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What is Bodysuits?

A bodysuit is a garment designed like a t-shirt, extending past the waist and fixed by buttons or buttons at the crotch.

Bodysuit includes 2 types:

One-piece: is a type of overalls, shorts or pants, or can wear socks

Onesies: is a type of underwear.

Bodysuit has many styles: long-sleeve, short-sleeved, three-hole or center button, zipper, pullover...

How Bodysuits were invented?

The whole concept of Bodysuit originates from the gymnastics and ballet costumes known as the Leotard. The reason it is called Leotard is that in the second half of the 19th century, a French gymnast named Jules Leotard wore it when performing on the swing. Early versions of the Bodysuit were made of wool or silk, embellished with a low neckline and midfoot pads.

Leotards became popular among dancers in the early 20th century when they realized that partial leotard cuts could help increase their body alignment and dance movement on stage. Back then, the Leotard was never considered a fashion model, until American fashion designer Claire McCardell improved upon the design of the Leotard in the 1940s and made the Leotards accessible. than. She created this new version usually cut with a high collar and long sleeves. Also, thanks to the character of Catwoman, the key character in the Batman sequel wearing a Bodysuit with a zipper in the front made the idea of ​​a Bodysuit seems far from far away. In 1970, the whole bodysuit game changed, with brighter colors, more shimmering fabrics.

About the history of the formation Bodysuit appeared in the 1950s by designer Claire McCardell worn by model Bettie Page and by the 1960s Bodysuit became an iconic costume of the bunnies in Playboy magazine. It is also the costume of the female character Wonder Woman on the cinema screen and in animated children's films.

Designers Azzedine Alaia and Donna Karan helped make Bodysuit a hot fashion piece of the 1980s and recently since 2010 Bodysuit has been revived. Today, women know more about Bodysuit because life is more and more modern and mass media has also developed to help Bodysuit reach every corner of the city, from all ages. Bodysuit models are now more diverse from long-sleeved, short-sleeved, 2-string, to high-profile or sexy closed-door styles.

With the French designer, Andre Courrèges, the bodysuit first appeared in the fashion world around the mid-1960s.

The popularity of the Bodysuit was also fueled by the textile boom in the 1970s – the nylon and spandex blend gave the Bodysuit a softer and more elastic texture for a comfortable wearing experience. roof as possible. In the 1980s, designers Azzedine Alaia and Donna Karan helped make the bodysuit a fashion item for both women and men.

Entering the 21st century, Bodysuit began to be recognized as a bra or lingerie, with lace bodysuits and Bodywear becoming more and more popular in the west, the bottom design of the Bodysuit is also very diverse, from open back. to bold cuts to create better compatibility in style.

Why should choose to buy Bodysuits on Printerval?

Printerval has a lot of Bodysuits with unique designs, inspired by many designers

Bodysuits products on Printerval with lovely, cute designs suitable for babies, designs are from artists around the world. And more specifically, the designs are very unique and fancy.

Printerval has Bodysuits for people of all ages from Newborn - 12 Months

With Bodysuits products, Printerval offers a variety of products for babies from birth to 12 months old, products with diverse but also lovely designs, suitable for babies of each age group. has its own cuteness.

Safe material

The Bodysuits available on Printerval are all made from 100% cotton, the characteristics of this fabric are highly absorbent, breathable, and cool: Because this fabric is made mainly of cotton, it has the advantage of cotton. Very absorbent, when used to sew clothes, pants will absorb sweat well, helping you work without worrying about secret sweat, always bringing comfort to the wearer. One of the outstanding products that everyone knows today that clearly demonstrates this outstanding feature is cotton t-shirts with diverse prices and colors, easy to use.

High durability: Cotton fabric has the characteristics of being soft, thick, and less wrinkled, especially today's industrial fabrics, processed by modern machines and using anti-mold and anti-corrosion chemicals, so it is very durable. durable, creating peace of mind for users.

Therefore, the products are very safe for babies, even those with sensitive skin.

Bodysuits benefits

Babies often wet the bed and to facilitate changing, many mothers often let their children wear loose clothes. So the baby's belly will be cold, the baby's navel will also be affected because this is the part that needs to be kept warm and has special care. So the advice for mothers is to let their babywear body clothes.

Wearing a body helps keep important areas (back, abdomen, chest) warm for the baby to the maximum. Whether your baby flips, slithers, crawls, or when he's held in his arms, or when he's sleeping kicking the blanket, you can rest assured because the body always keeps the baby neat and always keeps the abdomen, back, and chest warm. The baby's belly is very cold, the baby's navel will also be affected because this is the part that needs to be kept warm and with special care.

Most bodies have a button in the groin, which makes it easy and quick to change your baby's diaper

Reasonable price

At Printerval, you can buy Baby Bodysuits at a very reasonable price, just $22 and you can own a lovely bodysuit made from 100% cotton, and also at Printerval on special occasions. There are discounts and sales for customers with super savings

Currency payment

On Printerval, all payments are made in USD, to ensure safety as well as consistency in international orders. We accept payments in many forms from PayPal, AmazonPay, Visa Card or Mastercard

The shipping fee is so cheap!

