Why do you need a Blanket?

Mar, 11 2022
Posted by Prairie Moon
Even on hot nights, it's hard to sleep well without a blanket over your body. Here are some reasons why some people can't sleep without a blanket, whether it's a cold winter or a hot summer.
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    The blanket helps regulate body temperature

    Humans are warm-blooded creatures, which means that the body regulates its own internal temperature and this is what keeps us warm. However, when you are in a deep sleep, the body's ability to control gradually diminishes. This is when you need to seek help from those around you. The blanket will help our body regulate and maintain the temperature at the required level.

    A blanket helps relieve stress and anxiety

    Serotonin is one of those feel-good chemicals that play an important role in keeping us happy and calm. When we feel stressed and anxious, it is very difficult to fall asleep.

    However, once we cover ourselves under a blanket, it creates a feeling of security that causes the levels of this chemical to increase and the feelings of anxiety start to disappear.

    Covering a blanket helps us fall asleep faster

    The blanket creates a small climatic environment in which the temperature does not vary much. This helps to warm the skin as well as prevent the surrounding elements from cooling down the body. So you'll fall asleep faster, and get a better and less disturbed night's sleep.

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    The blanket creates a feeling of peace of mind when sleeping, so it is easier to fall asleep.

    We will feel protected and safe

    Blankets stimulate our sense of security because the most common fear people have as children are fear of the dark. So when that feeling starts, we cover ourselves up completely. It will be a magical getaway to battle our fears and make us feel protected. This sense of security is still present with us today when we lie under our blankets.

    A blanket is an essential part of your bedtime routine

    Humans are creatures of habit too and this has a huge impact on why we need our blankets. Even if it's not to feel safe, we've used blankets every day of our lives and it's been ingrained in our habits ever since. So when we go to bed and cover ourselves with a blanket, our bodies get a signal that it's time for complete rest.

    The habit of sleeping with a blanket can actually be seen in many people. The blanket, whether it's hot or cold season, also gives them a sense of peace of mind to go to sleep well. Therefore, with blanket believers, always maintain the blanket on your bed to ensure quality sleep.

    Why is it easy to sleep with a blanket?

    Ellen Wermter, a representative of the Better Sleep Association, in Virginia (USA), said that human circadian rhythms are tied to temperature, and body temperature drops just before sleep.

    The body conserves energy for performing other bodily functions, such as digestion. As a result, body temperature tends to drop continuously during sleep. The blanket keeps the body temperature from falling too low, helping to prevent waking, according to the Deccan Chronicle.

    Why do many people still wear blankets when it's hot?

    When it's hot out, blankets can be troublesome because everything works in reverse, and blankets keep body heat in check. As the body heats up, it pushes the temperature higher and creates a boiler inside the blanket.

    At that time, the easy solution to stay cool and sleep better is to "step off the blanket". But no matter how sweaty and uncomfortable, many people still can't let go of the blanket.

    They can take a dip in cold water before covering them with blankets, stick one foot out, or place a fan directly next to the bed. Even just covering the upper half of the body. But when told to remove the blanket completely, he definitely refused.

    Why put a blanket like that, when if they take the blanket off, they will sleep better?

    The body is used to seeing a low temperature, and the accompanying movement of blankets, which are all signs of sleep. So, even if it's hot outside, when the body's internal temperature drops and the body prepares to fall asleep, they will automatically want to cover themselves with blankets, according to the Deccan Chronicle.

    Just as a drop in body temperature is a signal for sleep to begin, so is pulling up a blanket when drowsy. Experts call these cues associated with the onset of sleep.

    When your body temperature drops, your brain will automatically signal you to cover yourself with a blanket. It's part of the routine. And if you don't, your brain will feel it lacks something to sleep, and you may find it difficult to fall asleep, Ms. Wermter said, according to the Deccan Chronicle.

    Therefore, sleeping with a blanket is too hot, but without a blanket, the brain will feel that there is still something missing from sleep.

    One more reason

    During rapid eye movement sleep called REM sleep - is the stage of sleep when the brain is active and dreams occur, serotonin levels in the brain drop. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that creates feelings of peace, said Professor Sanam Hafeez, from New York Smith University Columbia (USA).

    The use of blankets, especially in plump people, leads to higher serotonin levels, which means they can help with better sleep.

    It is possible that the weight of the blanket creates a cuddling effect, causing a deep pressure stimulation that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, potentially increasing dopamine - a neurotransmitter that elevates mood and serotonin levels in some people, according to the Huff Post.

    What are the common cotton blanket maintenance mistakes?

    Not cleaning often

    Each person spends 7-8 hours a day in bed. During that process, the body secretes a lot of smelly sweat and dead skin. They cling directly to the comforter you use every day. If not washed regularly, blankets will carry a lot of dirt and bacteria. That threatens your health and that of your whole family.

    Keeping the comforter in the closet for too long

    Another mistake that many people often make when storing duvets is keeping them in the closet for too long. Although you have washed the blanket before storing it in the closet, if you leave it in the closet for too long, it is easy to cause mold. The environment in the cabinet is not as ventilated as you think. So even though you have washed the comforter, if you leave it in the closet for too long without drying it, the comforter is very moldy and has an unpleasant odor. 

    Dry the stored blankets that haven't been dried yet

    Another mistake that you can make when storing cotton blankets is to dry the collected blankets and store them. Cotton blankets are often thick and difficult to dry. Especially on humid days, high air humidity is difficult to dry the blanket. It is best on days when it is not sunny, you should dry the comforter before drying to dry it faster.

    Do not use fabric softener to make blankets smelly

    Cotton blankets are often used in winter. So, on hot days, you often keep the blanket in the closet. However, a mistake that many people often make: only washing the blanket with ordinary soap. This makes the blanket incubated for a long time in the cabinet, which is prone to mold and unpleasant odors. Fabric softener not only helps to scent the fabric but also makes the comforter softer. After a long time, take the blanket out, just let the blanket air dry to be used, no need to wash it again.

    Tips to help you properly store your comforter

    You need to regularly wash the duvet cover weekly to keep them smelling fresh, clean and prevent stubborn stains that will be difficult to clean for too long.

    Classify cotton blankets to be washed separately, do not wash with other clothes. Please wash the blanket with the gentlest cycle in the washing machine to prevent the blanket from becoming frayed and discolored.

    Treat stubborn stains before washing by directly applying laundry detergent or mixing soap with a little water and rubbing on the stain. Soak for 15 minutes to dissolve the stain. With stubborn stains such as bloodstains, alcohol ... you can handle them with bleach.

    Do not wash the cotton pad too many times. You can clean the cotton gut by beating with a wooden stick to let the dirt fall out. Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining dust and cotton dust. Finally, put it in the sun or heat to remove bacteria.

    Avoid washing and drying cotton blankets in wet weather because the blanket will take a long time to dry and easily accumulate bacteria

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