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Cartoon Beer  Shirt Cool Beer   200 T-Shirts

Cartoon Beer Shirt Cool Beer 200 T-Shirts

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Coronavirus Cartoon Character Tank Top

Coronavirus Cartoon Character Tank Top

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Cartoon orange Tank Top

Cartoon orange Tank Top

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Ohana Coffee - Lilo And Stitch - Mugs

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Faker Pop art - He Man - Bags

Faker Pop art - He Man - Bags

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What is Cartoon?

The cartoon is Western-style animation, the reason for such distinction is that Anime is also cartoon but in Japanese style. One represents the "West" and the other represents the "East".

Cartoon has a liberal, youthful, and especially humorous style, always taking the character's emotions as the center, the plot is often very simple, focusing only on humorous situations, deeply exploiting the elements. amusing and sarcastic. The characters often have simple thoughts, are innocent, love life. In Cartoon, we always appreciate the good things in life, no matter how the story develops, the ending is always happy, full of human meaning.

Cartoons, also known as cartoons, are one of the genres made based on human imagination and serve children’s entertainment needs.

 Cartoons are created using the optical illusion of movement from multiple still and projected images in succession. To do this, people will draw or take many still images with each small gesture of the model. These images are then taken with a professional animated film camera. When projected consecutively on the screen, the images create an illusion of movement known as image retention. Creating an animated film requires a lot of time and effort. However, with the development of technology, the animation technique is now much simpler.

It can be said that Cartoon animation is the earliest animation style in the West, and with the audience, we often know Cartoon cartoons from a very young age and have become an indispensable part of our age. each person's poetry. Now with the development of technology, everyone can create their animated movies with their own designed characters. Some popular software for making Cartoon cartoons today are Crazytalk Animator, Moho… As long as you have good drawing ability, you can completely produce a complete and quality Cartoon cartoon and share it on Youtube for everyone to enjoy.

History of the birth and development of cartoons

Cartoons have been around for a long time and Winsor McCay is known as the father of this genre. Previously, cartoons were made to serve entertainment needs, so they were highly appreciated for their artistic creativity. Gradually, when being accepted by many people, cartoons are also focused on commercial value. Experiencing a long development process, the animation genre has gradually asserted its position in the field of art. Let's take a look at the history of the birth of animation through important milestones:

In 1911, the world's first animated film was produced. However, the audience only knew about this genre in 1914 when the film "Gertie the Dinosaur" by producer John Bray was shown.

In 1919, the animated film with the image of the wild cat Felix by producer Messmer created a turning point because the audience could watch it over and over again as they liked with new technology. In the past, with "Gertie the Dinosaur", the audience could only watch it once. It is also this that has brought Pat Sullivan studio a huge profit.

In 1923 Walt Disney Studio was founded in New York and had great success with the image of Mickey Mouse in the animated series Steamboat Willie. At this time, the creators of Mickey Mouse were even ranked on par with famous names in the painting village of that time. At this stage, the commerciality of cartoons is clearly shown.

In 1928 Walt Disney Studio moved to Hollywood, then to California. Also during this time, two other production companies, Warner Bros. and MGM, grasped the resounding success of Studio Walt Disney, so they also turned to animation production and business. Before long, all three of these studios became thriving businesses in this nascent field.

In the early 30s and 40s of the twentieth century, a series of animated films were produced and began to add elements such as color and sound to create vividness and attractiveness. The works that can be mentioned are: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937), "Pinocchio" (1940), "Fantasia" (1940).

 In the 60s of the twentieth century, the fashion of watching cartoons became popular in the United States. At this time, the cinemas are not only filled with children, but even adults are flocking to watch the animation. Thanks to that, the names of two directors Bill Hanna and Joe Barbara (MGM) are famous for the animated movie "Tom and Jerry". Unfortunately, they haven’t created another animated character in the 20 years they've worked together at MGM.

