Why were Flags invented? How interesting are Flags around us?

Jul, 23 2021
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As the most sacred symbol for nations, agencies, and organizations, the most ubiquitous signal in various situations, and the most common cloth for decorating, flags present every place around us. But how much did you get the hang of flags? Let Printerval tell you!
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    As the most sacred symbol for nations, agencies, and organizations, the most ubiquitous signal in various situations, and the most common cloth for decorating, flags present every place around us. But how much did you get the hang of flags? Let Printerval tell you!

    Member states' flags at the headquarters of the United Nations
    Member states' flags at the headquarters of the United Nations

    What is Flag?

    Flag is defined as a piece of fabric, bunting, or similar material showing the insignia of a sovereign state, community, organization, armed force, etc which is shaped with rectangular or quadrilateral and colored and designed distinctively. Flags are usually used as a symbol, a signaling device, or ornamentation as well. In particular, flags have evolved into a general tool for rudimentary signaling and identification, especially in environments where communication is challenging. The maritime environment is an example. People use “vexillology” to state the study of flags, this word derives from the Latin word “ vexillum” meaning “ flag” or “ banner”. The national flag is the holiest symbol with varied interpretations including strong military associations, independent territory, and state stance in the international arena. On different occasions, flags have specific meanings and implications. 

    ( Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag  and https://www.britannica.com/topic/flag-heraldry )

    Supporters of President Donald Trump gathered across the street on 9th Sep 2020.

    How many types of flags are there?

    Flags are widely used with a huge range of purposes, therefore, they can be of different kinds, including:

    National flags 

    As a symbol of the country, these types of flags are the most sacred ones with three subtypes including the state flag used by government agencies, the civil flag used by a specific community, and the war flag used by military organizations.

    War flag of Hungary

    International flags

    These types of flags usually symbolize union or international organizations whose members include many countries. The United Nations is an example.

    Flag of the World Health Organization

    Maritime flags

    As their name, these types of flags are used at sea and for many different purposes. Normally, maritime flags are called “ ensigns'' as apart from symbols, they also play a role as signals. For instance, state ensigns are used by government ships, civil ensigns are flown by private vessels and war ensigns are used by naval vessels.

    Maritime signal flags

    Sport flags 

    You can see these types of flags in football fields for signaling potential breaking of the rules or in racing( auto, motorcycle, and yacht) to signal the start and end of the race, disqualifications, or warnings of obstacles on the race track, etc.

    Except for the above types, there are also some variations including political flags representing political parties, swimming flags marking the limits of the bathing area on a beach, railway flags, semaphore flags, etc.

    With regard to shape, flags can be differentiated. They can be square ( Flags of Switzerland and the Vatican City are typical examples), rectangular, triangle, swallowtail, burgee, etc. Some flags can be vertical which accompanies in some countries where the relatively brisk wind is needed to display. In addition, vertical flags are also used in advertising or for other decorative purposes.

    ( Source: http://www.flaghistory.net/flag-facts/types-of-flags/)

    How were Flags invented?

    People can not determine the origin of the flag. It was believed that the earliest field signs or standards originated in ancient Egypt or Assyria. 

    The Shahdad Standard - The earliest flag

    However, flags as we recognize today were almost certainly the invention of the ancient peoples of the Indian subcontinent or Chinese Zhou dynasty (1046-256 BCE). There was evidence that the founder of the Zhou dynasty had a white flag carried before him. Another story was about a minor prince who was punished for failing to lower his standard before his superior in 660 CE. On the Chinese flags, there were some devices such as a red bird, a white tiger, or a blue dragon which were carried on chariots and planted upon the walls of captured cities. However, the royal flag was special when having all the attributes of kingship and being identified with the ruler himself and treated with similar respect. It was the symbol of a sacred and strict regime that a person could commit a crime if he touched the flag-bearer. On the battlefield, the fall of the flag meant defeat, as a result, the king would rarely expose his flag and his person together.

    Population concentration and boundaries of the Western Zhou dynasty in China

    In ancient India, flags also played an important role which was carried on chariots and elephants. Flags in India were often triangular in shape and scarlet or green in color, with a figure embroidered in gold and a gold fringe. As Chinese flags, they might have developed from the streamers often attached to the pole and had a common origin from ancient Egypt and Assyria. In addition, they were used for signaling in those countries. For instance, a white flag is used as a signal for a truce as early as 1542 CE. It was really interesting. 

    After that, the flag usage spread to Myanmar ( Burma), Thailand( Siam), and other countries and regions in southeastern Asia. In general, the background of flags is white, yellow, or black silk with devices such as an elephant, a bull, or a water hen, etc embroidered on flags in gold.

    Flag of Myanmar

    Flags were probably transmitted to Europe by the Saracens ( primarily Arab Muslims) and the prohibition in Islam against using any identifiable image as idolatrous influenced their design. Islamic flags were greatly simplified with plain black or white or red. In particular, black was presented as the color of the Prophet Muhammad’s banner- the color of vengeance. 

    Islamic flag

    Except for the above colors, green flags were used by the Fatimid dynasty eventually became the color of Islam. Yet, since the Ottoman Turks were reverting to an Assyrian sacred symbol of the 9th century BCE in 1250, Islam has accepted the crescent moon, with or without an additional star or stars, as the official symbol.

    The flag of the United Kingdom

    It was not until the Middle Ages and the Renaissance that the first “national” flags were adopted in Europe. Typically, the Cross of St. George in England appeared for the first time in the 13th century. Since then, flags have become accepted symbols of countries, kings, organizations, cities, and guilds with obvious devices deriving from specific historical events, meanings, and expressions. Nowadays, flags are inevitable symbols of identity, culture, sovereignty, and history that every country, regional and international organization definitely presents and affirms. 

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    ( Source: https://www.britannica.com/topic/flag-heraldry)

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    A custom flag on Printerval.com

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