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What is the definition of Tank top?

Tank Top is defined as a type of shirt without sleeves and collar which can be worn as undershirts, athletic uniforms, or casual clothes depending on style and design. Another term for the tank top is “ swimming tank” because of its related history and the synonyms of the word in which “ tank” means “ pool”. Originally tank tops could be called swimming tanks or tank suits and they mostly were worn by females. Apart from being sleeveless, the earliest tank top was pretty similar to the modern-day one but there was a little bit of difference relating to design. Tank tops have changed and innovated dramatically in the current day with a diversity of styles such as Athletic Tank Tops, Backless Tank Tops, Basic White Tank Tops, Cut-Out Tank Tops, Double Layer Tank Tops, Muscle Tank Tops, Halter Tank Tops, etc.

( Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleeveless_shirt)

Why are 3D patterns printed on Tank tops?

3D Tank Top has three main reasons to explain why 3D printing emerged on Tank tops including competition ability, customers’ tendency, and creative condition. These reasons are similar to other fashion items such as 3D T-shirts or 3D Hoodies

With regard to competitiveness, it has increased not only in the fashion market but in every market in the world. 3D printing is seen as a smart innovation by clothing manufacturers and designers because it helps them to improve their competitive ability with rivals. There is no standard model for 3D designs, conversely, they highlight new, creative, and adaptable ideas. 

On the side of customers, the more demand for personal expression on their own items increases, the more unique and stimulating products they tend to buy. 3D printing items are among their collection. Since 3D printing technology has appeared a few decades ago, it is a little strange, new, and curious for customers. 

3D printing is an ideal way for designers to think out of the box as they are free to come up with a large number of intelligent and innovative ideas. An excellent fashion designer is one who can denote their message, their emotion, and their desire via their products.

What should you know about 3D design? 

The emergence of 3D printing in fashion

While customers have increasingly required the constant development of fashion that can meet their enormous demand, 3D printing is an ideal measure to deal with that as it helps fashion firms and brands get into their customers as well as brings more choices to them in shopping. Fashion is well-known for its conservativeness with technology, this conservativeness sometimes can be seen as extremism. It is true because there are strict principles in draping, creating, and developing processes that require every producer and designer to keep in mind so as to be left behind. However, fashion firms and brands gradually realize that they can totally combine the strict base of tradition and innovative ideas of 3D with the aim of enhancing the creativity in their products. Since then, 3D printing has become prevalent in the fashion world for two key reasons including commerce and culture. 

The booming of online shopping results in high competitiveness in the fashion market as e-commerce brings a large number of profits. Fashion firms and designers try to understand their customers and narrow down the gap with their competitors via 3D technology.

On the one hand, nowadays, most customers of fashion belong to the younger generations and have knowledge about technology. They love new things and always desire to catch up with the updated trend, especially with fashion. They are aware that technology advances in every aspect of life. Besides, many firms use 3D printing technology as an efficient and flexible measure in designing, building, advertising, and distributing products to customers. These steps are conducted faster via computer. In addition, 3D printing also facilitates editing based on specific demands in the production process. As a result, 3D printing is seen as a perfect and economical measure used by producers and designers. 

On the other hand, the definition of circular economy has been established via custom production orders. Using sustainable and eco-friendly materials also step by step orientates fashion firms and brands to the process of minimizing carbon emissions. In fact, nowadays, customers always require transparency of the buying products which they pay a large amount of money to own. 3D printing technology is really an innovative measure that helps firms and designers to solve the above problems. 

( Source: https://all3dp.com/2/3d-printed-fashion-the-state-of-the-art-in-2019/)

History of 3D in fashion

3D printed fashion is an emerging technology that appeared for the first time in 2011 by Iris van Herpen, a Dutch designer, at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. At that time, she debuted her first 3D printed dress which looked like an intricate white fabric scrunched up into the shape of a Rorschach test. However, this creativity was seen as one of the year’s best inventions by Time magazine. In fact, 3D printing technology has been invented since the 1980s. In those decades, architects, engineers, and industrial designers have been using printers, which create objects layer by layer, to create models and prototypes. 

Until nowadays, the technology has become more affordable facilitating the booming of 3D printing. Therefore, this technology is used widely in fashion designs, especially in apparel designs.

( Source: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/dutch-designer-who-pioneering-use-3d-printing-fashion-180957184/)

Why should you buy 3D Tank tops on Printerval.com?

A reliable and fascinating online shop

Printerval is an e-commerce platform centering on producing, designing, and selling fashion items including clothing and accessories as well as necessary items for home and living. As an online shop, Printerval is the keyword attracting much attention from customers as well as search engines on Google. Customers come to us not just for shopping but experiencing many practical values brought by our web and products. You can start shopping now on Printerval.com.

Subtle and customizing designs

Printerval focuses on the uniqueness and customization in the products which can show your own personality, hobby, and everything belonging to you. We also attempt to update the newest trends so that our products are always on-trend and up-to-date. In terms of the designing process, we have cooperated with a lot of reputable designing teams around the world such as Thinky Paint, Art Pocket, Blue Paint, Mosley Layla, and Haraven. Printerval ensures that customers will feel special and respectable when shopping online on Printerval.com.  

