Why Is Tank top Called Tank top?

Sep, 10 2021
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Tank top is a name that is not too strange to many people who love and learn about fashion, however, most people do not know what it is. So, in this article, Printerval will explain to you what a tank top is? How to wear a tank top and explain why tank tops are so popular.
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    What is a Tank top?

    Tank top is also known as a sleeveless shirt, tank top, or sleeveless shirt, the reason why the tank top has so many names is that it is designed to inherit the main features of the round neckline, but the sleeves The shirt is shortened to the point that it is close to the armpit, so it is also called an armpit shirt. In addition, with the special design of the shirt, the collar and 2 sleeves are equally spaced, forming 3 holes, so since then, it is also called a 3-hole shirt to make it easier to remember and identify.

    Tank tops are usually made from spandex, cotton, or synthetic fabrics, but remember, the material does not shape the name of the tank top, what defines this name is its design, so if you see a shirt with jeans or khaki material, it can also be called a tank top.

    History of the tank top

    Back in the past, tank tops originated in South America (the USA and Canada), in the past were often worn by medieval warriors here under thick armor, later, with the development of Social and fashionable, this design became popular with basketball players, with the advantage of being airy, allowing the wearer to freely exercise without worrying about entanglement or tearing.

    By the beginning of the 21st century, tank tops began to thrive around the world along with the development of travel, an item suitable for travel, outdoor activities in the hot summer. Up to now, it is one of the most popular items in the world.

    Distinguish tank top from the undershirt

    Because the design is somewhat similar, it is easy to confuse between a tank top and an undershirt, however, it is not too difficult to distinguish these two items.

    The undershirt is a shirt that tends to press against the body, we are still used to calling it a bra, worn inside, used to absorb sweat or avoid discomfort when the body is rubbed because the outer shirt is a hard fabric, Undershirts usually have deeper "sleeves" than tank tops.

    Why is the tank top so hot every summer?

    Tank tops are one of the few garments that men, women, and LGBT individuals may wear since they are not choosy about what they wear. As a result, tank tops are highly popular, and demand for travel rises every hot summer worldwide. Every summer, tank tops with unique patterns are automatically sent into hot goods stores worldwide.

    In addition, a part of people who do not like to travel in the summer also tend to play sports, exercise, intense sports that cause heat, sweat, and tank tops are appropriate items. This is the best way to reconcile this, so this shirt is so popular that they can wear it on many occasions other than when playing sports or the gym.

    How to wear a beautiful tanktop?

    Tank tops are usually not picky, so it is easy to combine with other items to create a great outfit. There are many ways to dress well with a tank top, be it wearing a tank top with jeans, shorts, jogger pants, khaki pants, etc., or it can also be combined in a layer style with the innermost tank top, shirt. outerwear shirt, combined with shoe accessories, book bags, ...

    Common types of tank tops

    Camisole shirt

    A camisole shirt, also known as a Cami shirt, is a tank top for women. This outfit is characterized by its waist-length, decorated with thin straps. In the past, this dress was mainly used as a bra, but now it is considered formal wear.

    Halter top

    The halter top is an outfit designed specifically for women, characterized by a tie around the neck and a back-hugging design, bringing comfort and charm to the wearer.

    Recently, the halter top has come closer to men. The halter tops for men have also gradually appeared in the collections, although the quantity is not much.


    If camisoles are exclusive to women, men have a close friend, an A-shirt. This costume is one of the specialized items used in sports matches or Olympic events. In recent years, they are also combined with jeans/shorts on summer days.

    Muscle shirt.

    Muscle shirt is a term used to refer to a shirt with a design similar to a t-shirt but without sleeves. These shirts may have a larger or smaller hole (to pull over the head, through the sleeves) than a t-shirt. In the past, most designs have small holes for women, big holes for men, but in recent years, the trend of wearing muscle shirts with big holes and bras has become much hotter and very popular. favored by you.


    Beautifully coordinated men's tank top

    Men love to wear apple tank tops because of their convenience. In addition, it also shows their lifestyle through the way of mixing clothes.

    Men's tank top with Jogger

    This is the best way to mix clothes with a tank top. This way of mixing clothes has won the hearts of everyone, even though it is the most difficult. As proof, foreign and domestic actors choose this type of mix. Even at the gym, the appearance of tank tops accounts for the majority of not only men but also women. With the divine nature of coolness and sweat ventilation, this shirt style also captivates the viewer when it enhances the body of the practitioner.

    Tanktop mixed with jeans

    Of course, this can be considered the second paradise of this sleeveless shirt. Jeans are very diverse in design, so when combined with an umbrella shirt. It will also bring many different personality forms, from which you are free to choose according to your personality. Most importantly, when wearing this style, you will feel dynamic and cool.

    Tank top mixed with a Shirt

    If you've ever listened to timeless good music without getting bored, the same goes for mixing with a shirt. This is probably a way of mixing things that are never outdated from the past to the present and also in the future. With some magical power, it always brings attraction to you wherever you are.

    Tank top combined with a Jacket

    With a street style, this mix is ​​mainly mixed with jeans or hoodies. To increase the dusty part, don't be sorry to buy yourself thick pairs and bring accessories.

    What to keep in mind when mixing with Tank Top?

    The choice of tank top fabric material is also an extremely important thing. Tank Top is usually made of Cotton fabric, so when worn, it not only brings coolness and comfort but also absorbs sweat extremely well.

    Besides, Tank Top has many brands and fashion brands from popular to large as well as different designs. Therefore, depending on your preferences, financial conditions as well as needs to choose the right shirt style for you.

    Moreover, the color of the shirt is also something you should pay attention to. Because choosing the right shirt color for your skin is extremely important.

    On the other hand, when coordinating with Tank Top, you also need to consider the audience, the situation .... To choose the most suitable outfit.

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