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What is the function of Bags?

Bag, in some regions people call Sack, is a common tool in the form of a non-rigid container. Bag is one of the most prevalent and diverse accessories. The main function of a bag is to contain and ship in general. In fact, bags are produced with the aim of easily collecting loose materials and transporting more items than the hand can do. Talk about the function of packaging, Robertson(2005), an American media mogul, televangelist, political commentator, former Republican presidential candidate, and former Southern Baptist minister, used to attribute that bags have four major functions including containment, protection, convenience, and communication. As a result, bags become more and more ubiquitous and diverse, step by step dominating the fashion world.


How has the history and evolution of bags been?

Bag, as we use today, appeared for the first time in Early Europe and was originally used by men to carry coins, alms, and relics, and some of the bulkiest items including books, documents, and letters. In the 16th century, the buckle bag was a status symbol and only used by aristocratic gentlemen. Meanwhile, in the highlands of Scotland, the first man-purse or the sporran was a symbol of wealth and status.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, bags with drawstrings were known as “ reticules” in France and “indispensables” in England were preferred by ladies to carry their particulars. Through embroidery skills, ladies created designs of great artistry and beauty. 

Along with the Industrial Revolution bringing steam railway, demand for travel has increased that laid a foundation for the boosting of bag production. The first luxury leather goods company is H. J. Cave & Sons whose designs are known as the inspiration of Louis Vuitton (1857) and a young Guccio Gucci (1910).

Nowadays, bags are an inevitable accessory for everyone, especially for women.

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How many types of bags are there nowadays?

It is evaluated that there are more than one hundred types of bags grouped into seven terms including Backpacks & Waist bags, Crossbody & Shoulder bags, Clutch & Handheld bags, Athletic & Functional bags, Luggage & Trunks, Wallets & Purses, and Small Leather Goods. 

Within those, there are some of the most popular bags for women including The shoulder bag, The crossbody, The shopper tote, The micro-mini, The bucket bag, The top handle bag, The backpack, etc. 

Printerval is an ideal online shop to buy bags

Designs are exclusive and unique

We focus on the exclusiveness and uniqueness of our bags’ designs, making sure that your bag is a significant part of your personal expression and identity. We have cooperated with many reputable clothing team designers including Artpocket, Blueprint, Cylon Arts, Thinky Paint, etc. Except for exclusiveness, Printerval also concentrates on building individual characteristics and expression through design on bags that are trendy and ubiquitous.

Styles and Colors are optional

Regarding diversity, we offer a huge range of bag types from handbags, tote bags to drawstring bags, etc with a large number of styles including 4th of July styles, Cicada Unisex styles, Chrismas style, Turtle style, Jesus style, etc. Nevertheless, you are not limited in your color option. White, light green, black, etc are available for you.

Materials are qualified

Bags on are made from various materials to adapt to many different situations. Apart from Cotton and Canvas, the major used fabrics, we also make bags from Nylon, Codura, Denim, etc. Our opted materials are selected and verified carefully and strictly. In addition, we directly supervise the printing and designing process, ensuring that each bag transformed into the customer's hand is the best fruit of many steps. Therefore, in terms of quality, we are always to provide you with the best one.

Textures and prints are subtle

Printerval takes into account every small detail because we believe that beautiful textures are an essential element for a perfect chosen bag. Texturing is also an important process that we pay high attention to. We always desire to bring you as much satisfaction as possible.

Cheap price

For the most basic and simple bag from Printerval, you only need to spend around $15 per item. Normally, our products are sold at a cost from $15 to 70$. However, in comparison with the equivalent bags in the market, those are reasonable prices for you. In fact, you can hardly find other prices as you can on our shopping website.

Flexible payment method

We offer a synchronized method of paying with Dollar($0) as a standard currency. Provided that you have a visa card, you can conveniently buy and pay for your items in the cart on

Fast delivery 

We have a wide and flexible shipping network in many different countries spreading in many continents and regions. Therefore, we always make all the effort to deliver the product to the receiver as fast as possible. You can access Printerval Shipping & Delivery for more detail. 

How to choose the right bag?

For everyday use

It is true that most people, both men, and women, can not leave home without a bag. However, not all single types of bags can suit every single purpose. Here are several criteria that you should take into account.

The first one is size, whose option depends on the items you carry with you on a typical day. It is really ridiculous if you go out with a bag that looks like you are relocating.

Prices of bags are different in different stores and for different bags, it is important to know the price range of the bag you want to buy. one thing here is to remember to invest your money wisely. On the one hand, you won’t want to use your bag if it costs an arm and leg. On the other hand, if it is too cheap, you will probably be going to buy a new one again and again. In addition, other factors you should consider are quality, design, color, and strap length.

