When Is Veterans Day? Is Veterans Day A National Holiday?

Sep, 30 2022
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Veterans Day is held annually on November 11 to honor those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Veterans Day, unlike Memorial Day, which celebrates those who died while serving, recognizes all military veterans, including those still alive.
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    Veterans Day is held annually on November 11 to honor those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Veterans Day, unlike Memorial Day, which celebrates those who died while serving, recognizes all military veterans, including those still alive.

    What Is Veterans Day?

    Veterans Day is observed on November 11 to commemorate those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. The federal holiday coincides with Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, which commemorates the end of the First World War. These commemorations commemorate the cessation of major hostilities on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 when the Armistice with Germany went into force. Initially, the United States also recognized Armistice Day. In 1954, however, it evolved into the modern Veterans Day.

    Veterans Day is distinct from Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day. Veterans Day honors all military veterans of the United States. However, Memorial Day is a time to memorialize those who died while serving their country. Moreover, Armed Forces Day honors the men and women presently serving in the United States armed forces.

    What Is The History Of Veterans Day?

    Veterans Day, previously known as Armistice Day, was officially given by President Woodrow Wilson on November 11, 1919, one year after the end of World War I. The goal of Armistice Day was to memorialize the sacrifice and valor of the dead troops of the Great War. Seven years later, in 1926, Congress passed a resolution demanding that President Calvin Coolidge make Armistice Day a legal holiday by issuing yearly proclamations on November 11.

    World War II veteran Raymond Weeks originated the notion in 1945 to honor all soldiers on Armistice Day, not only those who perished in World War I. He led a delegation to General Dwight Eisenhower, who enthusiastically supported the proposal. Weeks planned the first Veterans Day event in Alabama in 1945, and he continued to do so annually until he died in 1985. President Reagan awarded him the Presidential Citizenship Medal in 1982. Elizabeth Dole also called Weeks the "Father of Veterans Day."

    Ed Rees, a representative from Emporia, Kansas, introduced a measure to create the holiday to Congress in 1954. The measure was enacted into law on May 26, 1954, eight and a half years after Raymond Weeks staged the inaugural Veterans Day. After World War II and the Korean War, at the urging of veterans' service groups, the 83rd Congress of the United States replaced the word 'Armistice' with the phrase 'Veterans' in the Act of 1938. With the passage of this law on June 1, 1954, November 11 became a day to remember soldiers of all American conflicts.

    The National Veterans Award was likewise established in 1954, with Congressman Rees being the inaugural recipient for his efforts in establishing Veterans Day as a federal holiday. Although the holiday is presently commemorated on November 11 and was initially observed on that day, the date was shifted to the fourth Monday of October in 1971 owing to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. On September 20, 1975, President Gerald R. Ford signed a measure that, effective in 1978, would reinstate the yearly commemoration of Veterans Day to its original date of November 11.

    If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the federal government observes it on a Friday, and if it falls on a Sunday, on a Monday. The United States Office of Personnel Management determines federal government closures. State and municipal government closures are made locally, and non-government enterprises are free to close or remain open independent of federal, state, or local government closure decisions.

    Resolution 143 of the United States Senate, approved on August 4, 2001, declared November 11 through November 17, 2001, as National Veterans Awareness Week. The resolution called for elementary and secondary school children to be educated about the accomplishments and sacrifices of veterans.

    Why Is Veterans Day Important?

    It is an opportunity to recognize those who risked their lives to defend America.

    According to official figures, around 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or serious depression. You would be shocked by how much it matters for veterans to feel appreciated by civilians for their service and sacrifices.

    It is an opportunity to consider the significance of peace.

    While our military is commonly associated with conflict, most veterans will tell you that they risked their lives to protect our fundamental liberties and that they love peace far more than war. Veterans Day invites all of us to think about the significance of harmony in our everyday interactions and lives, as those who have witnessed the true tragedy of war are reluctant to rush into it.

    It calls attention to the difficulties faced by many veterans.

    Veterans experience disproportionately high rates of homelessness, low educational attainment, difficulty finding jobs and are frequently afflicted with debilitating wounds. In many circumstances, post-traumatic stress disorder makes reintegration into ordinary society difficult. By recognizing these obstacles, we can all work together to ensure that veterans have the greatest possible opportunity of leading a healthy and rewarding life after their service.

    How to Celebrate Veterans Day?

    Hire a veteran

    Veterans confront obstacles to employment, such as a lack of preparedness for civilian occupations and inaccurate expectations regarding the type of work and compensation they might anticipate upon their return home. However, many individuals leaving the military have likely led soldiers into conflict, frequently on several deployments; as a result, they make excellent leaders and workers.

    Go running

    Perform a sponsored run for an organization like Houses for Troops, which builds homes for disabled veterans. They specialize in providing fundraising assistance, allowing you to focus on completing the run and earning as much money as possible to benefit veterans.

    Offer goodies for veterans.

    Whether you own or work for a business, delivering free items to veterans on Veterans Day is an excellent way to demonstrate your support. Whether it's tax return assistance or a simple cup of coffee, what can your company provide a veteran today to express gratitude?

    What To Wear On Veterans Day?

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