When Is National Hangover Day?

Dec, 10 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
Every January 1, we celebrate New Year's Day, which is also National Hangover Day. That doesn't mean we won't toast to 2020 with champagne and hors d'oeuvres before a three-day weekend.
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    What Is The National Hangover Day?

    National Hangover Day is a federal holiday honored annually on January 1st. We believe that this is an extremely fitting day for this holiday to fall on, as it is the day when most people suffer from hangovers as a result of their overindulgence on New Year's Eve. Of fact, given how many people will be hungover on this day, the only festivities likely to take place are those devoted to determining which hangover treatment works the best.

    What Is The History Of National Hangover Day?

    This day was founded in 2015 by a group of friends from Arkansas. They began discussing national holidays and how some days have so many holidays associated with them while dining at Oven and Tap. They quickly understood that January 1 was mostly known as New Year's Day, and so chose the date for National Hangover Day. This day was officially declared in November 2015.

    National Hangover Day is less about celebration than it is about learning how to feel better after a few too many beers. While there are several proven methods for preventing and curing hangovers, on National Hangover Day, individuals flock to social media to offer their personal ideas and tactics for beating the hangover.

    The primary symptoms of a hangover include fatigue, headaches, and muscle and joint pains. Additionally, some people get an upset stomach and may feel dizzy most of the day. Certainly, it is not a nice sensation.

    The good news is that there are several methods to avoid a hangover. Here are some suggestions for avoiding a hangover:

    • The most apparent is to drink slowly (or not drink at all). While we may feel pressured to keep up with others at times, it is critical to recognize our boundaries and abstain from drinking when it does not seem good.
    • Eating before and during drinking is critical, as food reduces the absorption of alcohol. Never consume alcohol on an empty stomach.
    • Maintaining proper hydration is also critical, and you should always carry water with you.

    If it's too late and you're already feeling the effects of yesterday night's poor decisions, the best thing to do when you're suffering from a hangover is to eat a banana, which is high in potassium, a vitamin you lose when you drink. Additionally, you should consume foods that are heavy in carbs and protein; many individuals choose to toast with fried eggs as a proven hangover remedy. Finally, remember to drink plenty of water!

    If anything, National Hangover Day provides an excuse for everyone to laze in bed all day, watching their favorite shows and eating take-out.

    How To Celebrate National Hangover Day?

    If you find yourself hungover on this day, have some of the remedies listed above on hand. Stock up on bananas, eggs, and water, and make the most of your relaxation. Avoid painkillers, since they, contrary to common perception, will only postpone your recovery.

    If you were responsible last night and abstained from drinking, try assisting your partner or pals in nursing their hangovers. Bring them food and drink, and spend the day lounging on the sofa with them.

    Why National Hangover Day Is Important?

    It provides us with an excuse to stay in bed all day.

    Let's face it: attempting to function normally while suffering from a bad hangover may be plain terrible. National Hangover Day is the ideal opportunity to eat some fatty cuisine and nurse your throbbing headache.

    It fosters a sense of community.

    If you awaken on January 1 with a hangover, you will be in good company. National Hangover Day serves as a reminder that we are not alone in making poor decisions the night before. There are several more passengers on the "battle bus" with us.

    It serves as a reminder that we had a good time the night before.

    A hangover does not occur spontaneously. If you're suffering from a hangover, chances are you had a wonderful time the night before. Thus, while a hangover may appear to be a curse, it serves as a gentle reminder that you are an incredible party animal.

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