Why Is Basket The Most Trending Thing Now?

Jul, 22 2021
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Basket is an essential item in any home. The basket with the main function is to store things, in addition, it can also be used for decoration. Currently, baskets are very diverse in color, size and design. Have you ever wondered, when did the basket come into existence?
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    History of Basket

    It was thought by the ancient Mesopotamians that the world began when a small wicker raft was placed in the seas. Baskets were used by ancient Egyptian bakers to keep freshly made loaves of bread. Baskets were made by all ancient civilizations; the Romans farmed willows to use in their baskets, and the Japanese and Chinese included baskets among their many handicrafts that were descended from ancient civilizations.

    Because baskets were used as moulds for some of the earliest pots, basket weaving was the catalyst for the development of pottery manufacture. Consequently, the history of pottery and baskets, as discovered and analysed by archaeologists, is inextricably entwined with one another.

    Native Americans may have given the most significant legacy to the world of baskets, according to some estimates. It is believed that Native Americans in Arizona and New Mexico manufactured basket ceramics between 5000 and 1000 BC as part of the earliest basket tradition. A genuine art form, their baskets (many of which can still be found in graveyards) were lauded as being a type of basket that was manufactured not just by primitive people, but also by women.

    With the basket, the Indians were able to create a variety of items that they utilised on a daily basis, including fishing nets, animal and fish traps, as well as cooking utensils, which were woven with such fineness that they were resistant to water. The Tlingit and Chilkat tribes of the Pacific Northwest weave exquisite baskets from the finest yarn. In the American Southwest, the Hopi, Apache, and other Pueblo tribes create rolled baskets decorated with bright colours and geometric patterns, which they weave from dyed and natural materials.

    The Native American basket gained popularity as an adornment in the late 1800s, but the problem was that there were only a few Indian artists available to supply the demand at the time. Following the Spanish War with the United States in 1898, the Philippines, which likewise had a long and illustrious basket-making legacy, came under the administration of the United States. Rural folks harvest their own basket materials and weave them into baskets that they sell in urban markets. The widespread demand for baskets in the United States, combined with the improvement of the Philippine economy, resulted in the establishment of schools that offered basket weaving classes.

    The Philippine archipelago continues to be a major centre for basket manufacturing. There are many different sorts of baskets available today, in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours.

    Trending use of baskets

    The trend of using modern storage baskets for decoration is increasing, now the need to buy baskets not only for the main purpose of storing things but also for decoration is also very reasonable. With the development of the world, people now increasingly prefer environmentally friendly products, so basket products made from bamboo or wood are used a lot. Baskets are widely used as home decorations. Baskets are also treasured as collectibles with areas of specialization including historical baskets, baskets of various forms, or baskets of a particular culture. Many people also collect baskets made by artists, used to display art. Baskets and baskets sewn with finely divided and shaped ash for pies and cakes are greatly appreciated.

    Types of baskets popular

    Basket made of wood

    Wooden baskets can be used for a variety of purposes. On the one hand, they are constructed of natural materials that are easily recyclable. On the other hand, the design of these baskets is always elegant and natural, making them suitable for different styles and spaces. Furthermore, because wooden baskets are heavier than plastic baskets, we can't move them from side to side. However, some of these baskets feature a fabric interior with handles, allowing you to transport your belongings without having to carry the wooden basket. There are currently various varieties of wooden baskets that are lower in weight and easy to transport.

    Fabric Basket

    Many folks like to use fabric baskets. To make them more comfortable, fabric baskets are frequently fashioned of thick fabric. The disadvantage of fabric baskets is that it might be difficult to keep them in the correct shape, which makes them difficult to use. Fabric basket types are currently built from metal frames that are very strong and avoid form loss. Fabric baskets have a variety of advantages, including low cost, the ability to simply wash them if they become stinky or dusty, and the fact that they are quite light, making them easy to handle and move. There are various varieties available today, particularly those with two side handles for carrying the basket easily.

    Metal Basket 

    Metal baskets, like furniture, are framed or have some cloth inside to keep objects from falling out. They have a light and modern appearance, but they are heavier than cloth and difficult to clean.

    Plastic Basket

    Plastic baskets are an excellent solution for people seeking low-cost baskets. These baskets are simpler and more durable, and while they are not as lovely as metal or wooden baskets, they are a popular choice due to their low cost. Furthermore, they come in a variety of colours, are simple to clean, and are lightweight. There are many different varieties of plastic that have been fashioned as rattan baskets, which have become very popular since they are far more elegant than the ordinary plastic baskets.

    Rattan Basket

    The rattan basket is composed of natural materials that are safe for health, and it comes in basic hues that are ideal for those who appreciate simplicity.

    Baskets woven in dark or light tones, with painted regions or with a single colour. We can even customise them with extras to make them our own.

    Custom Basket

    We can buy paintable canvas baskets and customise whatever we want. There are, however, ready-made goods. We can, for example, print on terms for each basket use. Everyone will know where to store everything, whether it's sports bags, white clothes, or socks, this way. Very useful and inventive.

    Use baskets wisely

    Knowing how to use the right storage baskets for each space will help you store your belongings and keep your home tidy and clean.

    Use them to store blankets, pillows, and even smaller essentials. When it comes to flexibility, they really help. Baskets of all shapes and sizes help us organize everything we love.

    Grass baskets, often woven from grass, are one of many ways to add arrangement to your home.

    Storage rooms and hallways are often forgotten spaces. But they're a great place to arrange baskets for miscellaneous items such as flip-flops, shoes... Consider giving each family member a storage basket like That way, everything will always be in the right place and neat.

    In the reading corner, you can use the basket to store your favorite magazines. When you want to read, you just need to sit down, take them out and enjoy.

    Using a storage basket in a toy room or children's play space is a perfect idea. Children's toys, books, stories will be neatly stored. You can hang the baskets on the wall and attach a class name tag to each one. This way reminds your baby to put his toys in the right place.

    When rearranging bookcases, storage baskets help fill in the gaps on the shelves. This way, you can easily hide a few favorite items that you don't want to use right away.

    In the bathroom, dark storage baskets create a contrast with the white cabinet and bathroom essentials such as towels, soap, shower gel, toilet paper…

    Storing last season's blankets in rattan baskets with lids, then neatly tucked under the bed is a smart way to expand your bedroom's storage space.

    On the kitchen cabinets or cupboards, you can use baskets to store foods such as apples, onions, potatoes or unused napkins and napkins.

    How to preserve Basket?

    Products made from natural materials, users always have difficulties in how to preserve and handle the problem of mold when changing weather. Therefore, we will guide some points to keep in mind when preserving sedge products.

    Basket care instructions

    The product should be kept in a dry place; Avoid humid places or areas with steam.

    If the product gets wet, do not let it deform, but leave it to air or dry in the shade until it is completely dry.

    Product cleaning and mold treatment

    A problem that many people who use products from natural ingredients often encounter is that after a long time of not using, or the humid weather in the rainy season, the products become moldy. The way to handle these cases is:

    Use a soft cloth or soft-bristled brush to gently scrub away dust, dirt, etc.

    Lightly dry or dry in the sun or wind. Avoid drying in the sun, which will make the basket easy to break and change color.

    Store in a well-ventilated place and continue to use. Do not put the product in a nylon bag and seal it.

    Depending on the purpose of use and preservation, the shelf life of the product will be different, so users should also understand and know how to preserve the product to use it longer.

    Where to buy a good Basket?

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