In the 80s of the twentieth century, Disney and Warner Bros. entered the market as real businessmen instead of serving entertainment needs as before. Duck Tales (1986 - Walt Disney) and Tiny Toon Adventures (1989 - Warners Bros.) were really great successes of the two leading animation producers at the time.

 In the early 90s of the twentieth century, the economic downturn affected the investment budget for animation production. However, in that situation, the animated film "Batman" was produced to make a breakthrough to ensure the survival of the industry.

The benefits of selectively watching cartoons

Children's cartoons have a huge impact on children's behavior and development. Specifically, watching cartoons for children can help children:

Adapting to learning from a young age

This is very evident with educational films. These movies can help children feel that learning is a fun activity.

Develop cognitive skills

Carefully selected cartoons help children increase long-term memory, attention, logical processing, reasoning, and visual and auditory processing.

Language development

Watching children's cartoons gives children the opportunity to be exposed to many different languages, helping them learn how to communicate with people. For children to learn while watching, you can choose English cartoons for children such as Frozen, Lion King, Coco, Superman family...

Watching cartoons enhances creativity and fosters children's imagination

Children can come up with new ideas inspired by children's cartoons and create interesting stories.

Reduce stress

The time when children are immersed in their favorite cartoons is when children feel the most relaxed. Children can delight in laughing, thereby increasing their immunity, releasing endorphins to help them feel happy.


Watching cartoons is a great way to teach children about local customs, traditions, history, and culture. For example, by watching cartoons about Son Tinh, Thuy Tinh, Thanh Giong, etc., children can understand Vietnamese history and culture. In addition, these films also teach children about morality, tolerance, and sharing.

Negative effects of watching cartoons

Besides the benefits of letting children watch cartoons, there are also potential negative effects that parents need to be aware of:

Cartoons that are violent and non-educational

Currently, there are many animated films with violent elements that are openly shown on television or online. Cartoon characters associated with violence will infect children's thoughts with similar actions that children do not realize are not advisable.

Besides, some cartoons have rude, disrespectful, and inappropriate behaviors for children. If children are exposed to cartoons with bad content, they will be affected, imitate these behaviors, and become stubborn and difficult to obey.

Besides, exposure to cartoons with adult scenes will affect children's cognition and behavior a lot.

Many cartoons for children today have non-educational content, with a hint of violence and vulgar language.

Vulgar language

Children are inherently easy to imitate, so if you accidentally watch cartoons with bad dialogues, containing language that is not suitable for children, children will be impressed and imitate the words heard in the movie. cartoon.

Increased risk of inactivity in children

Spending too much time watching cartoons makes children reduce the frequency of movement, running, and playing. This will cause health problems for children such as: increasing the risk of obesity, vision loss, and eating while watching TV will increase the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

How to help children watch good cartoons?

Watch cartoons with your kids

It is interesting for parents to watch cartoons with their children. Besides being able to monitor and monitor cartoon content, parents can also bond more deeply with their children. This is a great opportunity for parents to be friends with their children, to understand their children's thoughts through opinions about the happenings in the movie. At the same time, you also know your child's preferences: which character, what color, etc. This is an effective way to improve the parent-child relationship.

Limit time to watch cartoons

Parents should build a time frame to watch cartoons and how long the child's viewing time should be. For young children, parents need to encourage their children to be active outside rather than watching movies. The duration of watching animation should not exceed 1 hour per day.

Choosing suitable and useful cartoons

In order for children not to watch cartoons with non-educational and violent content, parents need to choose appropriate cartoons that do not contain vulgar or violent dialogue or actions.

Do not allow children to watch TV while eating

The habit of watching TV while eating can create bad eating habits, making children not focus and digesting food also reduces efficiency when children focus on the happenings of cartoons without knowing they are eating. what, how fast or slow to chew. This, if prolonged, will affect the child's digestive system a lot.

To improve this, parents should turn off all devices that show cartoons such as televisions, phones, ipads, etc. during feeding time. At the same time, practice the habit of feeding children with family members. This will form a habit of eating focused and connected with other family members.

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