When Is Feast Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe?

What Is Our Lady Of Guadalupe Day?

On that day, Our Lady of Guadalupe Day, also known as Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast, is commemorated to honor the belief that the Virgin Mary appeared to a man in Mexico City. "The Perfect Virgin Holy Mary Mother of God, our Queen, mysteriously appeared out in Tepeyac, well known as Guadalupe," according to the Basilica's documented history. The Basilica was built in 1531 and is located near Tepeyac Hill.

Mary appeared before an Aztec Indian named Juan Diego shortly after the Spanish conquest of Mexico, according to legend. "She was his mother," she assured Diego, "and she would take care of all the people of Mexico."

Even Catholic legend has been surpassed by the narrative of Mary and Diego. "It is also a reminder of the merging of Catholicism and culture," the Mythical Humanity of Christ website states, "because Our Lady of Guadalupe is adored not just by Catholics but also by the country of Mexico, which lies under her patronage."

The Virgin Mary is now a part of Mexican culture as well as the country's historical fabric.


Where Is Our Lady Of Guadalupe Day Celebrated?

Masses, dancing, and celebrations are held in parishes all around the world on Our Lady Of Guadalupe Day.

Since 2016, it has been observed as a day of prayer in solidarity with immigrants and refugees in the United States.

Catholics converge in Carcere, Italy, at the dilapidated Basilica San Nicola, where one of the first replicas of the Virgin of Guadalupe is on display. "The image Our Lady," according to the Catholic News Agency, "is thought to be the work of 18th-century artist Miguel Cabrera... transported to Rome in the 1770s."

The famed Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in France commemorates Our Lady of Guadalupe every year with a liturgy and festivals.

The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, however, hosts the largest event. The day has been designated as a statewide public holiday. The whole population has been evacuated, and schools and businesses have been shut down.

How Is Our Lady Of Guadalupe Day Celebrated?

Mexico holds celebrations all throughout the country. Thousands of people attend Mass in churches across the country, and youngsters dressed in traditional costumes are blessed. Many visitors visit the basilica in order to see the picture of Mary, which many believe to be genuine.

"Guadalupe's renowned image, a brown-skinned woman in a starry blue robe, hands folded in prayer, is ubiquitous throughout Mexico," writes Thomas M. Landy, the founder of Catholics and Cultures. Throughout the year, she is a magnificent part of believers' daily lives, in their homes, churches, prayers, and community life."

The celebrations, according to Landy, began the night before with tributes in music, speech, and dance to commemorate the Eve of Guadalupe.

The day begins on December 12 with a series of Masses scheduled throughout the morning. Around midday, the congregation is blessed with roses, and the story of Juan Diego is recited, describing how "Guadalupe commanded Diego to go seek an abundance of flowers growing there, and bring them to the bishop to verify what hadn't believed."

5 Amazing Facts About Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Surviving explosions

Our Lady of Guadalupe has earned a reputation as a great miracle worker over the years; for example, in 1921, an anti-Catholic militant hid a bomb in a bouquet, which shattered windows and ruined the marble altar but left the image unharmed.

The image is unblemished.

According to some academics, the image of Mary left on Juan Diego's cloak somehow withstood the humid air of Mexico City, despite the fact that it should have degraded years ago.

The evolution of skin color

Art historians have determined that images of the Virgin's skin color have become darker over time, probably as a result of the Mexican revolution, which saw the mixed-race mestizo exalted as the new type of 'Mexicaness.'

Mary is the patroness of the United States.

Our Lady of Guadalupe became the national patroness after Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1810, with the Mexican Virgin imprinted on flags, banners, and peasant sombreros as an armed rebellion against Spanish tyranny.

A former Aztec site

Some doubters believe that the Spanish colonial church invented the myth of Guadalupe appearing to Juan Diego in 1531 as a ruse to convert his fellow Aztecs and other indigenous people to Christianity. Tonantzin means "Our Mother" in the Aztec language of Nahuatl.

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