Why Do You Need a Tote Bag In Your Closet?


What is a Tote bag?

Canvas Tote bags are also known as canvas bags. This is an extremely fashionable bag model and is the passion of trendy girls. It can be affirmed that the Tote bag with elegant and pure color, durable bag model, so this is considered the most perfect choice for the fashion field.

With the advantages of smoothness and excellent durability, the bag can easily hold items weighing 7-10kg. Moreover, the bag color is usually white, milky white, light pink, cream brown, cream white and is designed with delicate logos and images, so the Tote bag has a pure and fashionable beauty. This is the reason that Tote bags are highly appreciated by the fashion market.

How was the birth of the Tote bag?

In the early 17th century, when Tote only meant "to take away", in the 1940s people saw Tote as a type of bag. With compact features, durable materials, simple design, so the Tote becomes an increasingly popular accessory in the market.

Only years later, a brand name from the US released a bag used to carry ice. Since then people have realized the convenience of stylish bags, so in the late 60's L.L.Bean launched a canvas Tote bag and started the trend of fashion bags in the world.

Following that success, in the late 80s, a Tote store in New York City was born and launched many fashionable and impressive versions. The bags printed with animals and symbols were born in turn to meet the fashion needs of the world.

What are the main materials that make a Tote bag?

Tote bags are currently made from 3 main types of materials:

Probably the most popular Tote bag material is Canvas. This is the most popular fabric for Tote bags at the moment. Canvas fabric with rough nature and brings impressive features to the user. The canvas is soft, thick, easy to wash and dry, the form of the fabric stands standard, in the long run, it is not afraid of the phenomenon of "fabric porridge". This material favors a classic, unique bag style.

In the garment industry, leather is the most expensive raw material. A leather Tote bag will enhance the noble and luxurious look for the owner of the bag. If money is not an issue then this is probably a great choice for you as the bag will make you more classy

Another material that makes a Tote bag is a parachute. This is a fabric used a lot when making handbags. The advantage of this fabric is that it is quite water-resistant, has a variety of colors, and is very durable. This is also the type of material for Tote bags worth considering. 

Why are Tote bags so attractive to women?

Tote bags appeared very early but became popular not long ago. Because of its storage capacity along with its simplicity and convenience, the bag has recently been especially "favored by young people". Tote bags are on average cheaper than other types of bags but create an impressive and young style. Medium for young people can be used for any occasion. Tote bag regardless of age. The bag has a personality pattern with basic color tones suitable for all occasions, helping you to be neither too casual nor too formal, suitable for everyone from students to working people.

Tote bags are a fashion trend that many people love. When going out on the street, it is not difficult to see a person carrying a Tote bag with you. This type of bag has become a fashion industry trend and is popular in Korea, Japan, Singapore, America, Europe, etc.


Can men use Tote bags?

Perhaps this is also the question of many male friends. My answer is that men can also use Tote bags. Previously, the Tote bag was only for women, but now the bag has also had an influence on men's fashion and with men.

Tote bags are also a fashion accessory for elegant and gallant gentlemen. When appearing on the street, it will definitely have a strong charm!

Leather bags are also very suitable for successful young men, sophisticated and elegant style. Surely with the Tote bag, boys will attract a lot of eyes from women. 

What are the benefits of using Tote bags?

Use Tote bags to help protect the environment

This is the main reason for the canvas bag (canvas bag) that people love and use a lot. Because the composition of the Tote bag is a 100% natural material, there are no chemicals or additives like plastic bags that pollute the environment. Canvas bags also have the ability to biodegrade for a long period of time when not in use, helping to protect the health of users and reduce the amount of waste released into the environment.

Use Tote bags to save money

Not only helps to protect the environment, but the canvas bag is also durable, fashionable, and cheap. Today, the role of bo is more and more loved by people because of its diversity such as a variety of designs, colors, and prints, etc.

Cost is the most important thing when a consumer wants to buy an item. But think about it, instead of spending money to buy plastic bags for daily use, everyone knows that plastic bags can only be used for 1 2, if dirty, they will have to be thrown away. As for the Tote bag with prices ranging from several tens of thousands of dollars, you can use it anywhere, can hold many personal items, and especially the Tote bag can be washed with soap and reused. many times to save costs.

Using Tote bags as fashion accessories

Today's canvas tote bag is considered an indispensable fashion accessory for fashionistas both at home and abroad. Considered as a new hot trend in the village of Street style.

And no one talks about the "comfortable" of Tote bags when combined with all kinds of clothes, they are "suitable" and pretty and especially it is indispensable in travel, going out, Even though it's just an ordinary cheap canvas bag, it still shows a lovely and lovely fashion style that makes so many girls "fall in love" with it.

 Using Tote bags in daily life

The canvas bag is known as a versatile bag that can hold many different items, some women jokingly say that it can "carry the whole world"

Here are a series of uses that "carry the whole world" of Tote bags:

Carrying school tools or personal items when going to school or working part-time

Keep records and documents for office ladies

Carrying food and items every time the women go to the market, go to the supermarket

Store personal items every time the girls go for a walk, go shopping, travel such as lipstick, cosmetics, phone, power bank, wallet, etc.

There is a very special reason why this canvas has become so divine, please continue to watch it

Using Tote bags as a brand promotion tool

Nowadays, Tote bags are loved by everyone and used everywhere. Understanding the needs of consumers, many businesses have used canvas bags with brand logos as exclusive products to promote their brands. This is the way to build image and trust in customers and it is the main factor that hits customers' psychology right from the first use. Because when carrying a Tote bag wherever they go, they will always see your company name brand and it will always be in their memory. And now Tote bags are applied to many different industries: milk tea system - cafe, fashion clothing shop, cosmetics, spa,..


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