When Did Pioneer Day Start?

Mar, 04 2022
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Pioneer Day is an official holiday observed on July 24 in the American state of Utah, with some celebrations occurring in areas of neighboring states inhabited by Mormon pioneers.
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    What Day Is Pioneer Day?

    Pioneer Day is a state holiday in the United States of America's state of Utah. It is commemorated annually on July 24 to mark Brigham Young's and the first party of Mormon pioneers' entrance into Utah's Salt Lake Valley in 1847. This day honors the pioneers' bravery, as well as their character strength and physical endurance.

    Is Pioneer Day observed as a federal holiday?

    Pioneer Day is a state holiday in Utah, where the general populace is given the day off and schools and most businesses are closed.

    What Is The History Of Pioneer Day?

    Pioneer Day festivities in Utah began on July 24, 1849, when the Nauvoo Brass Band conducted a commemoration of the Latter-day Saints' second anniversary of entering the Salt Lake Valley.

    Pioneer Day celebrations in 1857 were cut short by word of Johnston's Army's arrival, signaling the start of the Utah War. Pioneer Day was not observed during the subsequent federal occupation of the Utah Territory. Once President Abraham Lincoln had a hands-off approach toward Utah during the American Civil War in 1862, Pioneer Day was reinstated and expanded into the neighboring communities as the Mormon Corridor grew throughout the Intermountain West. Latter-day Saints celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the church's formal establishment in 1830 in 1880, with tens of thousands of people participating in passionate celebrations in hundreds of towns.

    Federal enforcement actions against anti-polygamy legislation (particularly the 1882 Edmunds Act) led to much-diminished festivities in the years that followed. The 1886 anniversary was remarkable for its melancholy tone, with the Salt Lake Tabernacle draped in black rather than the customary colorful bunting, and for the eulogy of Latter-day Saints in hiding or imprisoned for polygamy charges. By 1897, the celebration had expanded to encompass not only the 50th anniversary of the first arrival in the Salt Lake Valley, but also the resolution of the polygamy controversy, the building of the Salt Lake Temple, and the establishment of Utah as a state.

    Utah held particularly huge festivities for the centennial in 1947 and the sesquicentennial in 1997. According to one writer, the 1947 celebrations seemed to span the whole year, with July 24 serving as a capstone to the festivities.

    The celebration generates significant road traffic; according to Utah Department of Public Safety data, Pioneer Day has the second-highest holiday traffic fatality rate in the state, trailing only the earlier July 4 Independence Day.

    The celebration has come under fire for its perceived lack of inclusivity for non-Mormons. As a result, a small but rising number of people have begun celebrating Pie and Beer Day rather than the more traditional Pioneer Day. Pie and Beer Day is a pun on the phrase "pioneer," as "pie and beer" sounds similar to "pioneer." As a counterculture alternative, Pie and Beer Day was founded.

    How Do People Celebrate Pioneer Day?

    Pioneer Day celebrations around the state include fireworks, parades, picnics, rodeos, and other events. According to some, this day is observed with greater fervor and pride in Utah than big holidays such as Christmas. Children compete in essay contests and work on pioneer-themed projects, while families enjoy concerts and festivals. Some participants in the parades may wear costumes like those used in the nineteenth century when Salt Lake Valley was created.

    In many regions of Idaho, Pioneer Day is also known as Celebration Day. On or around July 24, family reunions are frequent.

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