Why t-shirts are popular?

Why t-shirts are popular?

What is a t-shirt?

A T-shirt, also known as Tee shirt, refers to a style of fabric shirt. Previously, there was only a type of t-shirt called crew neck t-shirt which has short sleeves and a round neckline and lacks a collar. The materials to make t-shirts were common fabrics that are stretchy, light, and inexpensive as well as easy to clean because, in the past, t-shirts were worn as undershirts. 

From the 19th century to the mid 20th  century, t-shirts underwent a significant evolution when they transitioned from undergarments to general-use casual clothing.

T-shirts are commonly produced from cotton textile in a stockinette or jersey knit, distinguishing with shirts made of woven cloth. Nowadays, the t-shirts’ manufacture has become highly automated and may include cutting fabric with advanced machines such as a laser and a water jet. 

It does not cost arms and legs to produce or buy t-shirts, as a result, people call them “ fast fashion” which are manufactured and sold on a large scale, in comparison with other types of attire. For instance, it is estimated that there are two billion T-shirts sold in the United States annually and in Sweden, a person buys nine t-shirts a year on average. 

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Why t-shirts are popular?

Why are T-shirts so popular?

It is firmly believed that t-shirts often reflect the identity of one’s self because everyone has their own perfect type of T-shirt to wear which adheres with their characters, styles, personality. Honestly, apart from the most comfortable of the clothes, T-shirts help out in giving all sorts of messages, glamorous looks sometimes and whatnot in their extreme efficacious forms. T-shirts are really the exclusive storyboards that people love to play around to exhibit freely, without the fear of judgment. Here, Printerval gives you several reasons why t-shirts have become popular.

Why t-shirts are popular?

T-shirts express one’s identity

T-shirts are the most personal clothing for individuals to represent their inner self because they may carry personal and social messages, hobbies, passions, interests, slogans, creative designs, preachings, and express the wearers in their truest nature. 

Honestly, t-shirts can be a tool to convey what people find hard to say out loud. The artwork on your T-shirt sometimes is the best way to communicate with the world and help you to create opportunities to meet and impress new and like-minded folks. For example, t-shirts with “ Proud Black Queen” printing or “ LGBT” artwork at Printerval are ideal to denote what you want and who you are.

Proud Black Queen- printed t-shirt at Printerval
Proud Black Queen- printed t-shirt at Printerval

You are about to bring a social change

Because of many recent events, there is a surge in people wearing tees with slogans or quotes such as “ FreeBritney”, “ Every Child Matter”, “ American First Again”, etc. These expressions tell the world what you support and desire. 

Printing slogans, quotes, or artwork on t-shirts is not only legal but efficient as your silent support strengthens the number of people who desire change. In fact, this way of support could bring about the change that we desire and make the world a better place to live for everyone. 

Never Forget 9 11 20th Anniversary 2021- printed t-shirts at Printerval
Never Forget 9 11 20th Anniversary 2021- printed t-shirt at Printerval

It lets you communicate better

Personal expressions on t-shirts such as favorite sport, extra-curricular, color symbols, or likewise mean that you are communicating your preference and are desiring others to understand you more. Sometimes, artworks on t-shirts can be an amazing beginning of a relationship.

Couple custom t-shirts at Printerval
Couple of custom t-shirts at Printerval

It is the most comfortable form of clothing

Supposedly, you are in a hurry, what type of clothing do you choose to throw on? T-shirts are so comfortable that men and women both love to wear t-shirts not only in summer but in fall or spring. Moreover, t-shirts bring you comfort and warmth if you wear them while sleeping. Remember to choose the right sizes and styles of t-shirts to adhere to the occasion so that you will feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Why are Printed T-Shirts More Popular Than Normal T-Shirts?

The printing technology was invented, resulting in a great innovation in fashion: the emergence of printed clothing, especially printed t-shirts. 

Printed t-shirts or printed-on-demand t-shirts belong to custom t-shirts which are created from the artworks, images, logos, etc that customers require to display on their fashion items. In comparison with normal t-shirts, printed ones allow customers to show their own personality, identity, interest, message, etc. 

why t-shirts are popular?

It is affirmed that the popularity of printed t-shirts surpasses that of normal t-shirts. There are several reasons for that. 

First of all, printed t-shirts look modern as they have unique and trendy designs for both men and women. Designs including logos, text, or images are created with modern technology as well. Buyers can show anything relating to personality, interest, hobby, etc on such t-shirts that enhances their personal confidence and makes them trendy and fashionable customers. 

An unique printed t-shirt at Printerval
A unique printed t-shirt at Printerval

Secondly, the booming of e-commerce facilitates the rise in shopping online with a huge range of types of t-shirts. Online shopping helps customers have various options which are unique and edgy. Besides, at online shops, t-shirts are usually customized but the price for that is not too high, in comparison with normal t-shirts.

Nevertheless, materials used to make printed t-shirts must be durable, wrinkle-resistant, and water-resistant because of the beauty and clearness of printing design on them. Regarding ordinary t-shirts, people use them relatively for some time and they are common and less subtle in terms of textures. Conversely, printed t-shirts are sophisticated, trendy, elegant which are worn on both casual and formal occasions. 

Last but not least, there are many printing methods nowadays including heat press printing, screen printing, direct to garments, dye sublimation, vinyl cutting, etc. Screen printing or silk screen printing is conducted on a nylon mesh which is suitable for high-quality t-shirt designs and is used in mass production. The direct-to-garment method is ideal for hobbyists and is excellent for super-complex design. Such a method gives a soft feel to the hands which is thin and consists of ink. The heat press printing design is more economical than other methods in which the t-shirts vinyl heat transfer takes place and then heat and pressure are applied. Vinyl cutting is used for sportswear, small graphics or slogans, etc which are placed on the shirt, and then a heat press method is used.

From the above printing methods, creators and customers are optional in choosing the best method for their t-shirt and they can display any pattern on their attire. That is great and fascinating. 

Family Picture custom t-shirt at Printerval
Family Picture custom t-shirt at Printerval

Where can I buy t-shirts?

If you are seeking edgy and daring T-shirts which are designed exclusively by reputable designers around the world and sold at reasonable prices but with excellent quality, Printerval is the right destination for you to choose from. As a well-known brand for printed-on-demand products, Printerval is trusted by millions of customers to shop online and get unique and trendy items. Printerval with many years of experience in designing and selling custom clothing, accessories, home & living items, ensure that our products can bring you as much value and satisfaction as possible. 

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