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What is Sweatshirt?

Sweatshirt is a long-sleeved pullover garment that is usually loose and rarely tight. Normally, sweatshirt is worn as an outfit for those who do physical workouts and like comfortable fashion trends. The name of sweatshirt derives from its function in the past at which football players wore it as a jersey to keep the body warm.

In addition, sweatshirt is the foundation of hoodie and sweater. Although they have many similarities, they still differ from one another.

How does sweatshirt differ from hoodie?

The main difference is that Hoodie has an added hood and sweatshirt does not. The material used to produce them is sometimes the same as well. Other differences include small details, mixing, and original status.

With regard to details, it is interesting to take notice of buttons, zippers, hooks, or even cords that are familiarly contained on Hoodie but hardly appeared on Sweatshirt.

Fashion mixing is an art of selection that is stimulating but sometimes a little bit ironic. Each specific fashion item will have specific ways of combination. Obviously, Hoodie and Sweatshirt is not an exception.

If we think about the status of the two types of apparel, it is easy to determine the difference. Previously, sweatshirt was welcomed pleasantly as sporty items while Hoodie was seen as the clothing of gangsters. Sweatshirt has a smooth evolution but Hoodie does not

How was the sweatshirt invented?

Benjamin Russell Jr., a football player, invented the first sweatshirt in 1926. The idea of this fashion item comes from an all-cotton practice football jersey. At that time, they required uniforms with something cooler and more comfortable.

In 1930, the production of the iconic crew neck sweatshirt was conducted by the Russell Athletic mills whose founder is Russell Sr., father of Benjamin Russell Jr.

Since then, the evolution of sweatshirts has been smooth and has moved forward. There was no challenging milestone during its developing process.

Nowadays, along with hoodie, sweatshirt become an inevitable ensemble in both men’s and women’s wardrobes not only in Western countries but also in countries of other continents.

Why should you buy sweatshirt on Printerval?

Printerval serves you with exclusive designs from talented designers around the world

To ensure the design on your sweatshirt is unique, arctic, and meaningful, we have cooperated with many well-known designers and put our enthusiastic sentiments into our design with the aim of giving you the best sweatshirt with soul and specific meaning. As a result, you do not need to worry about fashion clashing with others and completely trust in our printing technology.

Printerval sells products with a variety of design styles

Our talented and disciplined designing team will provide you with multiple and unique designs on your demand. Some of the most prevalent designs include Nutrion Facts Style, Hippie Soul, Los Bukis, etc. No matter what style you want on your polo, Printerval sells it for you.

Printerval gives you a diversity of styles, colors, and designs

You can freely make your choice on our shopping website as there are a large number of styles for men and women, kids and teenagers as well as many different colors. Body shape, age, or complexion is no longer your concern when you stay on Printerval.com. Nevertheless, our talented and disciplined designing team will provide you with multiple designs on your demand.

Printerval offers you a reasonable price

With around $20 that you can own a nice, unique, and qualified sweatshirt from Printerval. It is really a good price because our sweatshirts are normally lower than those sold in the market.

Printerval sells sweatshirt with high-quality materials and full labels.

You can check materials and labels when you read the product description. The label plays an important role in any product, especially apparel. Therefore, by purchasing a sweatshirt with a full label you can feel secure about our legitimate commercial operation, our brand and have essential information about the item.

Printerval takes care of every detail in products

During designing and printing, we pay the highest attention to micro details in our products. We attempt to provide customers with many beautiful textures. With us, perfection is created by every small detail which lays the foundation for great art in our apparel.

Printerval has flexible payment method

As long as you have a visa card, you can purchase sweatshirt and other items on Printerval. We use $ as the standard payment method so no matter what country you live in, you can access, choose and buy products on our shopping website.

Printerval has clear and fast shipping delivery, bonus other policies

We have a wide and flexible shipping network in many different countries, different continents. You can access Printerval Shipping & Delivery for more detail.

How to choose the right sweatshirt for your own?

Choose based on style consideration

A plain, classic crew-neck sweatshirt will always be the most versatile option. Yet if you want something special or unique on it, a printed, logo or patterned design can be useful for adding a focal point. With regard to uniqueness, Printerval.com can help you to fulfill your desire.

Choose based on materials

There are three major types of fabric used to make sweatshirt including fleece, 100% cotton, and cotton and polyester blend.

Fleece is a soft and cuddly fabric made up of cotton and wool. Fleece does not catch stains so easily, thus, it can be maintained for a long time. It is the most popular fabric to make sweatshirt accompany the warmth keeping function of this fashion apparel.

