Why is there National Hiking Day?

Why is there National Hiking Day?

If you are a hiking lover, surely you’ve heard about the day of November 19 on which they called National Hiking Day. Yet, do you know why there is that day?

In this Blog, Printerval will help you to address this question as well as provide you with some exciting ideas to observe the day. Make sure that you will have an unforgettable holiday. 

To begin with, let’s take a quick look at some fundamental information about hiking.

What is Hiking?

Why is there National Hiking Day?

Hiking is known as a long, vigorous walk either on trails or on footpaths in the countryside.

Canada and the United States are the two countries that prefer to use the term “ hiking” as a form of walking. In fact, there are many terms to refer to “ hiking” in many different regions. 

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What are the benefits of Hiking?

Hiking as an outdoor activity has plenty of benefits as when you hike, you can enjoy nice views, fresh air, and the sounds and smells of nature. Also, as a powerful cardio workout, hiking brings many health advantages for hikers, including: 

  • Lowering your risk of heart disease 
  • Improving your blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Boosting bone density, since walking is a weight-bearing exercise. 
  • Building strength in your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and the muscles in your hips and lower legs
  • Strengthening your core
  • Improving balance
  • Helping to control your weight
  • Boosting your mood

Why is there National Hiking Day?

Why is there National Hiking Day?

For such benefits and enjoyments, hiking is an indispensable activity of people in many countries in the world. As a result, the National Hiking Day is observed on November 17th with the aim of encouraging people to get out there and hit the trails and experience majestic views and the great outdoors as well as exercise their bodies. 

It is estimated that there are over 60,000 miles of trails in the National Trail System across the 50 states of the United States. Therefore, there is no lack of opportunity to take a hike. 

How to Celebrate National Hiking Day?

There are many ideas for honoring and observing the day to take a hike. Here, Printerval would like to share with you several of them. 

Take a Hike to a New Place

There are a million places to go on a hike but when you hike, be sure to take note of the beautiful and magnificent surroundings, from the towering trees overhead to the secret and elusive critters that live in mountain streams and in distant glades. 

Why is there National Hiking Day?

Remember that don’t be in a hurry as hiking is made to commune with nature, and noticing it is the first step. Take A Hike Day is the ideal opportunity to reconnect with the fundamentally important things in life: the fresh air, blue sky, and deep rich earth underfoot.

Grab Some Friends for a Hike

You should have at least one buddy to journey with when it comes to serious hiking as long journeys are different from going on a short hike which can be seen as therapeutic and soothing. 

But the important thing is you should choose a hiking buddy who moves at a similar pace, who appreciates nature in the same way, and who is able to either talk or be quiet as needed because that will be fewer conflicts between you.  

Why is there National Hiking Day?

Learn Safety Tips for Hiking

It is true that taking a hike can certainly be loads of fun but it’s also important to use the brain and follow certain safety guidelines so that the hike ends in delight rather than a visit to the emergency room.

Why is there National Hiking Day?

The idea of learning safety tips for hiking is really great and useful on National Hiking Day. You should get the hang of having the proper gear, such as boots and socks, and some tips for safety hiking including:

  • Stay Hydrated. This tip teaches you to bring a filled water bottle and sip it on it throughout the hike. This is especially important on warmer days when dehydration is more likely.
  • Hike with a Friend ( as I mentioned before). 
  • Create an Itinerary. This lesson tells you that you should know where you are going is vital when hiking and be sure to share it with someone outside the group, such as with the park ranger’s office. This helps in case someone gets lost or injured and a search party needs to be sent out.
  • Prepare for the weather. This is not a lesson or a tip but is a necessary step you must check before taking a hike. You should watch the weather forecast and take into consideration factors such as altitude, lightning, or rain. The heat of the sun is another important weather factor to be prepared for. Pack sun protection, rain gear, emergency shelter, and a first aid kit.

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