What 's special about Cappuccino?

What 's special about Cappuccino?

You have heard much about the term Cappuccino but do you know something special about it? Cappuccino is not only a type of beverage but a drink with various iconic meanings. 

In this Blog, Printerval will help you get the hang of this type of coffee as well as the national day on which everyone enjoys it. Simultaneously, recommend some interesting ways to observe the day. 

What is Cappuccino?

A cappuccino refers to an espresso-based coffee drink originating in Italy that contains steamed milk foam.  

What 's special about Cappuccino?

When did Cappuccino become popular?

It is believed that Cappuccino is a “ new” drink because it only started to become popular in America in the 1980s. Yet, this type of beverage has been enjoyed by generations in Italy and continental Europe before. 

Before the Cappuccino

The culture of drinking coffee originally derives from the traditional Ottoman style of preparation from which water and coffee beans were brought to a boil, and sometimes sugar was added. 

Later, the British and French started filtering coffee beans in the late 1700s that have become more popular since then. 

The Name 'Cappuccino'

What 's special about Cappuccino?

Initially, Cappuccino was known as the 'Kapuziner' in Viennese coffee houses in the 1700s, which was described as "coffee with cream and sugar”.

Due to the color similarity of these drinks and the robes worn by the Capuchin ('Kapuzin') friars in Vienna, the term “ Capuchin” was named for them.

The Invention of the Cappuccino

While “Kapuziner” was used in Vienna, the term “ Cappuccino” was actually invented in Italy in the early 1900s. Thanks to the popularization of the espresso machine in 1901, “ Cappuccino” has been popular since then. 

The Modern-Day Cappuccino Is Born

The Cappuccino making went through some improvements and simplifications in Italy after World War II due to the better and more widely available espresso machines. The modern cappuccino, which contains good espresso, a balance of steamed and frothed milk, the presence of crema, and a small, preheated porcelain cup, was born and gained eventual worldwide popularity.

What 's special about Cappuccino?

Cappuccinos Around the Globe

At first, Cappuccinos became popular across continental Europe and England and then moved to Australia, South America, and elsewhere in Europe. 

During 1980, Cappuccino spread to America, and in the 1990s, the introduction of cafe culture (and higher-priced drinks which correlated to the longer use of a seat in the coffee shop) made cappuccinos, lattes, and similar drinks a big hit in this country. 

Since then, Starbucks has contributed to the spread of this type of beverage globally. 

Cappuccino vs. Latte: What’s the difference?

What 's special about Cappuccino?

Cappuccinos and lattes are seen as more popular coffee drinks in the world than a traditional cup of drip coffee or, possibly, water. While these two espresso drinks contain many of the same ingredients, they still have differences. 

With regard to similarity, both of them belong to espresso drinks and contain espresso and two additional ingredients: steamed milk and foamed milk. 

Their key distinguishing features are while a traditional cappuccino has an even distribution of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk, a latte has way more steamed milk and a light layer of foam. Another is that a cappuccino is distinctly layered, whereas, in a latte, the espresso and steamed milk are blended together.

What is the purpose of National Cappuccino Day?

Cappuccino is such a special beverage that there is a day held to observe it which is on November 8. The day is the best chance for Cappuccino lovers to enjoy their favorite drink: a cup of foamy deliciousness, or a steaming mug of frothy cappuccino, or a hot, relaxing cup, etc. 

How to celebrate National Cappuccino Day?

Although there is no organization or person to claim its creation, November 8th is National Cappuccino Day in the US. And here are a few interesting ideas to celebrate the day. 

Enjoy a nice cup of Cappuccino

There’s nothing greater than enjoying a nice cup of cappuccino on that special day. If you own an espresso machine at home, make a cappuccino at home before heading to your workplace or if you don't own a machine, go to your favorite coffee shop and order a cappuccino.

What 's special about Cappuccino?

Share your experience 

You can share many memorable moments of that day by taking a picture of a cappuccino you made or ordered and posting it on social media. You can also enjoy a nice hot cappuccino with a delicious pastry such as a buttery croissant with your lover, parents, or colleagues. In particular, it is really great to drink cappuccinos with other coffee enthusiasts you know, you can talk and listen to them about coffee. 

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