Where To Buy Christmas T-shirts?

What Is Christmas?

Christmas is the most important holiday of Christians, whereby Christmas is also known by other popular names such as Christmas, Christmas, Christmas or X-mas, etc. No matter what name it is called, the main purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus (Jesus).

How did Christmas Eve originate?

According to Christians (Christians), Christmas, Noel, Christmas is the day on which Jesus Christ was born. The official date of the ceremony is December 25th – “Main Day”. And the night of December 24 is called "Avenge". The “Feast of Advent” will usually attract more participants.

What is the meaning of Christmas?

In addition to the Christian meaning, Christmas is also a family holiday. A place where people gather for dinner and share stories. Christmas can also be considered a children's holiday. Christmas Eve is a magical night where all children's wishes will come true. They often wish for presents on Christmas Eve and put it in a sock. Then wait for Santa to come and give them to them.

In addition, Christmas also sends a message of peace, everyone should share with the difficult and unhappy people in life by giving them lovely gifts.

Indispensable Christmas Decorations

Christmas tree

During the Christmas celebration, the Christmas tree is an important and indispensable component in the city of Washington. According to the Western concept, the pine tree is considered a symbol of hope and new vitality in the festival to welcome the new year. Besides, it also brings luck and happiness, as well as saturated dreams and great aspirations of people. During Christmas, the Christmas tree in Washington takes on unique, diverse shapes with different colors and sizes when decorated with, baubles, stars, glittering tinsel, flowers, cards, and decorations. gifts.

Arriving in Washington City at Christmas, you can easily see the different large and small pine trees placed in commercial centers, hotels, roadside shops, amusement parks for children. In the family, the people are lavishly decorated. In addition, you can easily admire the giant pine tree in front of the Capitol, which is shimmering with 5,000 decorations. This is the most beautiful giant Christmas tree of Washington, D.C., with countless accessories and led lights that have become vivid and brilliant Christmas works for everyone to create virtual live pictures.

Laurel wreath

Laurel wreaths have long been one of the indispensable decorations when Christmas arrives in Washington city. This is a circle made of green branches and leaves decorated with 4 candles or colorful decorative fruits. This item is not only used as a decoration on the wall, enhancing the beauty of the pine tree, but also used to count the time until Christmas Eve. There are many homes in Washington City that often hang laurel wreaths in front of their doors at Christmas or can be used to decorate in the living room.

Christmas socks

Colorful Christmas stockings have become one of the indispensable features of every Christmas season in Washington. On Christmas Eve, the whole city of Washington will hang colorful socks at the end of the bed, or next to the fireplace for Santa to put presents in it. This comes from the legend that, out of pity for the family of the old farmer who did not have money as a dowry for his three daughters, he dropped 3 gold coins through the chimney to give as a gift. for them.

Christmas stockings that will hang at the end of the bed, or next to the fireplace have become one of the indispensable features of every Christmas season in Washington.

These coins had fallen down the chimney to the socks that were being dried by the fireplace. Since then, people have hung socks by the fireplace or at the end of the bed to expect to receive gifts from Santa. A sock usually contains food such as fruit or candy, but can be toys that make noises, jewelry, or a colorful book.

Christmas cards

Christmas is an occasion for people to send their friends and family members sincere feelings. Therefore, Christmas cards are also one of the indispensable items on this occasion in Washington city. This is a simple gift but has great meaning, becoming a unique gift for Christmas. Christmas cards are very diverse, with many different types and sizes to meet the needs of all people, all subjects whether they are adults or children. In addition to paper cards, in this city, there are also electronic cards and mobile phones, which are also very popular.

Christmas bells

In some Asian cultures, bells are used to signal to the public that a joyful event or a sad event has occurred. However, in some Western countries, including the United States, church bells ring at midnight, signaling the birth of Christ, the coming of the Savior to earth. So this is also one of the familiar symbols in the Christmas season. Currently, in Washington, many people tend to like to decorate their houses for Christmas with small bells, both creating a highlight for the house and making the space seem more brilliant and splendid during this holiday.

