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Women’s Bomber Jackets That You Need In Your Closet Right Now

The evolution of the bomber jacket from one of the Googled items to one of the most popular fashion trends with a deep history has created a phenomenon that transcends national boundaries, linguistic barriers, and cultural norms. In particular, the popularity of women's bomber jackets has increased dramatically in recent years.

A Bomber Jacket Introduction

The classic Bomber Jacket is a short coat that hits at the waist and features a ribbed waistband and cuffs to match. It's got a zipper closure up front and four handy flapped and zippered pockets on the front, shoulders, and hips. You may find bombers in a variety of materials, not only leather.

A Bomber Jacket's collar can be a regular shirt collar or a Shearling-lined version, and it can also have a flat circular collar that matches the waistband.

Why Is It Called A Bomber Jacket?

The military's adoption of the bomber jacket as standard issue may have inspired the garment's moniker. The original bomber jackets were worn by aviators in the military during World Wars I and II, which is where the name comes from.

4 Ways To Wear Women’s Bomber Jackets


The bomber jacket is an excellent choice for a relaxed look. Depending on the cut and colors, a minimalist brown suede bomber jacket looks great with jeans and casual leather shoes, or even sneakers. Try layering a hoodie underneath for extra warmth and to complement the casual-cozy aesthetic.


Given that they were originally designed for military pilots, bomber jackets have a throwback aesthetic. The collars of vintage bomber jackets are of fleece, wool-blend, or wool sherpa, and the jackets are constructed of nylon or leather that is durable and water-resistant. A classic bomber jacket can be worn over a collared shirt or knit sweater. These go well with dark denim or corduroy.


The varsity jacket or letterman jacket, which has lettering or other symbols on the exterior, is a well-liked variant on the bomber jacket style. This jacket has a sportswear or formal appearance from the mid-century. The jacket can be worn with boat shoes, tennis shoes, or loafers along with chinos and a blazer. An athletic bomber jacket worn with joggers, on the other hand, might offer a more contemporary fitness look.


It's easy to pull off a minimalist look that works with the clean lines of many bomber jacket fits. Put up a timeless look by layering a bomber jacket over a white T-shirt, slim-fit jeans, and slip-on shoes. The jacket will also look great with a turtleneck in a bold hue, some khakis, and some white sneakers.

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