Which Country Celebrates Halloween How Exciting Is It?

Sep, 28 2022
Posted by Frank Merino
Halloween is extremely popular in a few nations and is becoming increasingly popular in others. Halloween is overshadowed or celebrated alongside traditional festivals in various countries. For centuries, Halloween was celebrated in Ireland and Scotland.
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    Halloween is extremely popular in a few nations and is becoming increasingly popular in others. Halloween is overshadowed or celebrated alongside traditional festivals in various countries. For centuries, Halloween was celebrated in Ireland and Scotland. Many Halloween traditions were brought to America by Irish and Scottish immigrants in the nineteenth century. 

    Which Countries Celebrate Halloween?

    Many nations celebrate Halloween, also known as All Hallows' Eve, on October 31st each year. Some European and Latin American nations observe All Saints' Day on November 1st and All Souls' Day on November 2nd as official Catholic holidays.

    Each country's Halloween rituals are distinct. However, if you're looking for a completely American commercialized form of Halloween celebration with costumes and trick-or-treating, you could have a hard time finding it.

    Halloween in the United States

    Halloween is a huge holiday in the United States. Halloween is a time for mischief and merriment in the United States. It's a day filled with terrifying Halloween symbols like owls, witches, black cats, and bats, as well as enjoyable activities like dressing up in costumes, going to festive parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns, and trick-or-treating.

    Canada's Halloween

    Halloween is quite popular in Canada and is celebrated in the same way as it is in the United States. It's a joyful and festive evening full of costume parties and trick-or-treating. The term "trick or treat," which goes back to 1927, is Canada's claim to Halloween glory. This happened when a newspaper item in Alberta, Canada, claimed that "pranksters were approaching residences asking either a trick or a treat."

    Halloween in the United Kingdom

    Along with the Gaelic celebration of Samhain, the Scots, Irish, English, and Welsh all celebrate Halloween. The Americanized version of Halloween was never popular in the United Kingdom. Guy Fawkes Night, on November 5th, has traditionally been more thrilling than Halloween in England. In the UK, you're still likely to see pumpkins, costumes, and youngsters going door-to-door trick or treating.

    Mexico celebrates Halloween.

    Some Mexicans celebrate Halloween, as well as Day of the Dead, which is a two-day holiday observed yearly on November 1st (All Saints' Day) and 2nd (All Souls' Day). Skeleton iconography, sugar skulls, and marigold flowers are used in Day of the Dead celebrations. Families welcome back the souls of dead loved ones and celebrate their lives with food, music, costumes, and adorned gravestones at this time. Many other Latin American nations, including Peru, Nicaragua, and Colombia, observe the Day of the Dead uniquely.

    Halloween is celebrated in Spain.

    Halloween in Spain has a distinct traditional atmosphere that distinguishes it from most other European countries. Halloween in Spain is a three-day holiday that begins on October 31st with Dia de las Brujas (Day of the Witches), continues on November 1st with Dia de Todos Los Santos (All Saints' Day), and concludes on November 2nd with Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). During the Dia de Todos Los Santos, a public holiday, families gather at the graves of their dead loved ones to rejoice and socialize, bringing holy water, flowers, food, and drinks. Nonetheless, Halloween activities differ from place to city. In Galicia, Spain, for example, there is a combination of Celtic customs and modern Halloween adaptations, as well as the Catholic practice of commemorating deceased loved ones by visiting their graves.

    Australia's Halloween

    Halloween is gaining popularity in Australia, where an orange balloon is displayed outside the door to indicate that there will be candy for trick-or-treaters. Nonetheless, most Australians are uninterested in Halloween because it effectively represents the end of summer and harvest in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring flowers have arrived in Australia. Nonetheless, Halloween is gaining traction in Australia, particularly among families with children. Many others, though, remain staunchly opposed to it and see it as "an American thing.”

    Halloween in Japan.

    Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in Japan. This all started in 2000 when Tokyo Disneyland held its inaugural Halloween celebration. Halloween has grown in popularity, but there is no trick-or-treating. Halloween is mostly appreciated by adults in Japan, who enjoy constructing and dressing up in costumes to attend activities such as street parties and zombie runs.

    Halloween in Russia

    Russia categorically does not observe Halloween. Indeed, Russians are outspoken about why the holiday is not celebrated in their nation. Some politicians and religious organizations argue that it violates their Christian and cultural values and traditions. Check out these terrifying ouija board stories that will have you sleeping with the lights on.

    Halloween in Scotland 

    The Scotts say that a certain Halloween ritual can tell you if you and your lover are really meant to be together: Into a fire, toss nuts. If they break and crack loudly, it doesn't look like wedding bells will be ringing any time soon. If they roast quietly, everything will be fine between you and them. This is why Halloween candy is out in stores so early.

    Halloween in China

    For most Chinese people, Halloween is just another day. Outside of big cities, you probably won't see any Halloween decorations. Cities with many expatriates might have pumpkins and a few decorated storefronts for Halloween. Still, Chinese kids don't go knocking on doors for treats. Halloween isn't as big of a deal as the Feast of Hungry Ghosts party, which happens during the harvest season in the fall. The Chinese think this is when the gates of Hell open. And the spirits of people who were ignored, killed or didn't get a proper burial are appeased by burning food and fake paper money as an offering.

    How Halloween Spread Around the World?

    In the last 30 years, Halloween has become more popular. In France, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Italy, and some Asian countries, it is becoming more popular. But at first, some people didn't like it because they thought it was either too commercialized or an American holiday that interfered with local customs and traditions. But over time, people in many countries have become less opposed to Halloween as new generations, especially young people who live in cities, find ways to honor old traditions while also including Halloween.

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