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What is Tattoo?

The word Tattoo is derived from two main Polynesians called “Ta” which means something impressive and Tahitian people called “Tatau” which means something imprinted. The English tattoo artist is called "Tattoo artist".A tattoo is a method of drawing pictures on the skin of the body and is permanent.

The tattoo artist will use a needle to put ink underneath the skin epidermis, the ink will stay here forever. The method for tattooing is very simple: In the past, people only needed to use sharp objects such as needles, brooches, or anything else to put ink under the skin. And now, tattooists often use tattoo machines to help show more beautiful and impressive tattoos.

Thus, when you create a tattoo, you are also creating a wound on the body. But don't worry, the wound will not be very deep because the tattoo needle only penetrates the skin about a maximum of 0.5mm, like a small scratch.

Although it has been around for a long time, in recent years Tattoo has been gradually gaining popularity among young people. In the past, people with tattoos were considered a playboy, a bad person, an addict, but today it is considered a personality and style. There are many tattoo categories for you to choose from: favorite animals, flowers, leaves, stars, 3D, angels, human figures.

What is Tattoo History?

Tattooing has long been a ritual and ritual practice in most cultures around the world. From the African deodorization process to the Griffins and Celts later found on their corpses, tattoos are used to mark special events, to honor or pay respects. , and even fused the body with ashes that were then glued under the skin

Tattoos tell a story and can be written in any language. From cultural icons to wording and font designs, if you wish, a tattooist can create it and tell your story on a living canvas.

Many people choose to remember those they love and respect traditions and life events with tattoos, A tattoo carries a lot of meaning, rather than language.

What is Tattoo Art?

Know what Tattoo is. Now let's find out how the art of tattooing is. Tattoo art is a method of drawing pictures on the skin of the body and lasts forever. The tattoo artist will use a needle to put ink underneath the skin epidermis, where the ink will last forever. In the past to tattooed people used sharp objects such as needles, brooches, or anything that could put ink inside. Now modern technology uses machines to tattoo. Produce better, sharper, and more impressive images.

Creating a tattoo means you create your wound. Do not be afraid, when tattooing is not very painful because the depth of the needle into the skin is 0.5 mm very small.

What to keep in mind when choosing a Tattoo?

Tattoo selection

Before you get a tattoo, you need to have the right time to consider it before choosing. Rushed tattoos are at the top of the list of easy tattoo removal, so don't be too quick to decide. Take the time to experience tattoo art to better understand your style. According to research, you will find that you are in a variety of styles once you start paying attention to body art.

Are tattoos expensive?

Tattoos will also cost you a large amount of money. Just as you would expect to pay a professional for beauty, hair, and other professional services, tattoo artists set their prices and expect to be paid fairly based on the details of the design and their level of expertise. The more popular an artist is, the more likely you are to pay a high price. You can rest assured, all artists will discuss their rates before work begins and you can consider them when choosing them.

Select tattoo artist

The choice of a tattoo artist is also important in the tattooing process. Take your time and do some research on skilled tattoo artists. You should check out some of the most recent tattoo shows to learn the basic styles and techniques.

To enhance a more personal aesthetic eye by studying the works of modern artists and painters. Explore literature and mythology and begin to relate to the sentiments that can apply to you in your perception of beauty and tattoo selection. This is the fun part, but by all means, it can be a lifelong process.

What are the notes when getting a Tattoo?

When tattooing, the tattoo needle will come into direct contact with the skin, which will cause bleeding. Therefore, tattoo tools must be used once such as tattoo needles, cups for washing needles, buttons for storing and mixing ink, tissues for wiping, gloves. Instruments that are reused such as the tattoo needle (Tip), the handle (Tube) of the machine need to be sterilized according to medical standards.

Before the tattooing, the tattooed skin must be sterilized, must take antibiotics or anti-inflammatory if your tattoo is on a large area of ​​skin or your skin is prone to infection. After tattooing, it is necessary to take care of and keep the tattoo dry.

If it is a good tattoo after 4-5 days, it will peel off, at this time you will feel very itchy due to the formation of young skin. The tattoo at this time will be very bad because the newly formed skin is still very young and thin, it takes 1 week when it is completely peeled to return to normal. And after 1 month, the tattoo will start to "color" and stabilize.

It should be noted that in the first month after the tattoo is complete, do not let the tattoo be exposed to direct sunlight, do not go swimming, go to the sauna, especially when you have just finished tattooing, do not eat seafood, water spinach, meat. Beef, sticky rice, if you eat these foods, it will be difficult to get a good tattoo.

Black is the most commonly used color for tattoos. But when tattooing on each person's body, the color is different. Because the black color of the ink combines with each skin color, it will produce a different color, usually dark blue or indigo.

According to experience, someone with white skin when tattooed will have a very nice color, black skin tattoo is not very beautiful. In addition to black, there are many different colored inks and there are luminous inks that only see and glow when there is an ultraviolet light source.

What are the ways to remove tattoos?

Currently, the most modern tattoo removal technology is using a laser, but it may leave scars or not remove all. Black ink will usually be the easiest to erase, color inks are almost impossible to erase. Another thing to note is that the cost of removal will be more expensive than the cost of tattooing, usually 10 times or more.

The second way, to remove an old tattoo is to tattoo a new one that is larger and overlaps the old one. Choosing a tattoo or a certain style of tattoo requires careful consideration and selection.

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