Are curtains really necessary in life? Things to know about curtains

The origin and development of curtains

Curtains have a long history of appearing since ancient times, but it is still not possible to determine exactly where it is from. The first curtains made from animal skins were placed on the doors. Later, the ancient Egyptians improved, and knew how to make linen, from which they continuously created new materials such as wool, cotton, silk ... At that time people often used the choice of curtains for the purpose of air conditioning and heat retention rather than blocking light.

From the evidence found at excavation sites at Olynthus, Pompeii and Herculaneum, curtains were used as room dividers. They also calculated that from the 2nd to 6th centuries, curtains were used. used to decorate arches and used to decorate the palaces of kings. During the Renaissance period, curtains became an important decorative element in the palaces of kings and nobles.

By the end of the 16th century, there were almost no curtains in England. Instead, people began to use shutters, wood to block light and block cold air. So then people have more creativity and also to protect the security of the house. So that means curtains were born before there were doors. Then, because the door could not block all the light for the house, the curtain appeared as a hanging curtain.

By the 17th century, blinds were still in use but were no longer popular, mainly used in large meeting rooms. By the 18th century, plain curtains were more widely used and hung directly on windows. In the 19th century, curtains were more noticeable when decorated with many other accessories such as laurel wreaths or flowers. In this period, curtains were more popular and they often used light curtain materials such as silk or thin fabric.

Thanks to the scientific and technological revolution developed in the 1990s, yarns and dyes created a revolution in the textile industry, thanks to which the curtain industry began to return and formed a golden age. most precious. At this time, not only rich and aristocratic families but also ordinary middle-class families have a need to use this product.

Currently, in the 21st century, curtains are developing at a fast and strong pace. In addition to hand-drawn curtains, automatic curtains were born to meet the increasing convenience of consumers. 

Experiencing many fluctuations of time and many different interior styles during its development, up to now, curtains and curtains have become extremely popular, appearing almost all over the world. And is an indispensable part of the design of homes and interiors of both the East and the West.

Things to know about curtains

Decorate as part of the interior

One of the other elements that play a major supporting role in a room is the curtains. So fabric curtains are not only a tool to block light, but they are also very impressive when becoming side furniture to embellish the space more prominently.

Make the room feel warm

Out of all the types of curtains, fabric curtains are the ones that bring the most warmth. Because the design of the curtain is made of fabric. They are very soft and warm.

Curtains are suitable for all sizes of doors

Whether you're looking for curtains for small or large windows or doors, fabric blinds are the way to go. Some other types of blinds such as wooden blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds cannot be used for the main door. Because of their design structure, it is inconvenient for users to travel. As for fabric curtains, they are soft and easy to pull and lift at any door frame

Can be combined with many other types of blinds

Fabric curtains can be combined with many other types of curtains such as: Combined with chiffon curtains to become a 2-layer curtain that brings aesthetics and enhances light blocking very well. In addition, fabric curtains can also be combined with curtains that bring both modern features and classic beauty in this curtain set.

Always hang curtains as close to the ceiling as possible

The higher you hang the curtain, the more airy the space will be, and the room will feel wider and deeper. Do not choose curtains that are too overlapping to the floor or too large compared to the size of the door frame.

The most popular types of curtain

Fabric Curtain

Curtains are a type of curtain that is commonly used in window decoration, the preeminent feature of the curtain is to create a luxurious space and highlight for the house. helps to block light and block heat well, on the market there are many materials such as cotton, brocade, velvet, linen (linen), silk, but the most popular is still polyester because it has many superior properties compared Traditional synthetic fibers are non-hygroscopic, heat-insulating, non-static, especially do not stretch when washed, polyester fiber absorbs oil very well and is dyed easily, so it is very resistant to mildew.

Rainbow curtain

This kind of rainbow curtain is a unique innovation with the ability to adjust light convenience like never before. The variety of colors and types gives customers the easiest and most satisfied choice.

Folded curtain

Roller blinds are a very versatile product. Roller blinds can be adjusted to cover the entire window or pull up so that there is no longer a problem for the window. Therefore, roller blinds will be the ideal choice for decorating windows and glass doors. But it is even better when the roller blinds are designed to match the wall color, background color, interior wood color.

Wooden/Plastic blinds

Wooden blinds are used quite a lot in today's house designs. They are used for the living room or bedroom quite a lot. However, with the bathroom, they are probably used more, wooden blinds are well resistant to water, humidity and high temperatures.

Note when using and maintaining curtains

When hanging curtains, pay attention to the distance from the end edge of the curtain to the floor, depending on the space that has an appropriate distance. If in the living room you can let the edge of the curtain touch the floor to avoid the edge of the curtain touching the ground to dirty the curtain. If in the bathroom, it is necessary to keep the curtain edge from the bathroom floor a certain distance because the bathroom is a humid place, if the curtain edge touches the floor, it is easy to get dirty and quickly moldy.

Limit pulling and pulling the zipper of the curtains, especially for families with young children.

Store curtains properly

Curtain washing: Depending on the material, you can wash the curtain in suitable ways: like dry cleaning, water washing.

Machine Washable Curtains: Polyester fabrics because these materials have low shrinkage and are durable and stable. When washing by machine, you should choose a special detergent for washing machines

Curtains that can't be machine-washed: fabric curtains made of coarse fabrics, brocades, and velvet curtains are prone to losing the snow off the velvet surface. With this type of curtains, you can only dry clean by using a brush to sweep the dust in the direction of the fabric from top to bottom to always keep the smoothness and softness of the curtain.

How to combine different types of curtains?

Things to do when combining types of curtains

You should choose the style of curtains you want to use before combining different types of curtains. Popular types of curtains such as roller blinds, vertical blinds, you can easily combine with fabric curtains to achieve unity in space. However, when combining curtains, you need to pay attention to the interaction between the colors and materials of each type of curtain to create the best effect, highlighting the space of the room.

Should combine the colors of curtain rods and curtains

The curtain rod is an accessory that is always attached to the curtains, it plays an important role. The overhead curtain rod should not be sparkling gold or silver. You need to be careful when combining the colors of the curtain rods and curtains.

Should create the feeling of increasing the size of the window

The combination of curtains helps you to change the size of the window. This is extremely easy to see with small and medium spaces. You can create the "illusion" of a room more spacious and larger with the simple trick of combining curtains and ceilings. For example: you choose Roman blinds with the length from the curtain to the ceiling will be much larger than other types of blinds.

Should create a feeling of warmth in the room

If you want to create a feeling of warmth in the room, you should consider carefully. Because fullness is very important to help change the look of the entire room space. The ideal choice for you is roman blinds combined with thin linen curtains, single-layer curtains that can be combined with block out curtains to create an extremely warm space effectively.

Where to buy good curtains?

Curtains are an indispensable part of interior decoration of the house, thanks to the curtains, the space of the house becomes luxurious, elegant and creates a charm in the interior design of the room. At Printerval, we always update many new curtain models, with a team of experienced consultants and technicians in interior design consulting in general as well as curtain design consulting in particular.

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