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Custom T-Shirts

Custom T-Shirts

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What is T-shirt?

T-shirt Design is a great way to do that. You have various colors of choice, some of them can be ideal including color-blocked tees, funky or neon colors( neon pink, green or yellow), bold prints and stripes as well as tees with graphic and geometric prints. Those colors can make you energetic, dynamic, and fresh. However, you have to consider carefully if you have the intention of picking a T-shirt with neck styles such as V deep or scoop ones. (See more on wiki)

For people the age from early to mid-30s ( mature one)

It is believed that when you are in your 30s, you can completely take responsibility for your life, your actions, and your styles. Also, you are expected to create your own identity and personality when choosing your dressing styles generally. It is the right time to invest in your classic polos. Regarding T-shirts, it is ideal if you avoid the neon shades of tees and skinny fits, instead, you should choose moderate styles such as minimal prints or stripes. A suitable T-shirt can certainly help you be comfortable and impressive.

For one in the middle age( Mid 30s to late 40s)

People in middle age almost achieve sustainability in their path. Therefore, it is time for them to determine their class. It is important to pay more attention to details in your dress-ups because there will be a variety of events happening around you relating to family, partners, friends, children, etc. It is reasonable if you choose a palette of colors or classic shades and styles and avoid overly tight fits. At that age, it is not suitable if you wear T-shirts with funky graphics of baggy tees as well as skinny fits like the mature people above.

For middle-late (the late 40s to late 50s)

It seems that you are nearly over the hill at that age. You have experienced a large number of ups and downs in your life, business. You already determine your status in society. As a result, with regard to fashion, it is ideal if you simplify your outfits as much as possible, simple but not normal. I suggest that you should not wear T-shirts with bold colors( pink, bright green and lilac). Instead, focus on the classics such as gray and navy or some colors like burnt orange, dark purples, olive greens for one reason is that you do not look sloppy and unfashionable.

For the older ( Above the late 50s)

When crossing your 50s, you are encouraged to choose items with comfortable fabrics and polos in solid shades including greys, blacks, and navy blues. If you have an interest in tees, you can choose shades such as ash, soft grey, maroon, brown, camel, navy, or dark blue. Importantly, it is ideal if you take grand to relaxed fits but avoid baggy ones. Also, you will look trendier if you choose more polos and crewnecks and avoid V neck and Henley T-shirt styles.

The aforementioned suggestions are useful for someone who is confused in selecting a T-shirt in a company with current age, yet these are ideal for all people in society because there are several different factors such as interest, job, environment, etc.

Feelings from the material

Apart from the above tactics, the material of T-shirts also plays a significant role when you have the intention of donning this item. Here I show you the overview and features of some kinds of fabric that make T-shirts.

100% cotton 

It is the most prevalent material for apparel and is commonly used to produce T-shirts. As I mentioned above, T-shirts made of 100% cotton are very soft, affordable, and breathable. Therefore, it is perfect for casual wear.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber made by man. This kind of fabric is breathable and quick-drying. In addition, its shape is not changed when you wash it so it is better suited to athletic wear.


This type of material is a mixture of cotton, polyester, and rayon. That means it makes the best use of each fabric containing. It is as light as rayon but has all the softness that cotton provides. It greatly balances durability, comfort, and adaptability.

In addition to the aforementioned materials, there are some familiar ones such as linen, lycra, bamboo, and hemp sometimes.

Standard T-shirt sizes

Printerval.com has updated fully standard sizes for T-shirt. Let’s take a look!

By Inch:




























By centimeter:




























T-shirts with full label

One more thing you need to pay attention to when you buy a T-shirt is to take into account the labels sticking to the item. A labeling company named GB believes that labels carry messages not only for fashion brands but also for customers because they provide all things purchasers need to know about the item they pick on. Cost, materials, user instructions, etc are typical examples. Apart from the logo- it is tactile that you can know the brand name of the producing firm,  the label provides you with real-world proof that the T-shirt venture is a legitimate commercial operation.

How to choose the best T-shirt?

Picking a good T-shirt doesn’t mean it is the best option. Here, I would like to guide you on how to purchase the best T-shirt of your own choice.

For skinny people

You are a little bit thin and you have a desire for being bulkier through what you wear. Here I show you some tactics that you can pick when you go shopping.

