When Is International Ninja Day?

Nov, 01 2021
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International Ninja Day was developed by Ninja Burger in 2003 to commemorate the Ninja "speed" with which its burgers are served. The day is celebrated to honor the fascination with the ninja's history and pop culture.
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    What is International Ninja Day?

    International Ninja Day celebrates the fascination with the ninja's history and pop culture.

    Around the year 600, ninjas first emerged. They once served samurai warriors. They spied on an adversary or assassinated an adversary. While some records indicate that they were fallen samurai, the majority indicate that they were ordinary men — and women. They moved among the farmers and domestic staff of daily life.

    However, ninja talents were passed down through generations. If a parent is a ninja, he will almost certainly train his kid or daughter to be one as well.

    In Japan, museums are devoted to the history and lifestyle of the ninja.

    Igary Ninja Museum — The museum exhibits trade tools, demonstrations, and a house.

    Kka Ninja Village - Enroll in ninja camp and compete in ninja tasks. Visit the museum and several other amenities.

    Novels and films popularised the ninja way. Ninja films ranged from Japanese action pictures to cartoon turtles. Spy novels, comic comics, and television programs captivated audiences of all ages. Their mystique fueled narratives across genres until ninja became its own subgenre.

    History of International Ninja Day

    To really comprehend the history of International Ninja Day, one must first comprehend the Ninja's past. The first Ninja were Sengoku-era warriors from Japan's Iga Province. These warriors were reared among the countryside's poorest inhabitants, without access to adequate armor, weapons, or instruction in their usage.

    This is why so many of the Ninja's weapons, like the Kunai and sickles, have agricultural roots; they were also concealed weapons. No, sir; this is not an infiltration-focused assassin, but a simple farmer tending to his fields.

    The ninja's "traditional" black outfit evolved as a result of how the ninja was portrayed in theatre. They were invisible to the ruling elite since they were the common people of their area. They were indistinguishable by their attire or weaponry, banner or nationality; they were the citizens of their country and hence invisible.

    In theatre, this was symbolized by stagehands dressed as Ninjas; they donned black clothing that concealed them from head to toe and rendered them invisible against the stage's black backdrop. Additionally, theatergoers were accustomed to the presence of these stagehands, and their abrupt inclusion in the performance came as a surprise.

    How to celebrate International Ninja Day?

    There are almost a thousand films about Ninjas, and some of them rank among the finest works of cinema in nearly every genre. Begin your International Ninja Day celebrations by building a lengthy watch list and gathering with friends to watch them over a home-cooked traditional Japanese or Chinese dinner... Or, at the very least, place an order for take-out.

    To add to the craziness of Ninja history, dress in the customary theatrical outfit and walk to the streets, but in reverse. As a Modern Ninja, make an unannounced appearance to do great deeds of charity for the common man. Never forget that Ninja was once downtrodden and starving commoners before they became the world's most feared fighters. Return to their origins in order to really honor them.

    Try joining a martial arts class

    Are you interested in maximizing your inherent ninja abilities? A few classes in karate, judo, or ninjutsu cannot harm. Or, maybe, they cannot?

    Dress up as a ninja

    We believe that black hoodies, a headband, and high-top shoes paired with a black tank top will suffice, creating a style reminiscent of "Mortal Kombat." Naturally, your ninja outfit will be one-of-a-kind. Avoid being apprehended!

    "Ninja Burger" is a role-playing game

    In the second version, you may select certain positions inside the Ninja Burger brand, such as "driver," "baker," and so on. Give it a shot for the nostalgic value.

    Five Incredible Facts About International Ninja Day

    The pioneering of its kind

    Otomono Sahiti, a spy for the Japanese prince Shotoku, was the first historically confirmed ninja.

    From bygone eras

    According to Japanese folklore, the first ninja descended from spirits and manifested as a hybrid of man and raven.

    "Those who can’t..."

    In 1162, Japan's first ninja school was created when a fallen samurai chose to spend his retirement teaching rather than commit suicide as custom required.

    The final member of an endangered species

    According to a Smithsonian study, an engineer called Jinichi Kawakami is likely the last living ninja, and he frequently complains about teaching trainees that they cannot taste murders or poisons.

    It is handed down from generation to generation.

    As with other merchants of their era, the ninjas passed on their abilities (in this instance, martial and espionage knowledge and practices) to their sons and daughters, who in turn taught their offspring.

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