In Printerval the delivery price is not only extremely affordable but also very rapid shipment. It takes you only 6-14 days including delivery, and you do not need to worry about your things in 1 month. You may get it here. Would want to find more delivery information.

For additional details, please visit

Can custom follow customer needs?

In addition to the designs collaborated with the artists, Printerval also has a service that can customize the design to your liking, so that it can be your unique product. With custom products that are very suitable for gifts, a shirt with your own design will be a special shirt in children's lives.

Diverse from size to type

Bodysuits at are always full and varied from size to type, with Bodysuit sets having separate sizes for children according to age, gender and weight.

How to choose a good Bodysuit?

Choose by season and weather

Depending on the weather, the mother chooses appropriate styles and materials. If in winter, you should choose a long-sleeved body, thick fabric, and good heat retention. In the summer, short-sleeved bodysuits, the thin cotton fabric will help your baby absorb sweat and stay cool when wearing.

Choose by size

Choose the right bodysuits, so that the baby will not be suffocated or entangled. About the size, you should not buy the body too tight, as well as too wide, the mother should choose the right setting so that the children wear the most comfortable way.

Choose by color

 White is always the number 1 choice for newborn shirts, as well as for body shirts. In addition, to change and make the baby more lovely, you can choose other bright colors but also should not be too colorful because the clothes are too colorful, the dye from the fabric can make the baby suffer from skin irritation, dermatitis, and many other problems due to the very sensitive skin of babies. Please choose sets with simple colors but airy materials such as light pink, yellow, blue, blue ... are suitable for both boys and girls.

Choose by material

Mothers must check the fabric of the baby's bodysuit. Children's clothes must be made of 100% cotton, with high elasticity so that the baby can move freely, and must absorb sweat well. The mother must check each seam to make sure the baby's clothes must have a solid seam, if there is an excess thread, then cut it off.

Choose to buy a quality baby bodysuit

Pay attention to the origin, should choose to buy a reputable brand.

Some of the baby jumpsuits have good quality and cute designs, and the price is very cheap, so it's worth choosing.

Many famous children's fashion brands in the world now have genuine stores in Vietnam, if you want to let your baby wear branded clothes, you can buy them at genuine stores. this.

Currently, many hand-carried ordering services are also blooming, many Vietnamese mothers have ordered clothes and many other items for their babies so that they can enjoy the best products, ordering together. It will also save a lot of shipping costs.

How to wear Bodysuits for babies?

Wearing a bodysuit correctly:

According to experience, it is recommended to wear it when the baby is 3 months old and up. In the month when the baby's body is still weak, the mother should still wear normal clothes and diapers for the baby.

In winter, you should not wear too many clothes for your baby. Usually, you only need to wear a bodysuit, then, add 1 sweater and 1 outerwear is enough. If you have to let your baby go out, you can use blankets or coats to keep your baby warm.

What are the differences between Bodysuit, Sleepsuit, and Romper?

Currently, bodysuits, sleepsuit, and rompers are increasingly favored by young mothers because all three types of products bring comfort to babies and at the same time enhance the cuteness of baby angels. You will be completely assured that your baby's clothes will not be ruffled and that your baby will always be kept warm in important areas of the body such as the abdomen, back, chest, even if the baby has a flip, crawling, or being carried from person to person. And especially when sleeping, the baby is completely kept warm and will not catch a cold even if the baby throws the blanket or turns over.


Designed at waist length and fixed with a button or button at the crotch. Letterhead collar: easy for baby to wear clothes. The bodysuit is also used as underwear for babies bodysuit does not cover a newborn baby's shins.

 Uses: Convenient for diapering, Keep baby's tummy warm, Comfortable, easy to move, so mothers often wear bodysuits for babies during the day.


Just like the bodysuit, but the sleepsuit is long to the bottom of the legs (there will be a sleepsuit with and without a leg cover). The buttonhole also stretches from the collar down to almost the end of the shin.

The material of the sleepsuit is usually more seasoned and warmer, and can be lined with cotton inside, so mothers often choose a sleepsuit for their baby at night when the baby sleeps because it optimizes keeping the baby warm.


It is a combination of bodysuit and sleepsuit because the leg of the romper is only up to the baby's thighs (the length of the romper will be shorter than the sleepsuit but longer than the bodysuit). The arms and thighs are short and decorated with more eye-catching details and textures.

Uses: Usually when the weather is hotter, especially on hot summer days. Not to be worn with a bodysuit.

What is the average price of a Bodysuit?

With only $22 you can own yourself a bodysuit for children, with quality guaranteed and safe, in addition, the design is also very diverse and suitable.

Where to buy the cheapest and best Bodysuits with lovely designs? with many years of experience, products at always ensure quality, are carefully censored and selected before being delivered to customers. At the same time, Printerval weight products are priced in line with always updates bodysuit models as well as the latest infant fashion models, with a variety of colors and materials for mothers to choose from their baby.

Don't hesitate, go to now to choose and buy high-class and impressive newborn baby clothes!