What To Wear On National Cupcake Day?

Oct, 28 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
National Cupcake Day is an annual celebration on December 15th that honors the single-serving cake cooked in a paper or aluminum cup and covered with frosting or other cake decorations
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    What Is What Day Is National Cupcake Day?

    National Cupcake Day is an annual celebration on December 15th that honors the single-serving cake cooked in a paper or aluminum cup and covered with frosting or other cake decorations. Cupcakes have been popular in the United States since the nineteenth century and are a typical sight at birthday celebrations, office parties, and any other occasion that calls for a little cup-sized cake. This celebration should not be confused with October 18th's Chocolate Cupcake Day.

    What Is The History of Cupcakes & National Cupcake Day?

    While cupcakes were very undoubtedly created and consumed during the majority of the 17th and 18th centuries, and are almost certainly connected to English Fairy Cakes, they were not referenced until around 1796. That is when it featured in Amelia Simmons' cookbook American Cookery. However, it was referred to as a "light cake to bake in little cups" rather than a cupcake. The original recipe asked for half a pound of butter, two pounds of flour, a glass of wine, nutmeg, cinnamon, emptins (a sort of yeast), and rose water. Eliza Leslie published "Seventy-Five Recipes for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats" in 1828, which included a recipe for a little cake, but she refers to it as a cupcake — thought to be the oldest documented reference to the phrase.

    Throughout the nineteenth century, the cupcake evolved. They began as little cakes made using ingredients measured with a regular cup–hence the name cupcake. The name instructed the baker to make the cake in cups, similar to how a pound cake instructs the baker on how much each component should weigh. They eventually became known as 1-2-3-4 cakes due to their four-ingredient composition: one cup butter, two cups sugar, three cups flour, and four eggs. These little yellow cakes were somewhat basic, resembling a lighter pound cake rather than a contemporary cupcake. However, these little cakes were not initially the size of current cupcakes. They were a little bigger, though. They would not become cup-sized cakes until a few years later.

    Unfortunately, while the history of cupcakes appears to be thoroughly recorded, National Cupcake Day's history is not. At the moment, neither the date nor the creator of this holiday is known. Whoever it is, they should be appreciated for providing us with a day to justify eating more cupcakes.

    Some Fun Cupcake Facts

    Cupcakes were traditionally prepared in teacups

    Cupcakes are frequently referred to in Australia as Patty Cakes

    Many early cupcakes were savory and coated with fat or gravy.

    Almost any layer cake recipe may be converted to cupcakes.

    How to Celebrate National Cupcake Day?

    The most appropriate way to commemorate National Cupcake Day is to indulge in some cupcakes. Even better, have a cupcake party. Additionally, you may offer cupcakes as gifts or photograph your own cupcake creations and share them on social media with the hashtag #NationalCupcakeDay. Whatever way you choose to celebrate, you are certain to have a delectable time creating, sharing, and savoring an American dessert staple - the cupcake.

    Activities for National Cupcake Day

    Create your own wacky recipe

    Have a favorite flavor of ice cream or another delectable dessert? Create a cupcake version! These little confections might be the ideal vehicle for exploring a creative expression or embarking on a gourmet baking journey. Who knows, you could come across your new favorite dish!

    Host a bake-off to generate funds

    Because cupcakes are such a crowd favorite, take advantage of this chance to create these cherished treats in support of a cause you care about. Your guests will be delighted to contribute to a cause that benefits both the globe and their palates.

    Make a cupcake for your pet

    Do not forget to include your animal pals in this celebration—there are lots of pet-friendly cupcake recipes that will satisfy the entire family. Your four-legged companions will appreciate the paw-some delectable treat.

    What to wear on National Cupcake Day?

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