High-quality made materials

3D Tank tops on Printerval.com are made from 100% polyester instead of cotton or other fabric. These made materials have a variety of benefits because polyester is a man-made product that derives from a synthetic polymer to adapt to the scarcity of garment manufacturing as well as the using condition. Firstly, the fibers are durable and lightweight as well as very wrinkle resistant. Because polyester made tank tops dry quickly, they are usually used for outerwear. Except for those, it is easy to clean and retains shape well. Particularly, tank tops produced from this type of material are affordable and comfortable.

Diversity in sizes, styles, and colors

Printerval provides you with a variety of 3D tank tops of various sizes from small to 3X-large. As a result, our products are available for various ages and body shapes from kids, adults, skinny or fat guys, or even plus-size people. In terms of styles, we have Chainsaw man style, Jujutsu Kaisen, Cat style, Animal style, Graphic Tee style, etc which are fascinating and trendy as well as ubiquitous in the world currently. And colors, it is optional for you. In particular, with the same style, we offer you various colors so that you can have many options and pick the best fit one. As Printerval is an online shop, diversity is one of the most priorities. From that, customers come to us more and more. Believe in us, shopping online on Printerval will be your wonderful experience which you may want to repeat again and again. 

Reasonable price

It is hard to find other cheaper 3D tank tops from other shops or places than you can do on Printerval.com because we often offer customers many levels of discounts every time. For an exclusive and exotic 3D tank top, it costs around $12.99. It is really a reasonable and affordable price for you. 

Fast and reliable shipping

Regarding delivery, Printerval has a wide and flexible shipping network, as a result, we always do door-to-door delivery for our customers no matter what countries they live in. We ensure that your package is safe and undamaged. Reliability is one of the three operating principles, therefore, we always make every effort to ensure the security of customers’ purchasing items from our shop. Except for that, the return policy is an attractive point in which your benefits are protected and issued. Printerval always listens to you, your recommendation, and your complaint with the aim of making our service better and better. 

How to buy a good 3D Tank top?

Material considerations

3D Tank tops can be made from cotton, polyester, or blends with the interference of the extruder on large surface decorations. The features are described below:

Polyester 3D tank tops are durable, lightweight, and very wrinkle-resistant. They dry quickly so are usually used for outerwear. In addition, they are easy to clean and retain their shape well, and are affordable and comfortable.

How about cotton 3D tank tops? Cotton is the most prevalent material for apparel and is commonly used to produce T-shirts. However, while 3D tank tops made from 100% cotton are very soft and breathable, they are rarely used because of their characteristics of wrinkles which can negatively affect the 3D patterns. 

Size options

You can access Printerval.com to see the standard sizes of 3D tank tops which are measured by inch and centimeter. These standard sizes are divided into specific ages and genders, for kids, adults, men, and for women. 

Quality of 3D patterns on Tank tops

Before you decide whether you should buy a 3D tank top or not, apart from materials and sizes, the quality of 3D patterns is a key point you need to take notice of. Remember that a good 3D pattern should be clear, live, and durable. 

How to wear 3D Tank tops?

Which chance to wear 3D Tank tops?

The 3D Tank tops are suitable for all casual occasions from birthdays, concerts, events, parties, etc. This type of tank top makes you outstanding, unique, and glorious. The 3D designs on tank tops can bring a mysterious and virtual feeling for not only those who put it on but for people around them. 

Besides getting it for yourself, you can also take a 3D tank top as a meaningful present for your lovers. Giving will be received, which is a beautiful life motto. Giving can enhance the relationship among people and make everyone happy. If there are many people who do not hesitate to give, societies will be more livable and heartwarming. 

How to mix and match with 3D Tank tops?

Although 3D tank tops are less popular than other fashion items, they are used to mix and match with many solid types of clothing on various occasions. Some apparel that can be combined with 3D tank tops is skinny jeans, long trousers, shorts, and skirts ( for women) as well as a variety of accessories. 

3D tank top and skinny jeans

This way of mixing is quite prevalent in societies which can be implemented by both men and women. The combination of the 3D tank top and skinny jeans creates the feeling of neat, sporty, energetic style. 

3D tank top and long trousers

Apart from jeans, some types of long trousers can also be mixed with 3D tank tops which usually have bright and outstanding colors. Depending on matching, this style can be used on both polite and recreational occasions. 

3D tank top and shorts

On burning days of summer, it is surely terrible if you try to put jeans on despite their fashionable look. A possible alternative can be a pair of shorts obviously. Mixing shorts and 3D tank tops sometimes can be punk and stubborn. Yet it is quite eye-catching and comfortable.  

3D tank top and skirts ( for women only)

3D tank tops can make you feminine and gentle if you match them with skirts, both short and long ones. Yet, you still keep the comfort and energy that those 3D tank tops denote. 

Accessory options for 3D tank tops

Accessories play a significant role in fashion mixing and matching, therefore, we can not skip the options for those. A colorful pair of shoes that are in conformity with the 3D designs on tank tops seem to be a perfect combination. Caps or bucket hats can also be considered regularly. Definitely, along with the diversity of accessories, the mixing options are unlimited. 

In conclusion, as one of the most attractive online shops, Printerval commits to bringing many stimulating and exciting shopping moments as well as satisfaction in terms of products and services. Your happiness is our inspiration and motivation. 

Enjoy your shopping time right now on Printerval.com!