Why is National Kitten Day observed?

Dec, 01 2021
Posted by Frank Merino
National Kitten Day is celebrated to show love and companionship with the little cute kittens which are one of the most popular domestic animals raised in the home.
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    Why is National Kitten Day observed?

    National Kitten Day is celebrated to show love and companionship with the little cute kittens which are one of the most popular domestic animals raised in the home. 

    With Printerval, let’s explore interesting information about this lovely animal and the day. 

    What is Kitten? 

    A kitten refers to a juvenile cat that displays primary altricial and is totally dependent on its mother for survival after being born. 

    The growing-up process of kittens is really interesting and curious. Kittens don’t open their eyes until after seven to ten days and after approximately two weeks, they quickly develop and begin to explore the world outside the nest and they learn to wash themselves and others as well as play hunting and stalking games, showing their inborn ability as predators. These innate skills are developed by the kittens' mother or other adult cats. During the period of three to four weeks, they start to eat solid food and grow baby teeth. 

    Why is National Kitten Day observed?

    In fact, domestic kittens are highly social animals and usually enjoy human companionship, and are one of the most common domestic animals in the world. 

    The term “ kitten” comes from “ kitoun”, a Middle English word that came from the Old French word “ chitoun” or “cheton”. 

    Kittens are vulnerable animals because they like to find dark places to hide, sometimes with fatal results if they are not watched carefully. In particular, they have a habit of seeking refuge under or inside cars or on top of car tires during stormy or cold weather that can result in broken bones, burns, heatstroke, damaged internal organs, or death.

    ( Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitten)

    What are the benefits of Kitten? 

    Kittens bring people who raise them a lot of benefits, including:

    Being young

    Because kittens are seen as stubborn animals, it is true that the younger a cat is when she comes to your life, the easier she will be to train and socialize, whether it comes to using the litter box or giving and receiving affection. Playing with kittens can help you feel younger and energetic, like the way they often have reverted to their "wild" instinctive ways.

    Why is National Kitten Day observed?

    Good health

    It is firmly true that having a kitten in your life can be beneficial for your physical health and emotional well-being, from lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol to easing pressing feelings of anxiety, stress, depression, and loneliness.

    Although it may seem to some like quite a fanciful notion, the presence of a sweet kitten can do wonders for your health.

    Why is National Kitten Day observed?


    If you have small children, bringing a kitten into your home may be a fun way for your little ones to learn a little bit about the daily responsibility of pet ownership because a lot of maintenance and care is required such as cleaning out the litter box, feeding them at all times, etc. 

    Why is National Kitten Day observed?

    Social Life

    Honestly, having a kitten can also be of great help to your social life. First of all, talking about caring for a cat can help you establish connections with other pet owners in your neighborhood. Secondly, when you take your lovely pets outside, it is easy to make friends with others, especially those who also love cats. Sometimes, their loveliness also attracts many people in the street, in the park, etc. 

    ( Source: https://pets.thenest.com/benefits-having-kitten-6429.html)

    Why is National Kitten Day observed?

    National Kitten Day is a day observed on July 10th annually by Pet & Family Lifestyle expert, author, and animal advocate Colleen Paige, with the aim of encouraging adoption and celebrating the joy kittens, bring to our lives. 

    First of all, National Kitten Day is celebrated in order to remind us that while kittens are well equipped to find their way into our hearts, many don’t find homes. They can be abandoned at shelters, on the side of the road, or wild and feral. 

    Secondly, the day aims to encourage adoptions, in particular, instead of purchasing a kitten from a pet store, adopt from a shelter. 

    Nowadays, National Kitten Day is celebrated by a large number of kitten lovers around the world.

    Why is National Kitten Day observed?

    How to celebrate National Kitten Day?

    There are a lot of ideas to observe National Kitten Day such as giving your kittens lovely gifts, adopting a new baby kitten, contributing to a kitten fund or organization, and so on. 

    Apart from those, wearing or using items with National Kitten Day has been a popular way of celebration recently thanks to the development of fashion and printing technology. With these custom items, you will have a sense of belonging when enjoying the atmosphere of the day, along with others. Also, you will feel special and excited by utilizing these items. 

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