What you should know about the history of Polo shirts?

Jul, 14 2021
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Printerval provides you with much useful information about Polo shirts' history and evolution that help you gain more extensive knowledge of the type of apparel you own through this article.
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    What is Polo shirt?

    Have you ever been curious about the full definition of the polo shirt you are wearing? Perhaps regularly. But what is it?

    Polo shirt worn by men at the early time
    Polo shirt at the early time.

    Polo shirt is a type of shirt that contains a collar and a placket neckline with several buttons. Depending on specific hobbies, polo shirts sometimes include pockets. A few decades ago, polo shirts were known as a formal piece of sports uniform but nowadays, it has become ubiquitous, preppy sportswear and common apparel. Although this type of shirt is not really exotic, it is elegant and trendy that never goes out of fashion. In this article, Printerval provides you with everything relating to the historical origin and the development process of shirts named Polos. 

    Why should you know the history of Polo shirts?

    Not only for Polo shirts but for everything you own, you will always wonder when and how it comes from. Here are three reasons why you should have extensive knowledge of the history of Polo shirts.

    First and foremost, it is admitted that there is no limitation for what you know, you will know, and you desire to know. Depth of knowledge is “ Infiniti”, therefore, being cognizant of the history of something enriches your knowledge that was glorious in the past, contributing to shaping the present and future. 

    Secondly, curiosity is a natural characteristic of humans. Obviously, you constantly question everything around you from simple to complex phenomena. As a result, being aware of the origin and evolution of Polo shirts satisfies your natural curiosity

    Finally, you will have a sense of protection if you know exactly the merits of what you own. Glorious history is valuable merit of a Polo shirt. 

    Printerval hopes that these reasons can motivate you to read and gain much useful knowledge from this article. 

    When and Why was the polo shirt invented originally?

    Why is it called a Polo shirt?

    This type of shirt names Polo as it was prevalently worn-in polo matches in the past. Polo is the name of a conventional field sport called horseback ball game which is known as the world’s oldest team sport. Since it first originated from equestrian games played by nomadic Iranian peoples in the period from the 6th century BC to the 1st century AD, Polo has become a spectator sport for the upper class in society. Nowadays, this game is played around the world, with the establishment of The Federation of International Polo including more than 100 member countries. Particularly, it became an Olympic sport from 1900 to 1936. ( Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polo)

    Prince Harry at a Polo game match
    Prince Harry at a Polo game match

    When and why was the first polo shirt made? 

    The first polo shirt was initially designed for tennis by René Lacoste and was worn in the 1926 U.S. Open Championship because at that time the “ tennis whites” were restrictive which had the long-sleeved button-up white cotton shirt. 

    Who invented the Polo shirt?

    Jean René Lacoste ( 2 July 1904 – 12 October 1996) is known as the creator of the Polo shirt who created the shirt today. He is both a French tennis player and businessman with the nickname “ the Crocodile” to state how he dealt with his opponents. René Lacoste dominated the tennis game in the late 1920s and early 1930s with seven Grand Slam singles titles at the French, American, and British Championships. Apart from being a well-known tennis player, he is worldwide famous because of the ubiquitous polo shirt derived from his name “ Lacoste tennis shirt”. (Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ren%C3%A9_Lacoste)

    Jean René Lacoste at Wimbledon in 1925

    How has the evolution of polo shirts been?

    The Polo shirt development process has undergone many important milestones in which it has been stepping by step perfected. 

    In the 1920s

    Originally, the Polo shirt was a white, short-sleeved, piqué cotton one with a flat protruding collar, a buttoned placket, and a shirt-tail longer in the back than in front that Lacoste sought to simplify from the restrictive tennis uniforms. Appearing at the US Open, the new shirt was breathable with a soft collar for a more relaxed and eye-catching look. Determining the vision of the business prospects of the polo shirt, after retiring, Lacoste collaborated with American manufacturer Andre Gillier to manufacture the modern tennis shirt, which marks an important point that the polo became the popular outfit for all competing players.

    In the 1950s

    In 1952, Peter Hill (grandson of founder Thomas Hill) brought the classic polo shirt to Britain. With the aim of making the shirt for polo players lighter and breathable, he introduced the polo shirt in a unique fabric which is known as new open knit fabric allowing air to circulate, keeping the body cool and comfortable. Since then, the Polo shirt has been a timeless piece of clothing and an inevitable type of apparel for men’s wardrobe. 

    In the 1960s

    Polo shirts from the tennis court became the symbol of an emerging ‘youth quake’ for street fashion in London. In fact, it accompanied a large number of youth movements in this period from Mods who reached for their Fred Perry polos to the American East coast set. By the late 1960s, the evolution of this shirt had reached its peak when two heads of state including U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower and US President John F Kennedy wore it. 

    John F. Kennedy and Donald John Trump in their Polo shirts

    In the 1970s

    The first casual wear name “ Polo” was established by Mr. Ralph Lifshitz (also known as Ralph Lauren) in 1972. From that, Polo shirts were easily identifiable with a rich color palette and close alignment with the sport of kings as well as the prevalence among America's wealthy and celebrities.

    Logo of Ralph Lauren Polo shirt

    Nowadays, Polo shirts are worn worldwide by everyone in every country without social class barriers. To meet the enormous demand of wearers, apparel firms manufacture Polo shirts on a mass scale and dramatically improve the business of this fashion item. As a result, this type of shirt is available at every apparel shop. Printerval is one of the attractive online shops where you can choose exclusive and exotic Polo shirts. 

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    What is the difference between a Polo shirt and a T-shirt?

    This part is to provide you with an extended knowledge relating to Polo shirts in comparison with T-shirts, another popular type of shirt which is sold on Printerval.com.

    The main difference is their design, while Polo shirts have a collar and placket with two or three buttons beneath the collar, t-shirts do not have. However, names are the clearest point to distinguish them which derive from their special history. Polo shirts are worn on both casual and formal occasions but T-shirts are almost used on less formal ones. Construction is also another different point between them. However, they are the two most ubiquitous types of shirts that are widely sold and worn nowadays. You can also buy T-shirts from our online shop - Printerval.com.

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    For more useful articles relating to the history of clothes to fulfill your knowledge book, come to us and access Printerval.com to explore!


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