Why Bags Are Important?

Oct, 15 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
Women love to carry bags when going out not just because they like it, but importantly, a trendy handbag will make them more confident. Every time you go to work, party, or walk on the street, it will be a unique style, so the bag will be a perfect highlight for your outfit.
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    Handbags bring convenience

    Usually, when men go out, they only need to carry a small wallet to hold money, papers, etc. Phones can be tucked in pants pockets, some businessmen carry briefcases containing important papers and documents. But women are not so simple!

    For Women: Staying at home can be "bad to the devil" but once you go out, you have to be "beautiful", which seems to be an immortal life motto of the sisters. Costumes, hair, accessories must be standard every millimeter, must be beautiful and spotless. And of course, to do that, they have to carry a lot of things such as mirrors, combs, cosmetics, etc. to be able to slap them anytime, anywhere. Not to mention they also need to carry papers, wallets, phones, personal belongings… There must be something that helps Women carry all of them. That's why a handbag is really important to them.

    Putting everything in a bag makes them look neater, not holding papers and phones in their pockets. Women's designs often help to accentuate the curves of the body, just think, how much less beautiful it is to put a phone in your pocket!

    Handbags that match your outfits and situations make you more confident and outstanding

    As you probably know, women have dozens of clothes and dresses of different designs and styles. Every day going to work, walking the street, going to a party will be a unique style. Definitely can't go empty-handed but need something to make that outfit more perfect. Handbags are an indispensable accessory, not only helping to carry things but also creating accents for outfits, making you more confident and outstanding!

    For example, if you need to go for a walk in the street with a youthful and dynamic outfit, you need a beautiful small bag with a unique color scheme. If you go to work you may need a larger bag, more subdued colors with a simple design. And certainly, if you go to a party, you wear a gorgeous dress, you can't carry a large bag with a bunker design. Must choose a beautiful, luxurious and noble design, right!

    Handbags raise the women's level

    Many women use Luxury bags to prove their class. A branded bag or simply an extremely luxurious and aristocratic appearance is enough to raise a significant level for women! There is a famous saying "Women at any level will meet a man at that level", a bag that helps women become more classy will help you a lot in making an impression and attracting people. it's different! No need to say much, just look at the bag and people will know your class.

    How to Choose the Right Handbag for Your Body Shape?

    Handbags for tall and thin people

    With a slim figure, the right women's handbag for you should have around, soft, large size but not oversize, so that the bag does not drown the person. The straps of the bag should also be short so as not to make you bulkier. With a tall and thin figure, the 3rd round will not be too blooming. To increase the attractiveness, fuller, you can choose women's crossbody bags with straps that sag at the hip. The bag shape that should be avoided for tall and thin people is small bags, straps that are too long, or too square, boxy. However, if you are a follower of the vintage style, you can still choose messenger bags of moderate size, with large hip straps.

    Handbags for petite figures

    A very common mistake of petite people is that they often choose to wear oversized bags. And then it's like the bag is carrying you, not you who is carrying the bag. Her petite figure was completely swallowed up by the oversize bag. Say goodbye to that unfortunate mistake. The small and beautiful figure is very suitable for wearing bags with eye-catching designs, outstanding colors with small or medium sizes. 

    Small in size, great for chest or hip bags, these bags make you look fuller, leaner, and taller. If you're a fashionista, then tiny bags that can fit just a stick of paint are perfect for you. You should also give preference to Elly's short, wearable elbow bags.

    Handbags for a round figure

    Square or rectangular box bags with clear angles, large sizes are bag shapes to honor the hot curves as well as cover the slightly plump corners of the round body. Besides, medium-sized bags, soft leather or high-grade synthetic leather, dark color, or sunken motifs (you can refer to Elly's website) will help you to be neat, graceful, and elegant. up a lot. Don't be friends with oversized bags, they not only do not conceal but also make you look as clumsy as carrying small bags.

    Handbags for pear body shapes

    Girls with a figure with hips and thighs that are more prominent than their shoulders and bust are called pear-shaped. Handbags with short straps, shoulder clips, are an option that will make the upper body larger, balance with the large hips. The pear shape is also very suitable for handbags or clutches. Just like the round figure, girls with a pear body shape also need to skip bags with a sloppy or round shape.

    Handbags for long backs and short legs

    Handbags with waist-length straps, soft, rounded shapes, worn on one shoulder are the ideal choice to balance the ratio between the back and legs.

    Handbags for the hourglass figure

    Whether it's a slim hourglass figure or a curvaceous hourglass figure, with desirable body measurements, you should choose bags with a long strap that does not reach the waist. That length is ideal for handbags that adorn the ant waist or bust.

    Handbags for a sporty figure

    With a slightly rough skeleton, horizontal and muscular shoulders, round or oval bags will increase softness, femininity, and flexibility for sporty girls. Choosing bags with elegant colors, prints, and patterns will help you use them in many cases, including going to parties. Because women's clutches are beautiful and luxurious, but they are not suitable for healthy bodies.

    Apple shape body

    Apple-shaped women often have full busts and horizontal shoulder blades. With this advantage, you are very suitable for bags with long straps, crossbody bags, messenger bags.

    Where to buy good handbags?

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