When Is National Lipstick Day?

Mar, 07 2022
Posted by Prairie Moon
National Lipstick Day, which is observed annually on July 29th, encourages individuals to choose their favorite lipstick color and wear it on this day. Although many people are unaware, lipstick has been used to give color and texture to the lips, as well as protect them, for around 5,000 years. This makes it one of the oldest cosmetics still in use today, a fact worth commemorating on this festival.
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    What Day Is National Lipstick Day?

    National Lipstick Day, which takes place on July 29th, encourages you to wear your favorite shade. For some, lipstick is the sole necessary for makeup. July 29th asks for a variety of lipsticks, whether sheer and light, dark and vibrant.

    Lipstick has been a source of contention throughout history. In 1770, the British Parliament outlawed it, describing it as a wicked ploy to seduce men into marriage. Lipstick was sometimes connected with witchcraft in some cultures. On rare occasions, lipstick contained deadly ingredients.

    Sarah Bernhardt is reported to have caused a sensation by applying "lip rouge" in public. Surprisingly, it is said that George Washington wore lipstick. While Queen Victoria regarded lipstick to be unpleasant, one of her ministers disagreed. Winston Churchill believed that lip color was a great technique to increase morale during World War II.

    Naturally, lipstick's trademark is its adaptability. It varies according to mood or setting. Wear lipstick on July 29th, regardless of whether it defines your attitude or channels your inner energy. Lipstick may be used to provide a subtle accent or a big statement, depending on your style. Allow your lips to speak for themselves. However, use your lipstick to punctuate it.

    What Is The History National Lipstick Day?

    National Lipstick Day is a really fun way to honor all that lipstick has done for us - life is so much more enjoyable when we wear it! Additionally, it has a considerably more fascinating history than you may believe.

    Ancient Sumerians were probably the first to apply lipstick. Not only their lips were adorned with crushed jewels, but also their eyes and face. Lipsticks in some form were also popular in ancient China, where they were made of beeswax, and in Ancient Greece when courtesans used berry-derived colors on their lips.

    The trend continued to grow in favor in 16th-century England, where a dazzling white face and hyper-crimson lips were popularly worn to imitate Queen Elizabeth's appearance. It was reserved for courtesans and actresses and was deemed impolite for the general people to wear.

    By the nineteenth century, France had developed the first commercial lipstick using deer tallow, castor oil, and beeswax – and lipstick took off. The United States swiftly caught on, using a brush rather than a tube to apply lipstick. During World War II, lipstick became scarce and was packed in plastic and paper tubes. During this historical period, the first long-lasting, non-smear lipstick was also invented!

    Since the early twentieth century, when colors were scarce, the variety of lipstick colors has skyrocketed. Each decade introduced a distinct new style and popularized new colors. Fun hues such as shimmering navy blue and frosted lime green were also introduced in the 1970s!

    Nowadays, cosmetic tutorials and "get ready with me" videos are prevalent on social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube. Certain makeup artists achieve enormous celebrity and earn a career by recommending and testing new lipsticks for their audience. The lipstick business has developed to be a significant participant in the cosmetics market, allowing people to express themselves via makeup!

    How To Celebrate National Lipstick Day?

    National Lipstick Day is observed in a variety of ways and fashions. This is a day dedicated to women, but men also join and share in the excitement and happiness. On this day, the majority of individuals wear their favorite lipstick or visit a nearby market to purchase their favorite shade. You may shoot images or selfies while wearing lipstick and publish them on various social media networks.

    Additionally, it is beneficial to attend various events or parties with your pals while wearing your favorite lipstick. Additionally, you may share your thoughts on numerous social media channels to educate others about the history or significance of this day. Additionally, you may create a hashtag #nationallipstickday and begin using it in your blogs, tweets, and other social media updates.

    Purchase the shade you've been admiring.

    We are aware that cosmetics may be rather costly. However, what better way to commemorate how much fun it is to flaunt a purple lipstick than to get one today? Even if you're not in the market for high-end cosmetics, it's incredible how much a fresh drugstore-brand shade can brighten your day.

    Create a cosmetics tutorial and publish it

    There is no shortage of inspiration with the explosion of cosmetics videos on Instagram and YouTube. Create your ideal style and select a couple of hues to demonstrate to your audience.

    Take a look at the history – and at the label.

    Did you know that lipstick was originally manufactured from whale blubber? You may be startled to find that it is still prepared using some fairly heinous components, such as animal fats. Examine your lipsticks at home and make some eco-friendly purchases.

    What To Wear On National Lipstick Day?

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