Firstly, you should wear a T-shirt that fits. This tactic is not only applied to T-shirts but to other clothing. Remember that wearing too large or oversize T-shirts can sometimes have a downside effect on your slim building, reverse your imagination.

Secondly, you are encouraged to tear crew neck T-shirts instead of V-necks at all costs. The reason is that V-necks make you look thinner.

Nevertheless, you can still apply the layering strategy that will make you look bulkier. It is about mix & match technique and you definitely can use a T-shirt as an inner layer.

For fat people

But if your body is a little overshaped, how can you choose a good T-shirt in accordance with your appearance.

Proper fitting is the first and foremost priority. You should not choose the slim fit T-shirt because there is a thing that Slim fit T-shirts are designed for leaner bodies.

With regard to color, you need to avoid bright ones. Instead, darker colors are ideal.

On the other hand, wearing T-shirts with horizontal thin stripes can help to create the illusion of increased height and decreased width.

In terms of materials, the lighter-weight fabric is encouraged.

Seasonal selection

You obviously can not wear a T-shirt in freezing winter. Summer is automatically the season for T-shirt wearing. How about fall( autumn) and spring? Think about the weather of that day if you have the intention of dressing in a T-shirt in the fall or spring season.

Occasional selection

There are a huge number of occasions that are favorable for you to wear a T-shirt, both formally and less formally. However, each occasion requires a different style of T-shirt as long as it makes you comfortable and confident. Moreover, you should take into account materials, colors, etc. It is really ironic if you wear brightly graphic apparel when attending a funeral or sleeveless one when you have an appointment with your important business partner. A T-shirt is no longer only a casual fashion item so you can be flexible to choose to wear it on your specific occasions. 

Trendy selection

Fashion trends change every day, every hour, even every minute. It is easy to understand because we can witness it with our eyes in current society. Due to increasing demand for beauty, personal brand, status showing, that T-shirt’s evolution takes place fast and diversely is inevitable. If you are fashion conscious, obviously, you do not want your clothes to be out of date. As a result, trendy updates make you modern, dynamic, and fresh.

T-shirt Design will be the best choice for you, will make you look both fashionable and trendy. Or you can also use 3d t-shirt templates to make your shirt stand out.

Price selection

Perhaps you can be controversial when you talk about T-shirt selection based on price. Each person will have a different opinion on spending money on fashion items. There are some who highly appreciate brand names and uniqueness, but others just have concerns about quality and satisfaction. Ironically, the sense of satisfaction is unlimited. To sum up, no matter what choice you have, it depends on you, your interest, your purposes, and your circumstances.

Style selection

Considering all factors above, there is no challenge for you to pick the best T-shirt for your own. 

The best way to mix & match with the T-shirt

You have many types of T-shirts in your wardrobe but how to mix & match them is a question that not everyone can address. Whether old or young or for new dad t-shirts, funny grandpa shirts, mom, daughter or everyone else can all be properly coordinated.
Here I would like to guide you to several exciting ways to combine this kind of fashion item.

T-shirt and jeans

This combination is the most common mixing & matching with T-shirts. It is ideal for both men and women, both youngsters and seniors, both skinny and fat. Along with sporty shoes, sandals or high heels and boots for females can be a perfect fashion set that can make you look fresh, dynamic, and energetic, apart from being neat and convenient. You can use this way of mixing when you hang out, attend class, etc. 

T-shirt and shorts

It seems to be a casual match but you are wrong. With some special designing shorts, you can wear this set to parties, prom, etc.

T-shirt, a suitable item for making layer

With this type of mixing, you combine T-shirts with other fashion items such as jackets, long-sleeve shirts, etc. The young enthusiastically wear this layer style because it makes them more confident and fashionable.

T-shirt and skirt ( for females only)

This way of mixing is widely favored by girls or even middle-aged women. It makes them look not only gentle, and soft but also modern and energetic. 

Where to buy the cheapest and best T-shirt

If you want to buy a T-shirt at low cost but good quality, you should try to stay on Printerval.com for that. As an online marketplace, we help you connect directly with sellers today’s most daring, exciting, and edgy fashion apparel. We introduce to you the best and most economical T-shirt from different creative sellers.