Where Did Black Friday Originate?

Oct, 25 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
Black Friday, also known as Black Friday, when it comes to Black Friday, people immediately think of "super sale". However, have you ever wondered when Black Friday started, and why people are so crazy about this "Black Friday" day?
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    What is Black Friday?

    Black Friday is also known as "Black Friday" and it has long been set to fall on the first Friday right after Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrated by Americans and Canadians with the sacred meaning of Thanksgiving. have brought their people a prosperous, peaceful life and also to celebrate a bountiful harvest season.

    Usually, Thanksgiving day will fall on the 4th Thursday in November, so Black Friday will take place around November 23 to 29 every year.

    Black Friday, also known as "Black Friday", is fixed on the first Friday after Thanksgiving (an annual holiday celebrated mainly in the US and Canada). Since Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday in November, Black Friday falls between November 23-29.

    According to Wikipedia, the name Black Friday began to be mentioned a lot after the traffic jam that occurred on the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1965 in Philadelphia, when hundreds of thousands of Americans crowded the streets. , the sidewalk goes shopping to prepare for the upcoming Christmas. This is considered the start of the Christmas shopping season, similar to Boxing Day in many other countries.

    According to USA Today, Black Friday began to be mentioned in 1939, when Franklin D. Roosevelt - the 32nd President of the United States was under pressure to move Thanksgiving from the last Thursday to Thursday. 4th in November, with the aim of extending the Christmas shopping season.

    "As the shopping season lasts, people will spend more, and the economy in crisis will receive a much-needed boost" - that's the idea that gave birth to Black. Friday.

    The Thanksgiving shift was officially recognized in 1941, but the Black Friday concept didn't really take off until about a decade later.

    In English, the term "In The Black" refers to the state of a profitable business. Contrast with "In The Black" is "In The Red" which indicates the state of business loss, business failure.

    In the past, to make it easier to distinguish and keep track of books, accountants often recorded profits in black ink and losses in red ink. Since then, people named the biggest shopping day of the year Black Friday, implying that this is a profitable day for businesses.

    Therefore, on Black Friday in the US, people often see scenes of people queuing up at supermarkets and shops to buy super cheap goods. Purchasing power these days can be equal to the previous few months combined. This is the strong economic leverage at the end of the year.

    Where did Black Friday come from?

    According to USA Today, Black Friday began to appear in 1939, the period of the 32nd president of the United States - Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt. At this time, he was under pressure of asking to move Thanksgiving from the last Thursday of the month to the fourth Thursday of November. The purpose of this was to prolong the shopping time. People's Christmas.

    The longer shopping time will make people spend more and this is the solution to boost the economy in a crisis period in the US at that time. However, it was not until 2 years later that the change of Thanksgiving day was officially recognized by the US. But until then, the concept of Black Friday - "Black Friday" was not responded to by many countries until about a decade later.

    Besides the source from USA Today, there is also another stream of news that: it is the American city of Philadelphia that is the origin of the name Black Friday. In particular, in 1950, the police in Philadelphia used the term "Black Friday" to refer to the Fridays after Thanksgiving, the days that were really difficult, due to a large number of people pouring in. The rush to the street to shop skyrocketed, causing traffic jams, leading to chaos, and even looting.

    In addition, according to Wikipedia, the term Black Friday is also derived from the traffic jam on the Friday after Thanksgiving in Philadelphia. When hundreds of thousands of people rushed to the streets to shop, leading to a situation of jostling on the streets, the shops competed to buy things to prepare for the upcoming Christmas.

    What is the meaning of Black Friday?

    Although there are many different sources of information when it comes to the origin of Black Friday, in general, Black Friday is also an occasion that not only consumers but also businesses look forward to.

    Because Black Friday is not only an opportunity for consumers to own consumer goods, electronic technology items, fashion (clothes, shoes, sandals,...),... bargain". Since then, businesses have also reaped extremely high profits.

    Not only does it take place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, but most businesses and stores have already started planning this shopping event a few days before. With its own business plan, each store will launch discount numbers that make shopping enthusiasts unable to ignore, even "out of pocket" right after Black Friday.

    Looking to Western countries, the stores that responded to this Black Friday not only launched tens of thousands of discounted items but also started opening at 4 am. But surprisingly, at that hour there were already many people waiting in line to be able to buy as soon as possible. Not to mention, some businesses even give employees time off to shop. Therefore, the situation of jostling and traffic congestion occurs is extremely obvious.

    "Going crazy" for Black Friday

    When it comes to Black Friday, people immediately think of two things: "super sale" and chaotic crowds. But why are people so "crazy" for Black Friday?

    It is not difficult to explain this when on Black Friday, most major retailers are open from about 4 am or earlier, with tens of thousands of items at huge discounts. Popular discounts range from 10 - 30%, or even 60% to sell a lot of goods.

    Some stores also offer deep discounts of up to 80-90% for some customers who come early or for common items such as electronics, refrigeration, home appliances, furniture, fashion, .. Many business owners even allow employees to take time off work as a holiday to go shopping.

    It is for this reason that on Black Friday, no matter what year it is, hundreds of people jostle and jostle each other at supermarkets and retail stores to grab strong discounts.

    This is the only day of the year when the record can turn even the quietest, most gentle shopper into a fierce "believer", ready to vie for the items they want to own.

    The influence of "Black Friday" around the world

    “As the shopping season lasts, people will spend more, and the economy in crisis will receive a much-needed boost” – that is the idea that gave birth to Black. Friday. Also, on this day, people will offer thousands of "shocking" discount items to kick off the shopping season and stimulate consumer demand. This discount can be up to 80% - 90%. That level is more than enough for shoppers to "go crazy" and rush to the street from 3 am to buy goods at bargain prices.

    The influence of this shopping festival takes place not only in the US but also in many countries around the world. All items from clothing, home appliances, electronics, cosmetics... all dropped to the level of "floor collapse". On this day, you can freely buy your favorite products without worrying about the price.

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