mind when using Tote bags, you should choose a zippered bag that opens or closes with an attached button. Many canvas Tote bags do not have zippers, so you need to pay attention to this point when choosing to buy a bag. Especially if you need to carry important items, a zippered Tote bag is essential.

Regarding the length of the bag strap, you should choose a type with a shoulder strap. If you have a shoulder strap, you can use it in 2 ways depending on the time and place. Inside the large drawers can use necessary items and many small compartments to store important papers handy when going to work and school.

Where to buy a good Tote Bag?

Tote bags are sold at a very low price. But many types of bags with bad materials, poor processing, so there is a phenomenon of bag bursting, broken bag straps, ... causing a lot of trouble for users.

Currently, Printerval Shop also has a variety of quality Tote bags at extremely affordable prices.

With guaranteed quality, very good processing quality, high finishing, Printerval Shop is confident to bring you high-quality Tote bags with diverse designs. With a warranty policy, you will certainly have peace of mind when using the product.

Visit our website right away for advice and support from our staff! Wish you buy a satisfactory Tote bag!


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