For women

Women love bags, all styles of bags obviously. The bag is their image and message to others. Bags are represented for their emotions, social class, personality, etc. That is why the bag industry has unprecedentedly boosted in the current society. 

Yet how to choose the right bag for different occasions is a question that not all women can address. Here are some suggestions:

Color is what you should consider first and foremost as it decides how eye-catching that your bag and your outfits are. A vivid, dark or neutral color is what you should select carefully before buying or using a bag.

Secondly, it is essential to know what type of body you are in since it can suggest what type of bag you should have. For instance,  round and slouchy bags do not fit plus-size or curvy women. 

One more factor is the occasion to carry a bag. Within it, size and type are the two things you should be wise and sound in mind if you consider choosing. 

The final factor you should take notice of is the budget you spend on a bag. Is this worth it? 

For body types

These suggestions can be applied to both men and women.

People with plus-size shape

They should avoid round and slouchy bags as well as small bags because their body can be larger than they are if they carry those types of bags. It is better if they choose a bag that lays flat on your body that they seem to reduce the extra bulk in their thighs and hips.

With slim guys

These guys should reject big-sized or boxy bags. In contrast, a bag that molds to the body is never a bad choice for them.

Thick-waisted people

Handbags with long handles or cross-body with diagonal straps are ideal options for those who have heavy-weight and thick waists

How about tall and thin guys?

Short and slouchy bags are perfect for them.

Is this necessary to match your bag to your outfits?

In the past when bags have not diversified yet, women always prioritized safety when they used them as their mindset toward everything in that age. A safe life, a safe career, a safe fashion style. Therefore, they simply matched their handbag to their belt and shoes. 

However, everything has changed today. And it is ubiquitous to see there are more and more women breaking every tradition imaginable and experimenting with textures, colors, and combinations that would have been unthinkable just a decade ago like matching "street style" with real leather handbags or daring design bags for a sporty look. In fact, new versatility brings everyone a huge range of options. The important thing here is how to make the right decision.

How to buy a good bag?

Material consideration

Bags can be made from various materials including leather, cotton canvas, nylon, denim, etc. Here are some typical features of them. You can take them as references for your selections.

With regard to Leather which is one of the oldest materials used in bag making, due to its durability, strength, and abundance in wildlife resources. Real leather bags are known as the most luxurious accessories in the fashion world. Not all people can afford a real item from leather. However, it requires more care and personal treatment in order to maintain its quality over time.

Cotton Canvas is an affordable and slightly heavyweight rough woven cotton material. It can be used to make casual totes to cross-body bags. While it is water-resistant and lightweight, it can easily get dirty because of its major colors.

Nylon bags are ideal for rainy days which we can commonly see. 

( Source:

Each type of material will have both pros and cons, the important thing is you choose the best material to accompany your purpose and environment. 

Color options

There are some popular colors for your bag of choice including black, brown, red, forest green, and mustard as well. These colors are easy to mix and match with other outfits and use on different occasions, both casual and formal ones. 

Reputable brands

Bags are determined as the symbol of status, personality, hobby, etc. As a result, from its early appearance, there have been enormous luxury bag brands formed. Many of them have maintained dominance until nowadays such as Louis Vuitton Rivoli MM Top Handle, Philip Lim Pashli Satchel Best Everyday Designer Bag, Rebecca Minkoff Blythe Best Everyday Purse, Hayden Top Zip Tote, etc. But keep in mind that you have unlimited options, is also a prestigious online shop where you can buy a good and branded bag.

How to take care of your bag?

Owning bags is an interesting and exciting experience for not only women but also men. But how to maintain it, here are some tips:

Firstly, store your bags on a shelf and remember not to hang tt that can avoid distorting it. 

Secondly, keep it out of the light. Sun rays are dangerous not only for people’s health but also some of their own items, especially bags. 

You can clean your bag but you should not do it too regularly, just sometimes.

Sometimes, it is safe to use a handbag liner to protect your bags when you do not use them. 

One way to invest in your bag maintenance is to use products such as rain and stain repellent. They are not too expensive but convenient.

Finally, you can use a clutch to hold your liquids. In addition, putting every small thing into a clutch helps you find products easily and it is time-saving when you switch bags because all you need to move is your wallet and clutch.

Bag is an inevitable accessory for everyone due to its multi-used purposes. If you are looking for a unique and trendy bag with good quality but cheap cost. You can access and enjoy your shopping moment as well as choose perfect bags for your own.