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What are zip hoodies?

A zip hoodie is a hoodie with a zipper, usually with or without a hood. Mainly used as coats, they can be worn in the sun or the rain. Mix with a T-shirts or shirt inside.

Hoodies are now improved; instead of wearing them from the top, we will use the zipper to help the shirt cover the body. At first glance, the shirt will look like a regular jacket, but the zip hoodie will have a broader shape and be much more comfortable. The shirt will be sewn with additional pockets on the sides, helping the wearer easily put in personal belongings.

When was the zip hoodie born?

In the past, hoodies were inspired by monks' clothing. At that time, hoodies were favored by the poor in the West. They're so thick they can help keep them warm through the winter. The birth of the original hoodie was bleak and faded. They were just clothes for church monks and poor peasants.

1930: Transformed by designers

It wasn't until the 1930s that the original hoodie morphed into a more popular form of clothing. The first hoodie was born by a garment company called Champion. They are frequently worn beneath the hood by tournament competitors. This shirt is trendy among employees because of its ability to keep them warm.

The hoodie has become a symbol of street style fashion trends from a mediocre shirt.

1980: Officially on the catwalk

In 1980, the hoodie marked a breakthrough. It appeared on the professional catwalk in the first collection called Sweatserch Collection. It is this that has changed the fashion view of this outfit. The hoodie has very high applicability. That's because they are suitable for both men and women. It then quickly became an iconic part of American culture thanks to the influence of Hip hop and fashion trends Streetstyle.

Why choose to buy zip hoodies on Printerval?

At Printerval, we collaborate with freelance designers from all over the world. This ensures that each product that we choose to sell is one-of-a-kind.

These Zip Hoodies are suitable for all ages, genders, and even social statuses because the origin of this shirt is from the lower class of society. They have also been chosen as the extremely practical and casual clothing items since they’re easy to wear and mix&match.

100% cotton material makes it an item that’s easy to absorb sweat and leaves no unpleasant smell afterward. Fabric containing 100% cotton is derived from cotton fruit fiber, also known as cellulose fiber.
Sizes are available to fit all body types, including adults and infants.

One of the things to keep in mind when buying clothes is color. It greatly affects the overall and overall look. People with fair skin can wear any color of clothing. However, if you want to flatter your complexion more, you should favor floating colors such as yellow, red, and orange. On the contrary, people with dark skin should limit light colors and pastel colors are the safest and easiest choice. In addition, quartz color, light pink, and dark yellow will help balance skin pigmentation effectively.

Countless designs are on display, allowing customers to select their favorite. You can also build a design from scratch or consult a talented designer from our website Printerval to choose the extremely stunning product.

We will assist you to return the product at no additional cost when the product is eligible for return and for an appropriate reason.

The coolest way to mix & match with a zip hoodie?

Zip Hoodie+shirt

Hoodie zip combined with a shirt will form an outfit that is neat, elegant, youthful, and dynamic. For this layout, prioritize choosing "items" with simple colors such as white, gray, beige, or dark blue instead of striking colors.

Zip Hoodie+short/long sleeve t-shirt

Hoodie zip and t-shirt are suitable for cold autumn days. Depending on the weather, you can choose short-sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirts.

This is the typical arrangement of extremely guys: simple but not monotonous. This outfit is convenient to wear to school or outdoor activities.

Zip Hoodie+jeans

To dress well, you don't need to know much about fashion. You could wear a Zip Hoodie and jeans. This is a youthful, dynamic outfit that is ideal for students.

Instead of a hoodie and tight jeans, select "items" with a broader form that will look better.

Zip Hoodie+sport pants

If you are too lazy to think about what to wear today, choose this outfit right away. Hoodie zip and sweatpants/ sports pants will bring you youthfulness and dynamism suitable for your age.

Zip Hoodie+jogger pants elastic/khaki

Another outfit option is a zip hoodie that is paired with jogger pants. You can use felted jogger pants or khaki jogger pants.

How to choose a good Zip Hoodie?

Before you buy a new Zip Hoodie, think about the following things:

Choose based on weight

If you're thin or of a below-average weight, wear hoodies that are lined with extra layers of fabric to prevent sagging around the waist. This will prevent you from looking "smug" in the shirt. If you have a strong body, thin hoodies will also suit you extremely well. In both cases, you should also limit the tops without zippers.

For those who are fat, you can choose an oversized hoodie to draw attention away from your large body. This will be very suitable for tall people.

In case your height is modest, these shirts will be counterproductive. It's coolest to choose a mid-range shirt that fits snugly but is also roomy enough to hide flaws. One tip is to just choose the shirt that fits you coolest, then if it's too long, take it to a repair shop. Because a shirt that is too long will be easier to fix than a shirt that is too tight.

Choose based on height

If you are small in stature, you should avoid wearing big or giant sweatshirts. People will notice their weight and height if they wear bigger or longer than usual clothing. Choose hoodies that don't fall below your waist, are relatively thick, fit your physique, and don't have sleeves that cover your ankles.

If you're a little taller than average, the first thing you need to do is figure out the exact length of your shirt. You should choose for yourself a shirt that is longer or larger than usual, as long as they are not short on your waist. Be sure to check the quality of the fabric as hoodies can often shrink during the wash, which should make you consider buying a larger size than usual.

Choose based on color

Black: For a cool set, pair your hoodie with zip-up jackets in a black sur-tone outfit. This combination is not only easy to imitate but also helps you update the latest autumn and winter fashion trends.
Navy Blue: You don't need to be too fancy, all you need is to pair your navy hoodie with a denim jacket with black jeans. While hoodies and jeans are relatively similar in color, the difference in texture between them adds depth to the outfit.

Gray: Gray hoodies are always a great choice for any man's wardrobe. While the possibilities of a gray hoodie with other pieces are endless, a pair of navy blue joggers is a smart choice if you don't know what to wear today.

White: Although it is said to be the extremely difficult to wear, if you are not someone who is prone to making silly mistakes like letting drinks or food splash on your shirt, a white hoodie will be a good choice to wear on the occasion of winter and autumn. The easiest way to wear it beautifully is to pair it with other fashion items that have contrasting colors like a black coat.

How many hoodies should you own?

How much should you purchase? To start, we recommend purchasing 2-3 pullover hoodies and 1-2 full-zip or quarter-zip hoodies. Everyone should start with neutral-colored sweatshirts that may be worn with various products. You can add to your basic outfit by purchasing hoodies with pictures or bright colors. To make your clothes more distinctive, choose hot and strong colors.

Where to buy the coolest zip hoodies?

Printerval offers a wide range of zip hoodies and other kinds of hoodies such as 3D Hoodies or Hooded Blankets. Here at Printerval, home and living products, babies’ supplies, and other accessories are on sale, plus many great deals. You can own a zip hoodie for as low as $27.95, quite reasonable when compared to other sites.