Cotton, the most common fiber in terms of fashion material, also used to make sweatshirts. Its features are highly absorbent, durable, and breathable. Cotton sweatshirts are usually used in warm or cool weather because this material helps to keep the body dry, especially, it is a good choice for workout outfits.

The blend of cotton and polyester is an ideal choice for sweatshirt because it has the softness and breathability of cotton as well as the ease of care of polyester. Apart from casual wear, the cotton/poly blend made sweatshirt is for those who usually do exercise, run, gym, etc.

Choose based on sizes

Printerval.com has fully updated the standard sizes of sweatshirt so that you do not need to worry whether it fits or does fit after buying.

By inch:

Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve
XS 25.5 36 16 26
S 26 40 17 26
M 28 44 18 27
L 28 48 19 27
XL 30 52 20 28
2XL 30 56 21 28
3XL 31 60 22 28
4XL 32 64 24 28
5XL 33 68 25 29

By centimeter:

Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve
XS 65 92 41 67
S 67 102 44 67
M 72 112 46 69
L 72 122 49 69
XL 77 133 51 72
2XL 77 143 54 72
3XL 79 153 56 72
4XL 82 163 61 72
5XL 84 173 64 74


Choose based on ages

There is no generation barrier in terms of sweatshirt choosing. That is pretty typical because there are only a few sweatshirt forms. No matter how young, mature, or old your age is, you can totally put a sweatshirt on. It does not matter.

Choose based on colors

Regarding color selections, you should keep in mind that bright color sweatshirt express abundant energy that obviously makes you energetic, dynamic, fresh, and young. In contrast, dark colors bring a classic, mysterious, meditative state. Sometimes, color can have a special meaning to someone. In addition, you also should consider the match between your sweatshirt and your skin tone to make sure that the mixing is not really bad for others’ eyes. However, more important than everything is you know what color you enjoy because every choice is yours with the aim of making you comfortable and confident.

How to buy a good sweatshirt?

Where to buy it?

You can purchase sweatshirt at apparel shops or some online shopping websites. Printerval.com is an example of an online shop that you can buy. That shopping web sells a variety of sweatshirt both available and designed on demand. The price is not too expensive compared to other shops.

Buy sweatshirt with full labels

Labels carry messages not only for fashion brands but also for customers because they provide all things purchasers need to know about the item you pick on. Cost, materials, user instructions, etc are typical examples. Apart from the logo- it is tactile that you can know the brand name of the producing firm, the label provides you with real-world proof that the sweatshirt venture is a legitimate commercial operation.

Know some famous sweatshirt brands

Some of the most famous brands of sweatshirt include Nike, Uniqlo, Ami, Champion, etc. In addition, you can access Printerval.com to choose an ideal sweatshirt for your own.

How to dress up a sweatshirt?

Layering sweatshirt with other tops

If you want a business-casual style, you can mix a sweatshirt with a tee underneath and a blazer. This way of layering is a good idea for winter outfits to wear to the office.

With the aim of being professional, you should try to put on a button-down with a collar first, and let the collar sit above the sweatshirt.

In addition, you also can match a sweatshirt with a structured, sleeveless dress on top. This mixing is suitable for either formal or informal occasions. You can look edgy and never out of date.

Pair sweatshirt with other bottoms

If you want to wear your sweatshirt around town or for a night out, hanging out, or going to the movies, you can choose a pair of jeans to mix with it. For example, skinny jeans for a modern look, or a bootcut pair for a traditional style.  Sometimes, a pair of leggings with a sweatshirt is a perfect mixture for a comfy outfit.

For women only, matching a sweatshirt with a skirt and tights is a really trendy and feminine style. In addition, If you want to make your sweatshirt look professional, mixing it with a pair of tailored trousers is not a bad choice.

Adding accessories 

You can add accessories to make your sweatshirt dressy and fashionable, a pair of sporty shoes or high heels are examples.

How about an oversized sweatshirt?

The oversized sweatshirt is a suitable thing to put on when you want something casual and fast when you go out. You can mix it with suitable denim, jeans, or slim-fit pants. For women, a big, long sweatshirt can be worn as a dress. It helps you to keep warm and look fashionable.

You are a fastidious consumer, you expect to purchase a sweatshirt with a reasonable price but excellent quality. You like a trendy and unique sweatshirt and digest fashion clashing. Printerval can not only help you fulfill your expectations and make you satisfied but also bring you a lot of enjoyable shopping moments when you come to us. Let’s try it now on Printerval.com!