During Christmas, many families like to decorate their house Christmas with small bells, both creating a highlight for the house and making the space seem brilliant and splendid.

Mistletoe rope

Mistletoe rope is also one of the indispensable decorative symbols in Christmas of Washington city people. The reason this tree is honored on its solemn day is that, although it has no roots, it is still green during the cold winter days. Therefore, they believed that this plant has magical powers that can detoxify as well as exorcise evil spirits.

This is also a plant symbolizing peace according to Roman legend, so people hang mistletoe in front of the house as an invitation to peace, goodwill, and hospitality. Besides, they believe that this plant has a special ability to cure all kinds of diseases, from female infertility to food poisoning. Perhaps because of that, mistletoe is used as a Christmas symbol.

Candy stick

A very unusual symbol of the Christmas decoration of the city of Washington is the candy cane shaped like a cane. These candies are usually decorated in three tones with white and red stripes which are delicious and pleasing to the eye, especially with the scent of mint. It is the sweet taste of this candy that makes adults, as well as children, look forward to enjoying this holiday. In addition, this candy also has a special meaning, with the white stripe on the candy cane is said to represent the purity, pure, innocent life of Jesus. The three small red stripes also represent the blood from the pain that Jesus suffered before he died on the cross.

These candies are usually decorated in three tones with white and red stripes, which are delicious and pleasing to the eye, especially with the scent of mint.

In those three stripes is also the expression of three sacred stars of God and a very dark red stripe to represent the blood that God has shed for mankind. In particular, the mint flavor of the candy also symbolizes the hyssop used to make baptismal water and is also mentioned in the Bible. The hardness of the candy represents the iron will as well as the solid foundation of the church and the great promise of God. When looking at the hook of the staff, it resembles a shepherd's staff, for Jesus was the one who shepherded the people. If the staff is turned upside down, it will become the letter J representing the first letter of the Lord Jesus.

Christmas star

This is an indispensable decoration of Christmas day, this is a Christmas symbol with a very special meaning, they are often placed on the highest position of the Christmas tree. This five-pointed star often appears colorful and brilliant every Christmas. One of the biggest stars is usually hung on the highest place in the church bell tower, from which the string will stretch to all four sides, there are many smaller stars, hanging lanterns, beautiful flowers.

This star becomes a significant symbol during the Christmas season symbolizing God's miracles. According to legend, at the time of Christ's birth, a bright star appeared, the light of which spread for hundreds of miles and was still visible. At that time, in the far eastern regions, there were 3 kings who followed the light they found to the place where God was born to offer incense and gold and silver treasures. For this reason, the star becomes a meaningful symbol during the Christmas season and is hung in the most solemn place at synagogues and religious establishments on Christmas Eve.

Santa Claus

“Santa Claus” (also known as Saint Nicholas) originated in Turkey in the 4th century. Saint Nicholas was a very generous man. In addition, the saint also patronizes sailors of the island of Sicily, Russia, Greece, and especially children, he is praised for his gentleness, boundless love for children.

As early as the 16th century, children in the Netherlands put their shoes by the fireplace. Hopefully, Santa will generously give them their dream gift on Christmas Day. Until now, children often hang their shoes on the fireplace or the tree to wait for gifts from Santa Claus.

Christmas gift boxes

Christmas is indispensable for meaningful gift boxes expressing love from relatives and friends, etc. But for many people, it also has a deep religious meaning. Because it is a commemoration of the birth of Jesus, a gift from God to man.

Besides, the gift boxes displayed in the house on Christmas day are also an eye-catching decorative effect. You must choose at least 2-3 gift boxes to create a highlight for the holiday space.

Christmas shirt

Christmas printed t-shirts are an indispensable item in the Christmas holiday. When all family members also wear Christmas shirts, it shows the reunion as well as the meaning of Christmas Day.

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